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Monday, March 16, 2015

This project is near and dear to my heart, and your support would mean the world to me

My dear friends and colleagues,

As many of you know, I run workshops and programs both online and locally, for children and adults. Earth Keepers is an after school enrichment program which I have been able to offer to educationally disadvantaged kids in grades 1 - 6 thru a partnership with the Libby Museum of Natural History.

As a culminating activity, the Earth Keepers would like to create a Butterfly Garden at New Durham Elementary School, in New Durham NH. I am personally overseeing this project, and I am asking you for your support. We only need to raise funds for materials. 100% of your donation will go to landscape timbers, rocks, stepping stones, topsoil, fertilizer, compost, seeds, and plants. 

If we can, we will include landscape elements such as a rock grouping, solar powered fountain, and  benches in a reading nook to enhance the garden landscape. We will create a small Butterfly Garden library in the school media center and enjoy a school-wide dedication celebration.

School Gardens improve social skills and behavior,and instill appreciation and respect for nature that lasts into adulthood

Please take a moment to learn more about this wonderful program. We have 30 days to raise our funding if we will complete our project by the end of the school year. Every donation, large or small is so very much appreciated.

My prayer is that these students can experience the joy of creating, and the joy of giving, the greatest gift of all.

In love and peace,
with many, many, thanks

ps. You can make your donation on the site, or if you prefer, via paypal at suberry@metrocast.net marked Earth Keepers.