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Sunday, May 31, 2009

Eating. Crow.

In many cultures throughout the ages the Owl has been a symbol of wisdom. Owl can see that which others cannot, the essence of true wisdom. Where others are deceived, Owl sees and knows what is there.

Because Owl is my personal medicine, I may at times be a little frightening to be around, because sometimes I know more about an individual’s inner life than that person knows about herself or himself! But Owl medicine is wonderful to have! For over 25 years I've embraced Owl medicine as a feminine/goddess trait, symbolically associated with clairvoyance, astral projection, and magic.

Owls perch in the trees at the edge of my woods, and no matter day or night, I can usually find one quite readily. I've learned to be comfortable with the gift and challenge of being an Owl Soul. There's not much that can freak me out anymore. I've seen it, done it, processed through it, and said, "thank you."

But recently, I've been adopted by Crows. Lots of them. And, maybe, I'm a little freaked out! They are everywhere around me. They come within a few inches of me. They look right at me and wait for my response. They are in the trees, on the grass, in my gardens. There is one on the railing of my deck staring into the window of my office as I type this blog. I am not afraid of them. And, there is not any one in particular that has chosen me. They all have.

I joked that my recent raw foods diet has sent me into such a detox that I smell like roadkill. Thus I am a big attraction to this bevy! But I also know that metaphysically, those who have the honor of having Crow as a companion are blessed with the role of carrying souls lost in pain into the light of forgiveness and self-awareness. So, OK that makes sense.

If Owl sees the truth, Crow moves you through it.

Crows have elicited much thought and speculation among indigenous people across many cultures and throughout time. To some, Crow is a harbinger of evil, or like owl, a portender of physical death. To others, Crow represents the choice to fly free of the chains of the past and to soar toward self knowing, also Owl's lesson. Well, a raw foods diet will do that too!

Crows are known for their tendency to observe all that is happening around them and to alert other crows nearby at the first sign of danger. Their keen eyes miss nothing, and when an approaching threat is noticed, they sound the alarm! It is believed that because of their tendency to call out when intruders are around, they have been given the task of being the Messengers of the Ancestors. Crow Souls are asked to serve as sentinels who keep watch over all that is happening around them. They will first observe what is occurring, making mental notes on what has been seen, heard and experienced. They will then translate these thoughts into either spoken or written format, sharing their observations with the world around them.

And even if I do smell like roadkill these days, I am enjoying the lightness that clean eating produces. As I've changed my diet to natural high-vibrational foods my inner channels of receptivity have opened dramatically.

Yes, a whole new dimension of sensitivities has awakened, and with it came Crow. Crow is calling me to share this intimate knowledge of our oneness identity, and assist those who wish to become more open to wisdom and guidance.

If I have been a silent witness, I am asked now to speak out. Got it.

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Ascension, Oceans, Dolphins, and the Earth Star!

This is a time of the return of the Mother Ocean to human consciousness. Dolphins are master healers and keepers of light upon Earth. They are here to help us and love us, and to guide us in our remembrance of our true selves. It is their greatest joy to assist human beings awaken to our own light!

As Earth moves into the Photon Belt, and we advance in our mastery and learn to manifest and make miracles, we will be running more and more powerful energies through the crystalline gridwork of our Lightbodies and through our physical bodies as well. As the voltage increases, we will become increasingly electrical beings. It is crucial that we also learn to properly ground ourselves and our energies in the Earth Mother's crystalline grid.

The most effective way to ground the energy is to fully activate the Earth Star Chakra. This is the chakra that connects us to this planet, to both the land and the seas. The Earth Star connects us to elemental energies, and anchors and aligns all of our chakras allowing our Spirit to stay in connection with both the Earth and Universal energies. The major function of the Earth Star is to secure the aura in the physical dimension and keep us grounded while we manifest as light beings.

The Earth Star Chakra is a transpersonal chakra, and is located below our feet on the outer periphery of our aura as it expands and contracts. Connecting and balancing this chakra is a recharge and reconnection for us, its like plugging into an enormous natural electrical circuit, providing us with a huge spiritual energy boost! As we choose whether to imitate the patterns of the past, or choose a relationship with life, respect for life, love of life, it will require an immense effort of consciousness. The Earth Star Chakra can be effectively activated and and anchored through the grid healing as channeled thru Ansa Eeya, the Divine Mother as She manifests in the Dolphin patterns of service to humanity. It may also be activated as part of the Microcosmic Orbit meditation.

