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Thursday, October 28, 2010

Got Coupons? I do! Addoway.com offers sellers flexible options for promotions

Everyone loves a great deal, I know I do. I love sales, special insider discounts and secret codes for free shipping, a percentage off, or a free gift.
I especially love coupons!

I tuck "preferred customer coupons" into outgoing packages from Journey Beads and Oshun Spirit, and "welcome coupons" to entice new Listia auction winners to visit my website, and of course ebay customers get both Journey Beads and Oshun Spirit "come visit my other venues coupons" in their packages in hopes they will convert. Ebay remains my most productive marketplace venue outside of my website, even though my products cost more there because it costs me to sell there. A quality product, timely delivery, and a coupon plus the lower price usually does the job.

But until yesterday, my new storefront on Addoway was left out out the fun. No longer! Now my customers will be able to apply their coupon codes across all venues. So my customer friends, whatever coupon you're holding today is now good at my storefront on Addoway.com  (www.oshunspirit.com) in addition to the venue listed on the card! Yipppeee!

Seller friends: Addoway introduced a smart, simple coupon generator which allows buyers to redeem coupons towards purchases made from the storefronts. Check it out: I can create individual coupons with specific end dates and choose either a dollar amount or percentage discount, and create the coupon for items priced over $x or under $x... and even better... by specific item #! This is great if you want to run a special on certain items, create gift certificates, or offer "deal of the day" type promos. It's well thought out and really easy to implement.

Watch this: I'll create a special offer for my blog readers only:

 SAVE $5
On ad# 141176 thru 10/31/10 
This one is only good on Addoway, and you'll have to click on the link to find out what the offer is...

Have fun! I know I am!

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Creating our new world, one breath at a time...

Are you feeling like there are simply not enough hours in the day... that you are running out of time?
Always playing catch up? Physically, emotionally, and mentally exhausted? Stressed beyond repair?

When I was a little girl, it seemed to me that summer vacation took up half the year, and school time the other half. It felt equal to me.  I also remember endless stretches in my 'tween years of, "I'm soooooo bored, hours and days just dragging by." But today, as I recall just this past decade marked by my sons' high school years and subsequent graduations from college, I have no idea how that time whizzed by so quickly!

Perhaps we feel an increasing speed in passing time as we grow older because of the higher proportion of time that has been spent...

For example: At five years old, a child feels like she is waiting an extraordinary amount of time in September for Christmas to come in December. The percentage of the child's life between September and December is 7.1%, calculated by dividing the four months of waiting by the five-year-olds' 56 months of living. For a thirty-year-old adult, the percentage is 1.1 %, based on four months of waiting divided by the thirty-year-old's 356 months of living.

But, there are other factors at work that have quickened time. Most significantly, we are moving to zero point, as described by Gregg Braden in his book, Awakening to Zero Point.

Gregg has traced the Schumann Resonance or heartbeat of the Earth. For decades, it has measured 7.8 cycles per second. In 1980, it started increasing. By 1993, scientists published reports of the Schumann Resonance pulsing at 8.6 cycles per second. Today, it is around 12 cycles per second, hence the feeling of time passing more quickly. At 13 cycles, the Earth will be at a zero point magnetic field, and in two or three days it will start turning in the opposite direction.

This is the "event" predicted by ancient prophets to occur in 2012, when we will be introduced to the next level of consciousness as ordinary reality. Right now, we are "entering the time of no time."

It is interesting to note that the Fibonacci Series of numbers supports the notion of this shift to a new reality via sacred geometry principles. Fibonacci discovered a sequence of numbers that matches the proportions of the human body and the basis for how plants grow, to name a few examples. It goes like this: Start with 1, add 1 to the previous number or 1 to get 2, add 2 to the previous number or 1 to get 3, add 3 to 2 to get 5, add 5 to 3 to get 8 (or 7.8 on the SR scale), add 8 to 5 to get 13. So it's 1, 1+1=2, 2+1=3, 3+2=5, 5+3=8, 8+5=13. Remember, as we near 2012, the SR is nearing 13. Factor in the significance of the Fibonacci Series, which predicts a segueway or transition at 13, and voila: the shift!

