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Saturday, January 29, 2011

Holding the space for love

Mark Milner. Classical Ballet Dancer, Kundalini Yoga Instructor, Traditional Reiki Master, Indigo Child, Fully Illuminated Being.

I met Mark about six years ago and was immediately awestruck by his depth of wisdom, compassion, and understanding. He contains more light in his slight being than I have ever seen emmenate from any man, except maybe Gandhi. (Well, in fact it spills out all around him, there is no container!) Mark and I became instant friends, and life-long kindred spirits by the second minute of our very first conversation, and our friendship remains a treasure in my life.

Mark is an Angel on this Earth. I have no doubt.

One of the first things we talked about together was his desire to have children, to be a birth-father to children he could feel wanting to come through him. It was odd he should tell this to a virtual stranger, but I assured him, I agreed. I could feel their presence, too!

But here is the tricky part. Mark is gay. So that makes the entire process a bit complicated outside of adoption. Do-able, but difficult. And Mark was and is committed, and comfortable in the knowing the process would be long and not without profound soul-written lessons. Over the years  he has shared his journey with me, and I am always left marveling at the fertility and motherhood I often take for granted, sacred experiences so priceless and precious...

Mark has taught me gratitude, and humility, by allowing me to view the world through his beautiful eyes.

I recently read Mark quoted in an article in Time for Families. He wrote:

Some of us are just meant to be parents. I love the line in Eat, Pray, Love where one of the characters says, “Parenthood is like getting a tattoo on your face. You kind of need to be fully committed.” I’ve never had a question of commitment to this dream, as it’s been with me for so long.

 I read on...

The way that I can explain it best is this: It’s not so much that I want to be a father as much as I feel that my children want to be born. To some, that might sound totally nuts and most would say that it’s an excuse. Parenthood… especially with your own biology… can seem really selfish, after all. 

Well, I quietly wondered if that was the case in my situation but recently realized just how little this has to do with me. When I visited the fertility clinic in Atlanta for the first time, it came to my attention that I can “will” the embryos to somebody in the event of my passing. It was then that I realized if I unexpectedly die, I still want at least two of those embryos to become children. 

They have been knocking on my “spiritual window” for my whole life and they deserve a chance at life, even if I cannot be there in physical form to observe it. I will choose a deserving couple and will make sure that regardless of what happens to me, they will get to experience life on this planet.

I recently talked with Mark about his decision to go ahead and begin this process of freezing sperm and finding an egg donor and surrogate. I wanted to know what I could do to support his dream, knowing there needs to be energetic support and lots of love as well as financial currency in alignment for the process to continue...

I asked that I might share his story and he was open to that, in fact his response was:

"Even if people choose not to help, I want them to be moved and inspired to go after their own dreams... and to cause a ripple effect."

Meet Mark Milner. My friend, my teacher, and the father to the dear ones who have stayed with him for as long as I have known him. Yes, they are tapping at his spiritual window.  I hope that you will take a moment to read the article that is linked below. Perhaps you can help to hold open the door and welcome them to our family.

May you be blessed!


Wednesday, January 26, 2011


"I'm stuck."

Well, maybe you are. But maybe you are just gathering up energy for your big push forward and the ultimate expression of your beautiful self! If you use the metaphor of a butterfly cocooning, and seemingly "doing nothing" from the outside, we know there is tremendous inner work going on prior to the outward, visible, new and amazing creature. So, what if instead of feeling like you are being trapped in a life full of excuses, blocks and frustration, you feel excited that you’re actually in the process of gathering up the drive and commitment to create a life that you can really love...

Quite a shift!

Each of us is born with tremendous potential, but it becomes buried beneath self-defeating beliefs and behaviors rooted in childhood and/or trauma from past lives, and as we keep perpetuating the doubt and fear in our adult lives, we begin to believe we have exhausted all our potential, and we settle for less than we can be, sadly.

But, I think we're ALWAYS working from the inside out, whether we are conscious of it or not. I believe that we are constantly transforming our experiences into inspiration and ablilities which we can later harness to live the life in which our innate potentiality is liberated, and become free to realize our greatest dreams.