As the Earth Star Chakra supports our connection to life itself, it is the energy center from which we can draw our most enduring power in these times of change and challenge. A well-functioning Earth Star Chakra will show in someone as a healthy zest for life, an ability to be fully present in the now, and an ability to find the Zen in everyday tasks. When not functional, it may present as a lack of motivation, depression, or a general feeling of being out of sync with life.

Whurla are areas on the sea floor that radiate this specific Earth energy. This energy creates interesting parabolic frequencies within the Dolphin's holographic-field brains. The dolphins routinely energize these sites by creating spiraling patterns in the sand with their own body movements. The created frequency/space maintains, adjusts and evolves the flow of Zero Point Energy through the Earth's Crystalline Grid, much like the Stellar Gateway and Soul Star Chakras do in our own auras!

Because more than half of our planet is comprised of water, the Earth Star Chakra has a large water component. The Earth is our ancient Mother. But all life on Earth arose from the ocean, and so, she is indeed, the mother of all life, all manifestation originally came from the sea. She is the ancient Mother Goddess. The Ocean reflects the joy, serenity and contentment of the Earth's planetary psyche. From the Ancient Mother we learn the wisdom of cycles, of tides, of flows and of spirals of energies. From the Dolphin's field of influence we learn to manifest the love of the Ancient Mother as we walk upon the Earth.

May we be blessed with joy, serenity and contentment!

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Eating for enlightenment

Much has been written about the health benefits of a vegetarian diet from which dead and devitalized substances have been eliminated. Ecological principles are also cited as a prime consideration for restructuring our diets to better serve the fragile ecosystems of the Earth and our own bodies.

But what about the spiritual impact of eating a diet in accordance with the laws of the Universe?

Gabriel Cousens, M.D. goes into great detail in his book, Spiritual Nutrition and the Rainbow Diet, describing the system through which he believes cosmic energy feeds and nourishes our physical bodies. This system begins with the potential energy that fills the cosmos prior to the materialization of an object. The first "stepping down" of this virtual energy is into something called a tachyon field space, which can be thought of as the virtual state trying to become a particle. This tachyon field energy is next stepped down as a particle of matter called a photon. This continues to be stepped down into what he refers to as Subtle Organizing Energy Fields (SOEFs). SOEFs create the template form of living systems, resonate with and energize the mind and body.

It is believed is that a perfectly organized SOEF can transfer by resonance from the level of purely cosmic energy to the biological level without a loss of energy. The SOEFs work in conjunction with the chakras and a series of subtle energy fields that regulate the flow of energy into the different parts of the body. Cousens says that the functioning of the SOEFs is impacted by the foods we eat: "When we eat in a healthy, harmonious way, our ability to attune and commune with the Divine is enhanced."

When we eat foods of high vibration that are raw, organic, and living, and when we live an energizing, harmonious lifestyle, the energy of the SOEFs is enhanced. When energized, the SOEFs develop a more structured, defined organization that better maintains the form and function of the human system. This optimal function can reverse entropy or aging. On the other hand, when SOEFs are depleted through eating low energy foods and living energy-depleting lifestyles, they become less organized and the body ages.

This is why the true source of abundance is the ability to receive this unlimited cosmic energy free flowing into the SOEFs and the physical body. As our mind and body become better conductors, we're able to store and transmit greater and greater amounts of higher energy. This explains how miracles occur in the presence of spiritual masters!

Raw plant foods, laughter, joy, bliss and unconditional love all exist on the same frequency. Tuning into this frequency raises the overall vibration of your energy field, causing anything that is vibrating at a lower frequency, such as fear, pain, depression and toxins to eventually percolate out to be removed from the body.

Once we clean our minds and bodies, we are able to live with the lightness that less eating and a clean body will produce and we will be able ready to get in touch with a much higher plane. As you change your diet to natural high-vibrational foods, and become free of the toxic waste, inner channels of receptivity are opened. We become dramatically less dense and better able to pick up those cosmic vibrations and forces that were beyond our perception in the past!

A whole new dimension of sensitivities awakens, especially a more profoundly intimate knowledge of our oneness identity, and we become more open to Universal Love, wisdom and guidance.

