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Metaphysical Services

My name is Susan Berry. I am a seer, a clairvoyant artist, and an intuitive, compassionate healer. I have studied and practiced with masters of diverse esoteric disciplines over the past thirty years. I channel several fully illuminated beings who assist me in my work, and also a group mind known to me as The Grandmothers who are dedicated to healing through the expression of sacred and divine feminine energies.

Supportive of the present moment and your current level of spiritual understanding of the challenges in your life, your Spirit Guides step forward to offer you compassionate wisdom. Your Guides seek to open your heart, facilitate deep healing, and strengthen the flow of love and positive energy into your life so that you may move forward on your chosen life path with grace and in harmony with All That Is. In purchasing a reading from me, you are invited to journey into the larger story of your life so that you may make informed choices from the perspective of the higher planes.

When I do a reading for you, I first connect with you energetically. As a seer and empath, I do this most easily by viewing your photograph. I adjust my vibration so I can clearly "see and feel" you and then I am able to access your guide(s).
A catalog of the Metaphysical Services currenly available can be found on my website,  Oshun Spirit Earth Friendly Goods. I look forward to opening my heart as a channel for spiritual guidance in your life.