So, if you feel stuck, give yourself a break. Something in you is moving forward, I promise. Ideas are beginning to crystalize, your energy is building, your spirit is waking up. If you have dreams you want to achieve but feel immobilized to pursue them, then become aware of the self-defeating patterns that keep you stuck and thank them. And have a little patience.

Yes, I said thank them. Offer up some gratitude to the old patterns, because they got you here, to this moment. By design, your life has set up the very conditions that make you ripe for transformation.

If you’re physically exhausted, in a depleting job, or not taking good care of yourself, that's going to diminish some of the energy you need to move forward.  So, please think about how you’re treating your body and spirit and figure out what you need to do differently to generate the energy needed actually move in the world, in your body, to create the life you want. Make healthy choices about what you eat and drink, about exercise and sleep, about all the energy you take in to your system including chi from your environment, the people that surround you,  your relationships and associations, as well as that which is self generated and ultimately cycled through your subtle bodies.

Maybe you're telling yourself you’re not good enough, and maybe that's an old pattern that you've fallen into and you've even attracted people and situations into your life to reinforce those ideas. Say thank you to all those people and events, and the commitments they entail and move on. Just do it and don't apologize. If you’re defeating your purposes by participating in dramas that erode your self-esteem that will certainly challenge your vision of an enjoyable, inspiring, and fulfilling life of abundance and joy. If you continually participate in relationships that make you feel bad or judgmental about yourself, then make a conscious decision not to stay in those kinds of relationships and leave. Surround yourself with people, places, and ideas which reinforce your positive self image and champion your transformation. You deserve nothing less.

By choosing not to participate in unhealthy relationships, dialogues, and dramas (of all kinds), you’ll not only change the quality of your life, but you’ll also free up the energy consumed by conflict to create and live the life you want to have. And, you'll be free to fly!

May you be blessed!

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Are you waiting for a miracle?

"I honor the place in you where the entire universe resides.
I honor the place in you of love, of truth, of peace, and of light.
And when you are in that place in you, and I am in that place in me, we are one."

I am one of those people that finds meaning in every single person and thing that comes across my radar each day. I believe that synchronistic events are the universe’s playful way of giving me a message, a sign, or a point in the right direction. 

I place the value of “message for the purposes of learning and growth” on the signs, songs, and conversations I experience. I believe there are no coincidences in life, and I do try to be truly conscious of every single moment of every single day. I believe there is a greater purpose and meaning to all things. 

The intricate patterns of the natural world and the elegant dances of the stars and planets are evidence that some sort of miracle is taking place continuously in the very existence of the Cosmos. It's proof that we live in a universe of miracles.

 The Source of miracles is always present. But if this is so, why aren't we experiencing miracles on a moment to moment basis?

I think that the reason is that most of us simply won't allow it. 

Stay with me for a moment. A miracle might not fit comfortably with our preconceived ideas of how our lives should operate. A miracle could upset our identity, make us rethink our world, show us that our enemies were actually our teachers, and generally make a mess of our view of how life works.

 Our deliberate unbelief can keep miraculous happenings away from our lives, so that we may be able to predict with a fair degree of certainty that tomorrow will be pretty much like today and so that we may take comfort in this predictability...

"Learn to be comfortable with your discomfort. Learn to rest in the riddle of not knowing." I say this to my clients all the time. And I know that its really hard to let go of our inner control freak. But I also know that within our heart of hearts, we know how little it would really take to just let go and allow life to happen even though we may not dare.

The letting go that opens us up to miracles is simply a letting go of the illusions of our control, the  outworn ideas and past experiences which created barriers, and the acceptance of a higher reality which flows and creates unity.
 When we allow our personal beliefs to operate in accordance with the naturally miraculous nature of the Universe, these miracles slip into our lives, our relationships, our hearts –  and enhance them.
Accepting that miracles are part of life and that our lives are supposed to be aligned with the perfect synchronicity of the universe makes room for them to occur. The effort to believe that we are somehow separate from the rest of the flow of life is part of what keeps the experience from expressing through us. 