The body derives its nourishment from pranic energy, but when the body is dirty, it's hard for it to use pranic energy. When people eat cooked food and put things into their bodies that don't belong there, this toxic build up makes our third eye blind. As people start to eat cleaner, more healthful foods, our psychic abilities open and we are able to see our true nature.

As I move further along my spiritual path, the benefits of eating a raw food diet becomes more and more apparent. It makes sense to me that freeing energy that would otherwise be spent digesting heavy food gives me more energy for spiritual pursuits. It also makes sense that eating foods of high vibration raises my vibration.

Our real nourishment is Divine energy. May you be blessed!

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Do you do love spells?

Many people try to force things to happen in their lives, especially in matters of the heart. Every week I receive at least one inquiry to do a "love spell." Usually the person would like to attract their soul mate, or meet someone new, soon! Sometimes the request is to reunite with their lover who has recently ended their romantic relationship. But always the question is, in its essence, "Can you make him or her love me? Right now? Today?" There is the hope that I can somehow instantly summon this perfect love into their life with pure magic.

Do I do love spells? The answer is no. And here's why...

Asking for a love spell makes the assumption that power to love is outside of you. It says to the universe, "I just can't do this, I'll pay someone else to." But you can. Personal growth requires individual effort. No one can make changes or create your life for you. You have the ability to create your own "spell" using techniques of visualization, spiritual healing and meditation in concert with the natural, loving energies that surround all of us. You are able to use these energies and connect to the Universe to make your desires become realities. In supporting a forced relationship I would be interfering with the natural unfolding of your life and your mastery of it.

Even if I would bend probability to favor opportunity, for someone to partner in your life you have to do your part. A romantic relationship is an interchange between two people that offers each the opportunity to know the deepest part of oneself better. Relationships are alive! They are talking mirrors that give us ongoing feedback about how our Spirits are evolving. Relationships are sacred!

When you ask for a manipulation of the mirror, or force a relationship, you deny the inherent spiritual qualities of love. Loving relationships are the holy exchanges in which our souls create an opportunity for spiritual awareness and growth. When we recognize this, we understand that unions cannot be forced without creating a great deal of confusion, struggle and despair. Truly, the best way to attract love is to hold a clear idea in your mind of the qualities you're looking for in a partner (and in a vessel such as a journal, dream board or crystal grid) and to develop a good, loving relationship with yourself.

Sometimes it is beneficial to consult and invite the intelligence and wisdom of something beyond ourselves. But when someone pays for a love spell, that person is missing the opportunity to work on the most beautiful aspect of their own spirit with the Divine. Real magic happens when we align ourselves with Universal Love and move in harmony with that alignment. We may not always get the results we want immediately, but we will most certainly get the right results in accordance with our highest good.

So, if you are wanting to meet someone new, or experience a more loving relationship, first ask yourself these questions: How ready are you for a relationship? What changes do you need to make first? For something or someone to enter your life, you may find that you first have to make a shift. I personally think prayer and meditation are good substitutes for a love spell. And, a metaphysician can help you gain perspective and understanding of what that shift might entail. In a metaphysical counseling session, I might suggest that you look at the energies and beliefs that you have in various areas in your life that might need to be reinterpreted, reinforced, and then acted upon.

For example, you may have to let go of a hurt you experienced in a previous relationship. You may need to strengthen your self-confidence and build your sense of inner security. (You cannot attract a relationship if you think that you don't deserve one!) Sometimes, creating some time and space for a relationship may be necessary both mentally, emotionally and physically. To have and maintain a relationship, you must make room for it. Often the answer lies in the fact that you may need to develop a new concept of what a relationship is. Some of us hold onto an old idea, often a broken idea of what a relationship is, based on our parents example or ideas we have adopted from media and culture. Insight must always be followed with action to create!

In that creation, always, we eventually discover that the relationship we are really seeking is that with our higher self and the Divine. The most important relationship you will ever have is with Spirit.

We cannot make someone love us. But we can learn to love ourselves, and to love the part we play in the dance of life. Then, let the Universe unfold as it was meant to for your own deepest, most fulfilling experience of love. That is the real magic!

May you be blessed!

Friday, May 22, 2009

Quantum physics explains why and how distance energy healing works.

Physical distance is not a barrier to a healing interaction, in fact, energy healing can be accomplished at a distance just as easily as in person!

