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Sunday, July 25, 2010

Oshun Spirit.com chooses Addoway.com as new venue host

oshunspirit.com has found a new home!

I know that you will really like shopping Oshun Spirit from our new "portal" on Addoway.com.  In addition to fast, easy, secure checkout, you'll be able to catch up on the Living Light blog for ideas and inspiration plus information about all workshop, program, and product news. You can also access Facebook right from the page to enjoy the more social side of Oshun and also access the Journey Beads storefront. And, the video capability will allow me to share a world of creativity, entertainment, and information with you in addition to the Oshun Spirit and Journey Beads videos. 

Our new Addoway storefront is sure to become your one-stop for all things Oshun, so be sure to bookmark it now! Addoway.com is a growing social ecommerce marketplace where you can find many of your favorite sellers from ebay, artfire, etsy, and bonanzle. If you are considering opening an online storefront, it's a wonderful platform to consider. It's also free to list, and there are no final value fees!

I want to thank you all for your patience as I worked (however unsuccessfully) to help troubleshoot the functionality issues we experienced with our previous .com venue host. I am certain that you will have a much better buying experience here at Addoway. I know that online shopping is all about trust and convenience, and no one does that better than Addoway!

I'll be adding new products and services here over the next weeks and months so stop by often and check  on the progress. Meanwhile, Oshun Spirit Earth Friendly Goods is stocked with all of your Oshun Spirit favorites, and Journey Beads will also continue to participate in the Christmas in July promotion. Enter coupon code SAVE15 at either storefront and take 15% off your purchases through July.

As always, I welcome your comments, questions and special requests. And I thank you for your years of patronage and friendship. At Oshun Spirit and at Addoway, the best is yet to come!

Today, may you also be blessed with exciting new beginnings!

image credit: http://www.arielcollage.com

Monday, July 19, 2010

Bonanzle.com launches two new games today!

Always the innovative alternative, Bonanzle.com announced two new games on it's social ecommerce site today. The first one, "Merch Match" is designed for sellers (and maybe gamershoppers from "out there") to play with each other, earning points for the correct response as they go. According to Bonanzle founder Bill Harding, "It has two purposes: (1) to entertain (2) to provide useful data about our 3.5m items."

Presumably "someday" that data will translate into sales for the 33,280 storefronts (called booths), and the merchants of Bonanzle who are hoping that  the "someday" comes prior to this holiday shopping season.

And, presumably "someday" those points will be worth something on the site. ( The game within the game... what are the points for?) There already exists a Roundtable Question and Answer Forum where you can ask questions about merchandise, and have the best answer voted on by the community, earning "Reputation Points."

I don't have any points from either the Roundtable or the MerchMatch game.

If I have time to play a game it's going to be golf, OK? Hopefully my reputation speaks for itself from the quality services and products I provide to my customer-friends.  But if I really need extraneous points to be a successful ecommerce merchant, I'll add up my scores from every round of golf I play this season. We can use those. I play a lot of golf for charity. So it's a good circle.

So,  speaking of customer-friends... the second game is for you! Actually it is a scientific experiment that sure feels like a game. Its an A/B split test. On 50% of my Bonanzle listings the buttons have been redesigned so ‘add to cart’ is super-easy to see. Of course Bonanzle's international shipping scripting is still full of glitches so you may not actually be able to check out without several rounds of emails with me. But, if you DO navigate the process yourself you may be lucky enough not to be charged any shipping. It's not that I'm super generous to my international customers, it's just that the platform is unstable. But if it goes thru FREE, that's not your problem. Don't worry. It's part of the game: you MIGHT get free shipping without me knowing it. How's that for fun?

Also, on 50% of my listings the Bonanzle designers made a sad empty shopping cart for more fun.  The cart wants you to shop. (Assuming you want the cart to be happy, my sales will increase.) The object of this game is to control your spending habits via the sad face. Are you having fun yet?

I'm so sorry. And somewhat embarrassed.

I have put all of my listings at my Bonanzle storefront on hold until the shipping, offer, and checkout  issues are fixed. The Bonanzle Christmas in July coupon code SAVE15 which takes 15% off  will be honored at our website, http://www.oshunspirit.net.  Our JourneyBeads storefront on Bonanzle has not been affected by the errors and remains open, fully stocked, and the coupon code is in fine working order.
I appreciate you all and I know that your time is precious and that you don't have time to play games. I know that you want to see a good picture, read an accurate description of the product or service, and make your purchase securely and easily. Online shopping is all about convenience. Please accept my sincere apologies for your inconvenience. 

image credit: http://www.psfk.com/wp-content/uploads/2008/10/video-game.jpg

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Save up to 25% on Pandora style beads at Journey Beads during Christmas in July at Bonanzle.com!

It's Christmas in July all over Bonanzle.com! Over 300 shops are participating in the month-long event, offering discounts, contests, holding live-chat auctions, and posting daily and weekly specials to celebrate the site-wide sale!

At Journey Beads we're offering 15% off all merchandise, and 25% off all purchases of $75 or more. Simply enter coupon code SAVE15 at checkout, and the discount will automatically be taken. We have  just listed hundreds of new beads and bead sets and new bracelet and necklace styles for the event!

Tachyon energized and Reiki blessed, Journey Beads fit your Pandora, Troll, and Biagi jewelry. They are created to hold energy for inspiration, healing, awareness, creativity, prosperity, and joy!
It is our prayer that their positive affirmations enhance your ability to live and love with enthusiasm and vigor, and increase your ability to overcome any difficulties you encounter along the way. You can create a beautiful one-of-a-kind bracelet, a necklace, a bookmark, or a set of touchstone prayer and meditation beads. We hope that Journey Beads will add beauty and light to your journey, and remind you to celebrate each step and milestone!