We each have opportunities to become channels for miracles every single day if we choose to be aware of those opportunities presenting. Instead of reacting to other people's stuff, we can stay in our own energy but extend a supportive loving hand, setting an example of peace and serenity. And if we change our perspective on things, and become compassionate to others, and know we have the ability to make a difference with our conscious choices, and words...

We are each messengers. We all have the ability to say to another exactly what it is that they most need, and just when they need to hear it,  to act as a sign, or a point in the right direction for the purposes of learning and growth. In the Oneness of all life, we are all connected with one another to be miracles for each other.
So tune your heart, your compassion and your consciousness to the possibilities of synchronicity, and your words will be as healing and profound as if they sprang from the lips of a sage, or a saint, or a wise teacher. You may find that you are the miracle someone was waiting for.

May you be blessed!

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

I'm Sexy and I KNOW IT!

I was asked to participate in a workshop series for young women on body image, media, and self-esteem. Self-esteem is defined as how much people value themselves, the pride they feel in themselves, and how worthwhile they feel. The emphasis in the media and in the fashion and entertainment industries over the last 50 years on thinness and on "the ideal female body shape and size" has been detrimental to the well-being of many women physically, emotionally, and spiritually.
My role was to ask the question, "What does sexy mean to you?," facilitate an exploration of decades of outside influences that have affected generational attitudes, and help identify inner strengths which can help this generation of young women develop healthy self-esteem and body image. We first studied the media messages that women receive, and agreed that we are most definitely urged to believe that in order to be loved, cared for, respected, and appreciated, we have to give away some part of ourselves, whether it be through the baring of our bodies, or the emptying of our minds and spirits. My goal was to establish enough self-awareness, self-love, trust of their intuition, and belief in our true essence to counter-act these media messages.

On the second day, we entered a judgement-free zone and debated whether or not when a young woman chooses to wear clothing that is body conscious and revealing of her figure, is she doing so because she is feeling loving toward herself, confident, and appreciative of her body – or is she wearing it to evoke a response and elicit a feeling that she needs from someone outside of herself?

And, if something is worn for the purposes of getting a response, then is she giving away her power and simply reflecting the contempt that is self-inflicted? And (here is the good part) what is the nature, and value, of that power?

These young women ranged in age from 16-19 years old. It was a very intense time. I felt as if I were attending a birth. There was struggle, and pain, fear... and there was joy and transformation. I was blown away!

They eventually defined "sexy" as The Secret Knowing. (I love it!) The Secret Knowing is essentially the belief that one is completely loveable, appreciated, and valuable "as is." And it is the ability to stand in that belief regardless of the opinions of others.  And they came to this treasure on their own (well, I was there). So, have faith in the children, my friends. Given the opportunity to discover the voice of their inner knowing, they do! Here is the list they created, edited to be concise:

What Sexy Means to Me:
• Sexy is a feeling of knowing oneself that ends up generating an energy flow to others
• Sexy is relaxing in the fact that you are a magnificent creation, fabulous and perfect, just as you are. Sexy is being comfortable in your own skin no matter the color or condition.
• Sexy is knowing that the subtle nuances of your being and presence is enough
• Sexy the ability to adorn yourself in the apparel and surroundings that are reflective of your inner voice, but having that voice does not rely on external accessories.
• Sexy is loving yourself first. And, from that power, creating the image of what your spirit wishes to represent and create in the world.

The group agreed that the goal is to exude such an energy that people are drawn to you. And that the best energy for the job is love – not status or flash. Define yourself, be yourself, love yourself. Be sexy, allow yourself to feel sexy, open up to your sensuality. But understand that being sexy is not about size, clothing, or status. It is simply about being who you are and moving confidently and lovingly in that. That's Oshun Spirit!

If others are in admiration beyond that, then you have simply caused the world to be a more beautiful place!