From my own viewpoint, it is not necessary for the energy to travel anywhere as I am able to "see" the universe as being like a holograph, where the whole is contained in every part. Time and distance are only concepts which help define our "ordinary" third dimensional reality. The laws of nature which describe subtle energies in the higher dimensions are different than those which describe the denser frequencies including the physical body. As physics explores the layers of the structure of creation, phenomena become less and less localized.

Quantum Physics states that everything in the universe is made of subatomic particles of energy, not solid matter as previous believed. In the early 1980’s, scientists proved that under certain circumstances subatomic particles of energy are able to communicate instantaneously with each other no matter how far apart. Whether separated by a few inches, or many thousands of miles, the results were the same. In subsequent studies, when the phenomenon was duplicated, scientists concluded the energy particles communicated at a rate thousands of times faster than the speed of light. But according to Einstein, nothing can travel faster than the speed of light, otherwise the laws of time and space as we understand them are incorrect.

Quantum physicists have reached the conclusion that the reason subatomic particles can stay in contact with each other despite vast distances is not because they are transmitting a signal back and forth faster than the speed of light, but because the separateness of the particles is an illusion. On a much deeper level of reality the particles are not individual entities but are extensions of the same fundamental something, and everything in the universe is infinitely interconnected.

These "new" theories mirror what mystics have been saying for thousands of years. We are all part of a continuous whole. They suggest the reason distance healing works is because we are all one in some fundamental or spiritual way.

A skilled healer can sense the energy field of the person receiving the healing and provide healing equally effectively if the person is in the same room or across the world. Physicists describe a unified field. This field in which I work, is actually an altered state of awareness and perception in which the limitations of time and distance have been transcended. It is natural, accessible, and available to all beings for inspiration, creation, manifestation and wellbeing. It is oneness consciousness, and our true nature. I look forward to opening my heart as a channel for healing, growth and awareness in your life.

Please feel free to email me at suberry@myfairpoint.net if you have any questions about the services listed on my websites.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Finding Your Place in the Universe

The ancients of all races sang and spoke of days gone by when all life existed harmoniously in love, light and peace. Myths and truths alike tell of a place where war, pestilence and disease were unknown, and man was in constant communion with the Divine. And today, throughout the world, many religious, spiritual, and metaphysically-aware people believe they are readying for another such experience, right now on Earth.

Scholars of science and religion, physics, and prophesy note that energies of change are already among us, noting particularly the disharmony and failures in relationships, governments, health, justice, education and religion. Look at the recent breakdown of global financial institutions, the advent of new forms of disease, and unprecedented weather patterns, and you may be inclined to agree. And, many agree that there is more to come as 3-D illusions are transformed into spiritual reality, all in divine order. The Universe, the living Earth, and our own Higher Selves are working in concert to ready this planet for ascension into the higher realms of consciousness known as the fourth and fifth dimensions. But please understand, ascension is not a time of doom and gloom! Ascension is about finding and claiming our place, as conscious and creative beings of love and light, in the unfolding Universe.

Metaphysical is defined as “beyond the physical or beyond physics, dealing with the nature of being." Metaphysical study deals with the exploration of what reality truly is. It suggests challenging and alternate ideas about reality than those generally held by the unaware. Metaphysics is a spiritual philosophy of life. I think it can more accurately be defined as a spiritual exploration, which focuses on discovering who you truly are – that is an eternal soul having a human experience. There need be no conflict with religious belief, an awareness of metaphysics simply allows you to expand your religious beliefs to grow and encompass more of what your soul is all about.

Metaphysics embraces and respects all religions and belief systems and is based on the underlying common belief inherent in all religions, which is that there is indeed a greater power than us. This conflict between religion, politics, relationships, the stress of physical life and the inner truth that is part of each human soul is where metaphysical counseling can be beneficial. As we enter the Photon Belt, we are entering into a very exciting time of spiritual transformation and evolutionary changes in human consciousness, just as we intended. We are waking up to our true nature as multi-dimensional beings. (You can google the words ascension and photon belt if you wish to explore these concepts in greater depth.)

All humans incarnated now into the third dimensional realm of Earth have done so to experience ascension into the higher realms of consciousness known as the fourth and fifth dimensions. We're learning to embrace transformation, rather than fear change.