But back to the no-time thing... so if we compare the rate of passing time today, for that forty-year-old, to that same person at the age of five, they are living approximately five and a half times faster than they did in childhood. That means that each day equates to five and a half days thirty-five years ago!

And you wonder why you are feeling stressed?

Stress is the typical reaction to the evaporation of time, because we feel synchronous the SR that was occurring during the time we developed in the womb, that particular rate became imprinted on our internal clock, on our circadian rhythm.  So we need to retrain our subconscious to accept a new rhythm in order to regain our sense of balance.

The subconscious will pay attention when you interfere with your routine breathing patterns, because it manages this breathing function so you don't have to constantly remind yourself to breathe. It is important to gain the attention of the subconscious, as it is in charge of habits and automatic body responses. It needs to know that you are making a change. Some of my students have been working with various subconscious patterning by breathing deeply six times in a row, using the following pattern: inhale slowly to the count of four, hold to the count of four, exhale slowly to the count of eight.

In reprogramming our response to the passage of time, we set the intention to "update our processing of time sequences to match the current cycles per second occurring on Earth." I will share this mediation that I have been working on to help heal the stresses of our out-of-synch circadian rhythms.

These methods may sound "too easy" but life is not designed to be a "dis-ease." We, and they, are designed to create an exchange of energy between us and the Earth when we are in a meditative state with the least resistance present, the Earth's frequency is able to calibrate with you and, likewise, you with it, thereby creating a better match.

Begin with the interuptive pattern: breathing deeply six times in a row, inhaling slowly to the count of four, holding to the count of four, exhaling slowly to the count of eight. Breathe deeply. As you breathe out, envision your energy entering the Earth. As you breathe in, envision the Earth sending energy to you. I've been doing this while lying on my back under an old strong tree with the crown of my head aligned with the base of her trunk. I visualize our energy surging up the middle of the tree trunk, and feel the tree reciprocate by sending energy through her trunk to us.

But you can sych with any element. Watch water trickle, in a fountain or a brook or even a running faucet. As the water trickles, integrate your energy with the flow of the water. Place your hand in the water and feel the energy infuse you. Feel your energy enter the water and infuse it. Even better, immerse yourself in water, and feel the water support you as you float. Imagine the boundaries being eliminated between your body and the water as you merge into one element of sensation.

This simple meditation will help you to feel yourself get in sync with the current pace and feel less stressed and more present in your daily life. You can enjoy the improved synergy between you and your surroundings as the Earth's heartbeat continues to accelerate and we move into the next world with a sense of Peace.

Where are we going? How will it be when we get there?

We are creating it right now, one breath at a time.
May you be blessed!

Friday, October 15, 2010

Wisdom from the Grandmothers: The Way to Peace

 Every once in a while someone finds me online,  on a selling site, facebook or through google and feels the need to challenge me, chastise me, or save me, via email. I say pick up the phone, come over for tea. Let's have some face time if this is really that important to you. At least, please use your true name in your emails so we can make a real connection.

And while I do appreciate the kind gestures springing from your dogma of choice, name calling, threats of eternal damnation, and warnings that I am running out of time to jump on your (one-and-only) bandwagon don't come across as very loving.... to me.

I have a new fan. And she's been writing to me, warning me, as part of her mission. And while I am a pretty present and grounded girl, I have to admit I find her constant contact unsettling. Yesterday, while reading her email I felt real negativity entering me. She was sending me fire, hate, and unfounded judgement, ignorance and intolerance, and I was allowing her bully-behavior into my sacred space.

I shifted right into the crazy place. I thought about my defense. My "rights." My "right" rights to squash this.

I know about returning unwanted energies, so I stated out loud "These energies are not mine to deal with, please return them to the sender."  I phrased it differently in my head at first but regrouped to a kinder, gentler me. And then I added the "please."