May you be blessed!

image credit: hawgsite.com

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Projecting Judgement: The Mind, The Ego, The Spirit, and The Light

In meditation this morning I kept seeing a ‘projector’ in my mind. I assumed it was being given to me as a symbolic message as part of a reading I was preparing for. I do see a beam of light as a metaphor often, but my attention was focused on the wheels and gadgetry of the thing. So I decided to explore the prompt to investigate what I was really looking at... the machine.

The machine... with the ability of streaming internal images (or ideas) out and onto something (or someone) else... and I started to think about people as living, breathing projectors.

Everyone one of us is a being of light with the ability to shine that light out as an emanation of who and what we are...

But machines are cold, programmed and tooled...

And I "heard" the word judgement. Now, I've been aware of myself watching ideas of justice and judgement playing themselves out in the world and national news, in pop-culture and media, and recently spilling into the mini-dramas of day to day interactions. I've been aware of callous comments, negative attacks, calls for condemnation and the consequences of jumping to judgements. It's a word that has been rattling around in my consciousness...

Oh... Projecting Judgement! Judgment is a big idea with an immense base of power because judgments have the ability to alter realities, and very quickly. That makes them attractive! Judgements send strong currents of energy which affect individuals, communities, and indeed even nations. But judgements are subjective, and they are an illusion. They are projections of the mind, and not the spirit. And they do not really serve as surrogates for the justice we might desire, but rather, judgements act as jailers of the emotions and vulnerabilities within ourselves which keep us in the chains of denial, fear, and separation from each other.

And certainly, judgements keep us out of the light.

A person being judged will certainly react in some way. Depending on the awareness of the individual it might be with reflection... judgement may spark compassion and a blessing from the heart. But often judgement produces a physical, verbal, and/or emotionally charged reaction fitered through the mind or ego... and the need to defend or deny, or blame, or apologize, or retaliate... or meditate.

The judgment will also impact the speaker. If they become conscious of what they are really saying, their awareness will allow for growth and positive change within themselves. However, if they cannot become conscious, the behavior and/or person they are judging will become increasingly aggravating and intolerable to them. Of course the more ‘heat’ there is in the judgement, the more spirit is calling for inner reflection. And please don't judge THAT as a bad thing!

When I catch myself proclaiming a judgement, I ask myself:

• How powerful is this person over me that she/he generates such a fearful response in me?
• Why have I given away my own power in this situation?
• What frame of mind am I coming from?
• What is the self-talk that speaks within me?

Back to the projector. Remember, it is a machine that reflects outwardly the "image" that has been placed inside of it, just as we project outwardly the image we hold of ourselves within. Now take that one step further:

• What is that image?
• Who placed it there?
• What is my true essence?
• Am I projecting that?

We usually project outwardly what we are thinking/feeling about ourselves. And we are usually projecting fear about our own perceived shortcomings when we project a judgement, and that is merely a mechanism of the ego machine. The conditioned mind, not the light that we are.

Truthfully we can only see in another what we can find in ourselves.
For some people, this concept will be intriguing and allow an openness to test and investigate!  It will begin a path toward inner knowing, self reflection, healing, and growth. Why? Because you will begin to discover your patterns of behavior. Only in consciously knowing about something can you consciously change it.

For others this concept will be upsetting. It might be more comfortable to go into denial about some of the judgments you have. So then, just become aware of the judgments that others have. Are they judging behaviors and manners that they have enacted themselves? Just be an observer for now…

It is natural and prevalent in human nature to comment on what is outside of us. However, it is of our spiritual nature to remain within ourselves, within our own individual experiences where our individual lessons and opportunities for growth await our discovery. When we step into someone else’s world, and judge their experiences…we are in essence giving away our own power to something that can not serve us and will, in the end, only weaken our experience.

Every time I find myself involved with the happenings of another, their reactions, conflicts, and drama… I try to become instantly aware of the amount of my own energy that is getting usurped. I realize that I am using energy that could be better spent directed to my own needs, wants, desires, dreams, and manifestations. I measure very carefully what I'm willing to give away.