It has been written that graduation from the third dimension to the fourth and fifth dimensions is quite simple if we follow the teachings of the Masters: walk and talk your life in love and forgiveness, and acknowledge and give gratitude to the Creator, Infinite Intelligence, the Mother/Father God of your perception. And, divest yourself of fear, for fear is food for the forces of darkness and it will continue to hold you captive if you do not. Unfortunately, in modern society, with so much indifference, poverty, disease, genocide, war, prejudice, crime and man’s inhumanity to man, it is not surprising that so many people doubt the existence of any Mother/Father God, and fear that survival of the fittest is the only reality.

So, as we get nearer and nearer to the Photon Belt and the incoming Christ Consciousness, our bodies, minds, and spirits will undergo major transformational changes. What is reality anyway? Practicing love and forgiveness, ceasing to judge, and eliminating fear are keys for finding out.

If you are feeling that it is time to reconnect with your spirit and bring yourself into alignment with your soul’s purpose, you are readying for these very evolutionary changes in your own consciousness. I offer a variety of metaphysical counseling services to support spiritual growth, knowledge, and the advancement that your soul incarnated into this physical world to experience.

It is my prayer that you feel encouraged and nurtured as you discover your own spiritual awareness and the growth that this awareness promotes. Please feel free to contact me with any questions you may have about Metaphysical Counseling, Integrated Spiritual Healing, and the holistic wellness services that I offer. Through these offerings I claim my own place as a conscious and creative being of love and light in the unfolding Universe. May you also be blessed in fulfilling your soul's purpose.

I look forward to opening my heart as a channel for awakening, growth and healing in your life.

Susan Berry

Friday, May 15, 2009

Sweeter than honey. Thank you, Oshun!

Recently, almost simultaneously, two separate and very different projects took directions I did not anticipate. In fact I never could have expected it, as both projects were presented as creative, intelligent, community-driven alternatives to the failures of outdated models. As a visionary full of hope, I was wildly excited to participate in the creation processes. Both projects were framed by concepts of cooperation, unity, with humility and honor as cornerstones. Naturally, I rolled up my sleeves and jumped right in. Sharing my gifts freely, I recruited associates to assist as well as the concepts began to materialize into structures.

And build we did. But the day came (and maybe even the same day!) that both structures began supporting practices I cannot, and will not, defend as honorable. Eeeww! Well, that's some karma back on me, for sure. Knowing there must be a lesson here, gift-wrapped with my name on the tag, I went searching. By canoe of course, in the tradition of the old ones!

At first I thought the lesson was about trust. In trust, something was given now, an exchange and a commitment, in hope of getting something back in the future. Trusting is enabling other people to take advantage of you—but expecting that they won't. But people will, and do, so you forgive them and move on. Been there, done that, I knew there was more!

I live an abundant life and I'm good at sharing. My kids are too. I teach and I expect that we can all attract abundance by simply conducting ourselves and our lives in an open-handed, open-hearted manner. Yet, here I was, about to swallow the bitter pill of disappointment. Worse, I was feeling the ugly tug of resentment because my ample generosity was not met with the expected results. But that's not how it is supposed to work! I should have been tasting the sweet honey of a life lived well!

Thankfully, clarity dawned with a bit more meditation, Oshun's blessings, and long paddles along the shoreline with my big, wet dog...

The sweetness of life. I taste that honey as I contemplate the results my charitable actions may have on the lives of others in places like Kenya and Tibet. These are people I will never meet, and who will never thank me. Here, I receive the greatest gifts in return for my kindness. My heart opens, my spirit soars, I deepen, I am one of us. Why? Because here I give with no expectation.

Ooohhh, aha! (love it!) When the gifts we give are laden down with expectations, they cease to be "gifts" and become "units" of exchange that we are, in effect, trading for some reward. Thus, the reciprocal laws of the greater, joyful, creative universe err on the side of the giver who truly shares for the sake of sharing! All else is simply a business deal. If I am disappointed in the direction of the projects I worked on, it is only because I didn't have a signed contract expressly stipulating all terms. I was never clear on the conditions. My bad. Next time. Business is business. And, I like to be in control of my business.

But giving is love!

And loving is about relinquishing control! Now and forever more, if I have trouble divesting myself of my expectations, I can realize am not acting in the true spirit of giving. I am working. And each time I do gift, whether in spiritual or tangible ways, I will ask myself if there is something I hope to receive in return. I will see what truly is.