I stopped reading and recognized that this was not mine to deal with, these emotions of fear, anger and guilt were not my own, but from the sender. And although I felt calmer in this knowing, I did not feel resolved or balanced. I wondered if there was some better way I could assist the sender. So I sent feelings of love, joy, harmony and peace, and pictured the sender in her highest light.

I know that many people would have reacted to this situation by returning an email, perhaps with as much anger as directed at them, and some of us skilled with words and thoughtforms might have even drawn mightier swords. You, like me, might have even tried (once again) to educate and reason with the sender, but both of these reactions have only added to the energy charge already formed, expressed. They form a line in the sand, between my viewpoints and hers.

When defensive emotions rise within me I try to sense why they are being triggered. I become aware of the first thing or situation that comes to my mind, leading me to realize what needs to be released within me.

Today another email, even more negative (no, that is a judgement... I'll say extremest) than yesterday. She wanted a response. A validation of her "rights" and my wrongs, repentance and conversion, and a surrender of my position. Her sword, drawn in the name... of what?

So I went to my healing room and meditated, surrendered. As I sat quietly I realized that the energies that I had returned in the past by engaging in dialouge, no matter how well-intentioned, had in fact made things worse, by adding defense to the already unstable energy of attack. If I'm not one of the right "them," I am one of the "wrong others." I can only be for them or against them, and if I am not with them then the perception is that I am fighting them.  Any defense is seen as an attack. I cannot win. This war.

No, war is not the answer, and it will never create peace.

I asked my guides to show me how to handle this situation correctly.

I heard, "send the unhealed negative energies to Source and ask that they be transmuted and that these now positive energies be dedicated to The Earth Mother."

Wisdom from the grandmothers.

Dearest Creator, the Source of unconditional love. I ask that the negative unhealed energies being created and directed at me by x, be sent to you to be transmuted. I ask that this now positive energy be dedicated to Mother Earth to assist in raising the vibrations of this beautiful planet.

And I went to my computer.

My Dear Sister, I see you in your highest light, be your heart filled with love, peace, harmony, joy, tolerance and gratitude. Be this for your highest and greatest good and the highest and greatest good of all.

Unconditional love to create peace.
May you be blessed!

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Chinese Finger Traps as Spiritual Teachers

Recently I won a Chinese Finger Trap (remember those?) at an Autumn Fair. In fact, it was the prize given for coming in last place, for failure. I humbly accepted my booby-prize, and decided I would just give it away to the first child that crossed my path, someone who would have at least some appreciation for the silly thing.

But, I played with it as I walked through the crowds and  I had an ah-ha moment. I realized that this simple toy was a profound metaphor for the energy needed to move past fear (and failure) in our lives... and that I could use it in my practice as a wonderful teaching tool. So thank you carnival-guy for giving me the squirtgun with the blocked nozzle, you know the one, the blue one, number thirteen next to the scary, chipped, clown face.

By the way, I didn't even have fun playing your stupid game. I didn't care if I won or lost. I just wanted to get out of there, I wasn't even trying to win. I have a bit of a clown phobia, you know.

"Where there is fear, there is no love. Fear is the opposite of love. What we fear, we attract. Love is letting go of fear." Blah, blah, blah, I've said it and read it one million times. If it were so simple we'd all be leaping for joy with reckless abandon head on to the embrace of the challenges, and clowns, in our lives.

Instead we run away from and deny and avoid that which actually terrifies us, or at least makes us uncomfortable.

Denying our fear is like trying to pull our fingers free from the Chinese finger traps.  The more we pull, the tighter they grip our fingers.

The only way to release it is to move toward it, go deeper into it. Then it's able to release. It is the same with fear.

Let's revisit the old addage, "Fear is the opposite of love."