We can all work on our projections! Take a breath, and realize in that moment that you were about to take time away from yourself and give up an opportunity for self-awareness. Take that time back to tinker with the gadgetry of your projector, and in that moment, bring the fragments of your light back into focus so that you can fully see the picture of beauty within yourself. Bring your true essence back into focus. Then go ahead and project that love!

May you be blessed!

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

1/11/11 Repeating Elevens: Opening to the opportunity

Master number 11 is symbolic of your intuition, instinct, and faith in yourself. It is known as the psychics' number, it's the most intuitive of all numbers and it represents illumination and deep insight. It also represents inner processes, those which help us find meaning, fulfillment and happiness. Eleven represents a bigger goal for our life beyond ourselves. In numerology 11 acts as a channel for information between the higher and the lower, much like the heart.

Therefore, its repetition today speaks to relationships, to compassion, and to the wisdom of the heart in a big way. Repeating 11s ask us to put the power of our heart's knowing, of our intuition to good use: to a bigger goal for our life beyond ourselves.

It's another signal that the time has really come to tap in to this inner part of ourselves to learn the information we need to make well-informed decisions in whatever situations we're facing now, and will be in the future. Its about preparing a relationship with our future that is focused on the deeper meaning of our lives.

This is time for an evaluation regarding all of our relationships. But I use the word relationship here referring to everything that you are associated with —your business (and way of doing business), your possessions, your home, the world itself, the change that is occurring within the world, the nation in which you live, the planet that you're on, and many other things as well. They all represent relationship.

It's time to take stock of your involvement in the world, what brings you joy, what stresses you out, for it gives you a very clear pathway to follow in discerning what is valuable and what is not, what is helpful and what is a hindrance, what will be needed in the future and what will hold you back. Your relationships are not just with people but with places, with things, with habits, with events, and with the whole world itself.

What works in relationships in one arena will translate into other areas as well. If you have a harmful relationship with your work, for example, it will generate many of the same difficulties and impedance in your life as a difficult relationship with a person. If you have a difficult relationship with your beliefs, they will hold you back. They will limit your possibilities.

We all have a relationship with the future. We are sent into the world to serve the world as it undergoes the beginning period of great change. That relationship must be centered in compassion.

"Ultimately, the reason why love and compassion bring the greatest happiness is simply that our nature cherishes them above all else. The need for love lies at the very foundation of human existence. It results from the profound interdependence we all share with one another. However capable and skillful an individual may be, left alone, he or she will not survive. However vigorous and independent one may feel during the most prosperous periods of life, when one is sick or very young or very old, one must depend on the support of others.
Inter-dependence, of course, is a fundamental law of nature. Not only higher forms of life but also many of the smallest insects are social beings who, without any religion, law or education, survive by mutual cooperation based on an innate recognition of their interconnectedness. The most subtle level of material phenomena is also governed by interdependence. All phenomena from the planet we inhabit to the oceans, clouds, forests and flowers that surround us, arise in dependence upon subtle patterns of energy. Without their proper interaction, they dissolve and decay."
-His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama of Tibet

The condition of your life, then, as a whole represents the condition of all these relationships. You are either gaining strength or losing strength to every one of these relationships. Certainly, some are more important and potent than others, but they all have a bearing on your life.

So today, let the repeating elevens be a reminder to evaluate what you are giving your life to, and become aware of the consequences. Think for a moment in terms of everything being a relationship. You have a relationship with people, places, things, events, the past, the future, world events. You even have a relationship with the Universe, it's energy, and the creative potential and power it will gift you - when you get aligned with your heart.

May you discover what this really means to you, and how important it will be for our future.
May you be blessed!

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Coming into the Great Alignment: Your Heart, The Creator and Mother Earth

As many of you know, I have offered intuitive counseling and spiritual healing in many different forms over the past decades, both locally and on online. I have been blessed to learn many variations in the practice of balancing the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual bodies from the best of the best. Each modality is unique and profoundly needed, and yet I have realized that all healing arts essentially balance and restore us to our unique essential vibration and support our manifestation and expression. This is my life's work – to assist in creating harmony.