Knowing this, giving becomes a profound joy that stands alone, separate from any and all conditions. I appreciate the flow of reciprocal abundance as a gift in and of itself. When we let go of the notion that we deserve to receive gifts based on giving gifts, real bounty – the kind that sends your spirit soaring – can once again flow freely in and out of our lives. Sweeter than honey. Thank you, Oshun.

I made a donation to Heifer this morning, and I don't know what will be done with it... bees, seeds, a water buffalo? I do not need to. I gave it with love!

May you be blessed!

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Oshun, what's love got to do with it?

These are challenging times. And you will be tested, as will I.

I have watched several respected and skilled metaphysical counselors in my circle of aquaintances degenerate into psycho-deceivers, fortune tellers, and psychic readers who present sensational readings and dramatic performances to appease the lower natures of their clients. One friend is simply misguided in her efforts to bring comfort in uncertain times, while I believe the others find it's just easier, and often, more lucrative. For some, a plane lands every other Saturday, bringing wealthy seekers to discover indigenous wisdom through spa treatments and gourmet vegetarian cuisine. The fire walkers are paid by the hour. Cocktails are served. Although ritual is holy, spin is not.

Greed, corruption, and a lust for power has spoiled many a noble endeavor. But remember, although money is a currency, it is only valued in the third dimension. The morally and spiritually bankrupt are a far poorer lot, and their poverty although cyclical, is long lasting. It matters not your life's work, when your work is no longer love made visible, it has lost its true value.

The hush and ssshhh approach, which is essentially spin, causes a dependency on the spinner, and others, rather than function as a catalyst for the client's self mastery and forward movement. And, as a result, real growth and happiness is stunted for both the client and the facilitator. A simple law of nature: you reap what you sow.

Many people believe that psychic ability indicates high spiritual development. Not so! A psychic person may not be spiritual, and a spiritually-evolved person may not choose to develop their psychic skills. Many animals have shown to be sensitive to psychic impressions! Psychic intuition is a natural ability, tuned by practice. Remember, just as fire can be used to heat your family's soup it can burn down your neighbor's house. It's also a simple law of nature, do with it what you will. We can only hope that as mankind harnesses the laws of nature (and the laws of the universe) we do so in concert with our own highest nature, our divine essence...

Laws of nature belonging to any realm of existence are just that, natural! It is only by the non-awareness of those laws that we glamourize them as super-natural. Nature manifests as a whole spectrum of energies, and only a tiny part of it is perceptible to our third-dimensional, five-sense orientation. But, by expanding one's consciousness through daily attunement with the multi-dimensional, universal mind one gradually realizes the interrelationship of all manifestations, which in reality is of one essence. Then, if we grasp the unconditional connectivity and inclusive love providing all, we may evolve as multi-sensory, multi-dimesional beings. Our multi-dimensional knowing then simply surpasses our mentally and emotionally charged logic, if the heart is pure. But only in the presence of love.

As a metaphysician and mentor, I strive to awaken a sense of responsibility and self mastery in my clients, and enable them take control over their experiences in this life by understanding universal laws. Through a combination of spirit listening, spiritual guidance, intuitive insight and direct energy healing, my intention is to bring clients to their highest level of well-being in all aspects of their lives. While I maintain a grounded, practical, dogma-free healing perspective, I am a psychic being. And while it is my intent to convey spiritual truths and Universal Laws in a rational, logical and intelligent manner to the educated seeker, and teach and heal in an efficacious and holistic manner, I work with spirit guides and non-physical teachers. And, I seek to practice as a spiritually-evolved human being by embracing Oshun, the Goddess of love. I honor her by incorporating creativity, abundance, divination, sensuality, sweetness, healing and beauty into experiences of renewal, fresh promise, and manifestation.

In my experience as a daughter of Oshun, I know that once an awareness of universal law fosters the desire to live harmoniously, and the source and cause of abundance are known and applied, there is less stress, less judgement, and less struggle for survival. And, the law of the jungle is miraculously replaced with the law of love.

Where there is love, truly, there is cooperation instead of competition. There is no fear-driven appetite for gain. There is more time and energy for higher pursuits. Without a higher awareness of the unconditional love that unites all of the energy patterns of creation we waste and squander our time and resources on trivial matters. And this squandering has caused spiritual human evolution to stagnate for thousands of years.