Although love and fear certainly can co-exist side by side within an individual and be experienced simultaneously, just as darkness and light co-exist side by side within all of us, I believe that love and fear cannot co-exist in the same energy space of an individual's emotional body. If we want loving light in that space, we're going to have to get it in there ourselves. We must get into that dark space and bathe it from within with the loving light called self-acceptance, until the fear is all eroded away.

That is the paradox of fear.  It negates love, yet will persist until it is loved. What?

The misconception that fear is the opposite of love seems to stem from the fact that fear excludes love.  But so do hatred, guilt, anger, shame, jealousy and envy.  Therefore, we need a more precise definition of what "opposite" means in reference to love vs. fear.

Where there is no loving light, there is darkness. In that darkness may reside the guilt of not being loving enough, or the fear of not being deserving and good enough.  However, darkness is only the absence of light, not its opposite.  Unloving light is more commonly known as hate.

Hate, not fear, is the opposite of love. Because, whereas fear and guilt signal the absence of love, hate is the opposite polarity of the exact same energy as love. Love and hate both have consciousness and intent - guided directionality - whereas fear is pretty mindless.  Love and hate have focus (something loved or hated), whereas fear may have focus but may also be experienced as unfocused general anxiety, as in "I don't know why I'm afraid... of clowns."

Fear and anger (or terror and rage) are opposite polarities of the exact same energy.  They are two sides of the same coin. Where one resides, you can bet the other one does too.  Although they rarely surface at the same time.

Fear and anger are the same energy. They serve the same purpose, although from opposite points of view. One of their functions is to assign blame. Anger is the emotion which places the blame with another. " You gave me the squirtgun with the blocked nozzle, you made me stand next to the scary, chipped, clown face.  It's your fault I came in last place"

"By the way, I didn't even have fun playing your stupid game."
Fear, however, is the emotion which places the blame with oneself, and that may not be as obvious. But ask yourself why you feel fear of certain things. We feel fear because we are afraid something painful or unpleasant will happen to us. And the reason we expect a hurtful experience is because we consciously or subconsciously believe we are at fault – inadequate, incompetent, awkward, clumsy, laughable, shameful, blameworthy, deserving of punishment, and the list goes on.

If I hadn't angled my body away from the clown I might have had straighter aim.... 

What We Fear, We Attract!

The Universe has created this phenomenon to help us face and overcome our painful emotions, not to get us to try harder to avoid them. It is a well-known concept that painful emotions contribute to physical unhealth. It has been scientifically confirmed that painful emotions such as fear suppress the immune system and lower the pH of the body, both of which contribute to increased risk of physical illness.

Healing truly requires only the state of "no resistance and self acceptance."

So, let's look at three paths to deal with fear:
  • By far the most common way to handle fear is that we don't know how, so we do the only thing we can:  We feel our fear while disapproving of ourselves for being afraid.  In other words, the fear is experienced in a state of non-acceptance.  No healing takes place and similar situations continue to come up time and again, evoking the same fear response.
  • Some mentally or psychically powerful individuals can keep from feeling spontaneous fear by convincing themselves - their conscious minds - that they are not afraid.  This can be a temporarily successful path for a certain category of individuals. Painful emotions are relegated to the subconscious without being healed.  As the subconscious' accumulation of unhealed painful emotions grows, the subconscious mind eventually gains more power than the conscious mind's ability to control it, and the "inner demons" begin to seep out.
  • The third way is to experience spontaneous fear in a state of self acceptance.  Due to varying degrees of childhood conditioning from shame, ridicule, guilt and blame, this path may take a while to master.  Any degree of self acceptance we can muster makes a difference.  The higher the degree of self acceptance, the faster and easier the healing. The fear is permanently healed and released.  We will no longer attract what we used to fear because we no longer fear it.
When we have self acceptance for ourselves while experiencing any kind of fear we don't hold onto it.  When the fear is ready to let go, we let it go. And then that space within can be filled with the energy of love and self acceptance, the energy of release. The straight shot to success. The giant stuffed Panda.

Bring in the clowns!
May you be blessed!