All of these modalities and techniques, and the material tools for transformation which I offer in my storefronts, will ultimately open us to the opportunity for spiritual healing through an infusion of light to the energy bodies and physical body. Variations in cultural techniques have provided me with a lovely palette from which to draw the perfect philosophy, art and practice – at any given moment – to assist the diverse needs of my students and clients around the world.

My online presence has afforded me opportunities to work with both individuals and groups of many cultures and spiritual traditions. Living in these times of unparalleled global access has gifted me with a deep understanding of the heart and soul of humanity, and opportunities to witness the miraculous transformational experiences which are possible when the heart is awakened and aligned with the spirit. These transformations have led me to this moment, and to the dedication of my practice in 2011 to The Great Alignment, that is to assist awakening people to access the wisdom of their divine spiritual essence which resides in the heart.

The Great Alignment is not an external event destined to occur on a specific date, marked by astrological cycles or ancient prophesy. It is within you. It will occur individually and collectively as each individual who embraces the spiritual calling to awaken, and opens their heart unconditionally to love, adds their light and love and consciousness to the the collective planetary consciousness. It is through many individuals awakening that Earth herself will come into alignment with her own potential as a Divine Mother.

What is the Great Alignment? It is a direct pathway to self-knowledge, which in essence is the Creator within you. Source has given you an awareness, a consciousness within your heart which is your own source of inner wisdom. However, this consciousness is not like your intellect. It is not constantly thinking, planning, remembering, imagining, and so forth. It is more of an awareness, a state of being. And it is connected to everything in the universe. And I want you to get aligned with it and stay with it, and trust it. And use it. Everyday.

Your open, etheric heart contains your multi-dimensional connection to the Creator. Its function is to assure you that while you are living here, in the world in a state of seeming separation, you are not really apart from Source. Our minds cannot fathom such an intimate connection with the Divine because our intellect was not created by God. Your intellect was created by you, and your family, and by your environment, and by me and mine. What was created by God is the "heart knowledge" within you and me, this deeper mind that is connected to all creation in the universe. And it will not fail you when you rely on its wisdom. That I promise.

Your heart contains the memory of your soul, the memory of your purpose for being here, and the blueprint for your mission in life, the greater activity that you and you alone are here to accomplish. The ascending heart and sacred heart chakras house the essence of Universal Compassion and Universal Love. They create a triad via an etheric link with the heart chakra. There is a holographic projection of the link between these three centers held in the subtle energy field. This hologram is known as the etheric heart. Its purpose is to facilitate communication via the language of light between our soul, the Universal Heart, and the Universal Mind. This is the essence of The Great Alignment.

Through the components of the program, I will guide you to create a very individualized, and efficient, pathway to the source of your inner wisdom. It has always been my intention to offer a loving, non-judgemental, safe, and light-filled experience that will illuminate and encourage a unique spiritual healing and transformation process. And now it is my intention to do it rather quickly, at the speed of light you might say, by employing the supportive frequencies now available to everyone on Earth in concert with my intuitive expertise born from many years of working with hundreds of people from all corners of the globe seeking deeper meaning and knowing, much like yourself.

I see every person's spiritual healing and transformation to be intimately connected to the larger process of planetary transformation now underway on Earth.  I know, beyond any doubt, that each of us who pursues a path of spiritual transformation contributes positively, and infinitely, to the ascension of the Earth and of all humankind.

The Purpose of The Great Alignment Is...