Today, the upsurge of spiritual energies encircling our planet is awakening humanity's understanding of the existence of higher realities, and providing an evolutionary nudge to embrace our place as co-creators. This higher awareness has been quantified through scientific research through the theories of quantum physics, hyperspace, and parapsychic science. The masses can finally believe, maybe...

Today, the true metaphysicial mentor must be a a scientist, shaman, mystic, magician, philosopher, poet, and a humanitarian. The healer must be the lover of all ways. Beware the instant enlightenment programs boasting gourmet wild edibles and gloating wise elders who spit fire every Tuesday at 8pm just before they reveal the secret teachings! Did you want a hut with wireless internet and a hot tub? A massage before or after your initiation?

It is simpler, really. It's not about that experience, it's only about love. Of self first, then others, then all. If you get that from the package, ok! But you really only need open your heart to all ways. Always. Eternally yours.

Practitioners like myself are channeling and creating integration methods which combine present findings of science with traditional metaphysical knowledge which draw on diverse multicultural, esoteric wisdom. No longer able to be this or that, the teachings are unified. All true servants of the divine and humanity are lovers of love, peace, and harmony. The relevant healers will teach you how to overcome your difficulties yourself – through kindness, compassion, and the restoration of harmony. Through Love. And that's the only secret you need to know!

Mother Oshun...
...birthing oneness consciousness ... through all ways... it is an exciting time!

I invite you to explore metaphysical counseling, spiritual healing, wellness, and attunement services, all offered in love, and in service to the One, through Oshun.

In love and peace,

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Once the game is over, the king and the pawn go back in the same box.

There is an elegant humility in every day people who have the ability to get the job done, and do, without drawing attention to themselves. Humility is also alive in the philanthropist who gives an anonymous donation, and in the leader who treats everyone with respect regardless of position. I recall being told by my grandmother that the sign of a good and honest "gentleman" is how he treats those who can be of absolutely no use to him.

There cannot be authenticity without humility.

I know that when I approach situations from a perspective of humility I am readily opened to new possibilities. I can choose open-mindedness and curiosity over protecting my point of view. When I do, I am welcomed in to the wonderful space of the beginner's mind, willing to learn from what others have to offer. As I move away from pushing into allowing, from insecure to secure, I am liberated from seeking approval to seeking enlightenment. I forget about needing to be some particular way, and I enjoy being in the moment. I am freed from the crippling fall of delusional arrogance.

When I am asked to assume a leadership role, I remember to seek others' input. I ask, "OK, how am I doing?"

I know that it takes humility to ask such a question and even more humility to consider the answer. In this simple act, I become authentic. In this simple act I choose open-mindedness and curiosity. This also allows me to share credit for any successes with all, and allows me freedom from pretence, which improves my relationships across all levels.

Humility encourages more openness and paradoxically, it enhances my self-confidence. It opens a window to my higher self. It encourages me to share freely.

In our culture, often the young are worshiped for their technology, unrestrained ambition, and effortless energy. But there is also much to celebrate about earned success, the sacrifice of effort, and experienced perspective. It is a rare young person who can truly appreciate the beauty and contributions of the generations ahead of him or her when offered. It is worth doing, however, because respecting and offering gratitude to the experiences of the elders adds a broadened perspective to to the present experience.

Throughout history, in traditional cultures worldwide, elders have shared their wisdom and visions, and taught each new generation how to care for and about people with humility. Young people need their elders today more than ever. I say to my newly graduated son, and to his contemporaries in medicine, industry, and technology, in your newness, walk in humility, and in the joy of life.

Choose humility and open-mindedness over protecting your next move. Express gratitude and respect to those who play by the rules of a gentleman's game. Because once the game is over, both the king and the pawn go back in the same box.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Can't see the forest for the trees

Feeling lost?

Why is it that sometimes we just cannot see the bigger picture? Well, sometimes there is no clear path, and seemingly no hint of direction. And sometimes, we know that the well-worn path, plainly visible, will not lead us to where we ultimately want to be. That's when I look for the hidden path. I know that if I stop, and tune into my senses, I'll be able to perceive the way meant for me.