• to open the pathway to your own source of inner wisdom

• to awaken your heart knowledge, the mind of God deep within your being, which your intellect is intended to serve 

• to help you to gain clarity in the bigger picture of your life purpose

• to place you within an infusion of supportive and transformative spiritual light and healing through both interactive and meditative sessions

• to integrate the higher frequency rays that are coming through at this time, and to enable your subtle energy system to hold more light than it has in the past through the activation of transpersonal chakras, known as the Stellar Gateway, Soul Star, Causal Chakra, and Earth Star

• to bathe you in the continuous energetic support of a 7-day crystalline grid which will assist you in maintaining energetically balanced patterns in your own crystalline structure as you optimize the flow of universal life force energy in all aspects of your life

• to release any blockages that impede the free flow of expression and the manifestation of your life purpose

• to awaken and catalyze the healing, transformation, and purification process which leads to personal and planetary ascension

Having an awakened heart and being aligned with your life purpose does not mean that you have a plan that is already predetermined. You must constantly be adapting to the changing circumstances of life around you. Many people try to adapt their experiences to their definitions of themselves, their definitions of what they are doing in life, but this is backwards. Your heart knows why you are here and what you must do. It knows who you must meet and where you must go, and when. And yet this awakened heart is in a dynamic relationship with the movement of the world, so if things change, which they are, if circumstances require a different set of actions, your Heart Knowledge responds immediately without judgement, without shame, and without fear. This is the Gift of The Great Alignment.

The awakened heart is able to respond in the moment with joy and excitement. It is able to change the plan. It is able to redirect you if circumstances require it. It is creativity and inspiration in harmonious action with your life plan.

These challenging times ask that we learn to live without a lot of our personal or ego definitions. The "this is who I am, and this is what I do, and this is how I am, and this is what I believe, and this is what I think the world means and life means and purpose means and love means... and so forth” will no longer serve us. Bound by all these definitions, we cannot flow with life now. We will not.

Therefore, the primary goal of The Great Alignment is to empower you to be present in the moment, to be responsive to your environment, and to awaken your ability to trust and follow your heart knowledge.  My prayer is that I am able to support you in the very personal way which is pivotal to your understanding and experience of this truth, so that you may gain the great awareness and the great power of thinking from the heart. This knowledge is your relationship to God, and the key to creating Heaven on Earth for yourself, your family, and us all.

I look forward to opening my heart for healing in your life.

May you be blessed!

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

That was then, this is now! Understanding multidimensional and chronological healing

Sometimes, in a deep healing, there is a slip in dimensions or the sense of overlapping of lifetimes. On the continuum of lifetimes that we have experienced so far, the one we are in is pivotal for many of us, because although we still experience time, if we expand our consciousness just a tiny bit, many of us are now able to "see" physical lifetimes that are happening simultaneously. And, I believe that most of us will be able to experience multiple realities very soon, and pick and choose experiences from the vantage point of the choosing for greater good.

OK, stay with me here. Everything is connected and interconnected. In this lifetime we are awakening to being able to tap into this greater awareness of beyond time and space in a collective consciousness that is allowing us to become aware of other dimensions of our own beingness. This extaordinary ablity will become more apparent in the next few years. But many who have been on the spiritual path are beginning to accept this as "normal."

Many of my students have discovered their own memories of the last Great Shift about 13,000 years ago in meditation, through healing, and in dreaming. These memories often include a profound upheaval and loss of life on Earth near the time of the shift. Electro-magnetic changes within the Earth were accompanied by physical Earth changes, including the physical re-location of the North and South Poles. Within this same emotional memory is the destruction of the continent we know as Atlantis, the loss of life by most of the inhabitants of that continent, and the survivors fleeing to other lands and seeding new civilizations around the world. Our errors have played them selves out in countless incarnations since, seeking balance, restitution, and healing.

So why the slip in dimensions? Because when we address and heal fear (or any emotion) that is within our current incarnation that same emotion receives a healing within its own time frame. It is similar to a chain of dominoes. When you remove one domino from the chain then the movement stops and all the remaining dominoes cease to fall down. When you replace that one domino, the motion that was begun at one end of the chain continues. In this same fashion the changes you make within this lifetime naturally affect all the other lifetimes of your soul. It is very difficult to  consciously heal energies from other lifetimes within this lifetime. You need only heal those issues that your soul is presenting to you now to address... and these are often unresolved and un-integrated experiences from past lives.