Usually, the hidden path is only revealed after a moment of disorientation, when I'm winded, and dizzied, and I feel the need to close my eyes for a moment and take in a deep breath. And I do. I wait for the calm remembering of myself before I open my eyes and see what the moment is truly offering me.

Two Roads Diverged in a Yellow Wood

Two roads diverged in a yellow wood,
And sorry I could not travel both
And be one traveler, long I stood
And looked down one as far as I could
To where it bent in the undergrowth;

Then took the other, as just as fair,
And having perhaps the better claim,
Because it was grassy and wanted wear;
Though as for that the passing there,
Had worn them really about the same

And both that morning equally lay
In leaves no step had trodden black.
Oh, I kept the first for another day!
Yet knowing how way leads on to way,
I doubted if I should ever come back.

I shall be telling this with a sigh
Somewhere ages and ages hence:
Two roads diverged in a wood, and
I took the one less traveled by,
And that has made all the difference !

-- Robert Frost (1874–1963)

We need not fear the moment of disorientation when it comes, for it is always a gift. If I do I may block out those energies that can lead me to the hidden path, and the best direction in which to continue my journey. I may be aware of the fact that I am lost, but if I am afraid to admit and face that, I will certainly refuse to see the solution and the way to get to where I am meant to be.

The hidden path is an intimate understanding of one's place and value in the world. And as much as there is only one hidden path, everyone's path is different.

The Frost poem asks me to me contemplate if am I going in the right direction. What is the road that has led me to this moment? When did I lose the track? What do I not want to see? How did I fail to see and understand the larger principles? How did I get so lost?

Well, probably because I agreed to follow the well-worn path knowing full well just a few steps into the adventure that it would not lead me to where I wanted to be. But that's OK, that's the learning curve. The dead end. The moment of disorientation. It's the perfect catalyst for blazing my own trail, following my heart, and honoring my place and value in the world. Getting lost is my eye-opener.

And there's the hidden path!

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Sunday, May 3, 2009

"I've got your back."

I am assuring you that I am watching out for you. I'm making sure you are safe because I am watching what's behind you when you're busy looking ahead.

"I've got your back." It's an expression of trust.

Lately I've been thinking a lot about trust. Meditating, watching, learning. Essentially, you will trust me because you have experienced my trustworthiness and because you have faith in human nature, and I will trust you similarly. But trust is tricky because it is both an emotional and logical act.

I also "feel" trust. When I identify emotions of companionship, friendship, agreement, relaxation, and comfort, I feel trust.

Emotionally, it is where I expose my vulnerabilities to people, but believe they will not take advantage of my openness. And logically, it is where I have assessed the probabilities of gain and loss, and concluded that the person (or group) in question will behave in a predictable manner.

So trust means being able to "predict" what other people will do in the situations that may occur. If we can surround ourselves with people we trust, then we can create a fertile present and an even better future. But sometimes trust means making an exchange and commitment when we don't have full knowledge about them, their intent, and the things they are offering to us. That's when I rely on those feelings. Only if they are present, may I proceed.

In trust, something is given now but the return is paid back some time in the future. Feeling trust now becomes particularly important, because otherwise we are giving something for nothing. The delay we have placed in the reciprocal arrangement adds a high level of uncertainty which we need to mitigate through trust. And as long as the feelings of companionship, friendship, agreement, relaxation, and comfort flow, I can feel safe in my relationship.

When we trust other people, we are not only giving them something in hope of getting something else back in the future, we are also exposing ourselves in a way that they can take advantage of our vulnerabilities. So trusting is enabling other people to take advantage of you—but expecting that they won't.

I don't need to watch my back around those I trust. But I do need to trust you to watch out for me when I'm focused forward, forging ahead, blazing the trail for both of us. And you need to trust me not to change direction without telling you I've lost the compass. You don't expect me to change the rules of our relationship. You don't expect me to take advantage of your generous nature, or your willingness to wait for reciprocity. You don't expect to feel abandonment, conflict, suspicion, alert, or discomfort.

So think about trust, meditate on how it works, and carefully, consciously build it. Feel for companionship, friendship, agreement, relaxation, and comfort. Let others know you've got their back. If you do, people will give you the world. But know as well, that if you betray trust, sooner or later you will be haunted to the ends of the earth by the ghosts of your conscience. Trust is a sacred bond.
May you be blessed.