In my experience, I have found that most of these wounds express themselves as distortions in the lower three chakras of the body. The wounds in the first and second chakras are particularly evident as we move into 2011 and  prepare for the year  2012. These chakras imprint basic instincts of survival and the associated fear of not existing tomorrow.

The primary issue facing us today is actually based in the first chakra. Survival. Humanity faces great danger as it begins to acknowledge a world in decline—a world whose environments have been degraded, a world whose climate has been affected, a world whose life-sustaining resources are being depleted and ruined by ignorance and greed. Will our human race survive or destroy itself in the years to come? Will we make the transition into an  awareness that honors the strength of our shared collective consciousness, or will we perish trying to escape the cycle of change by creating more and better artificial structures that will ultimately collapse upon us? Yes, scary stuff.

And, as long as what is done is good for one person (or one group)  but is not useful for others, we are scrambling upon the shoulders of another human as we try to escape to save ourselves. In this scenario, many of us will make the transition into the Aquarian Age without our physical bodies. And it is this that we are most fearful of repeating, that selfishness and seperateness we call "survival of the fittest" which has happened in earlier shifts and has simply created more karma and more work for the soul upon reincarnating back into the physical (or near physical) dimensions. 

So now, we have entered the energetic pattern of another Great Shift remembering the fear and chaos that accompanied the last Great Shift in our shared collective consciousness. Our human instinct is to somehow control the Earth so that she will not upend us as before.

But that was then, and I intuit that this Great Shift will be very different. Although our bodies and our collective consciousness are experiencing the same vibrations of change as 13,000 years ago, this Great Shift is also a shift back into a stronger connection to Spirit

The previous Great Shift was a movement away from the collective voice of Spirit into a time of exploring our free will.  And because we are aware of much of our own history in the past 13,000 years, we will be able to bring that knowledge forward with us into this shift. Bringing our knowledge with us as living human beings into the vibration of the Aquarian Age will allow us to recall our experiences and lessons learned while in this state of seperateness to be shared with all conscious beings in all dimensions. Thus we will emerge as teachers, as avatars, in the New Earth. We will be conscious contributers to the community of intelligent life in the Universe.

Many of my students, in fact many people on Earth,  are experiencing both a remembrance of the fear they experienced during the last Great Shift as well as an anticipation of the blessings that will come with our awakening to the gifts of Spirit. These two great currents of emotion are moving through our personal lives as well as our human society. So yes,  fear is  reawakening within our lower chakras. But so are compassion, inner knowing, and a profound connection to all Creation reawakening as well.

My suggestion for dealing with the reawakening of these fear patterns  has always been this:
Begin by acknowledging your fear and do not dismiss it. Turn and face it. Ask the fear if it is yours. Is it all yours?  Where do you feel it in your body? What is it's energetic signature? What is the first word of phrase the pops into your mind? Is it in current time? Is the time period that it believes to be its own time period this present moment? Allow it to move to wherever in "the time line" it belongs.

You see, a pattern of thoughts or emotions cannot be changed when it is out of sync with its surroundings. A pattern can only change when it is in its own "now" and connected to whatever or whomever it is meant to be working with and connected to. That is the basis of chronological healing.

Too often we sense patterns of deep emotion that were part of our soul's previous lifetimes, and we believe that we can fix, change or heal them by taking them into this life and replaying them with our minds. We re-imagine and recreate experiences to learn from them, and heal them. But we cannot heal them by projecting them onto someone else, in the present time. That just leads us to more frustration, indignation, and anger.

This is the great temptation of humanity: for people to exercise their grievances against one another, to exercise their ancient animosities, to compete and enter into conflict with others. The energies of the emotions we experience in each lifetime can only be changed within the context of that particular lifetime. We must therefore release the emotional energies to return to their own time period. This is the function of the heart, not the mind. We can't think the solutions into being. This is the great parodox of our coming of age in the information age, in the midst of all of our technology.

Yes, we can change our minds, and change the way we think about things, but we also must release the emotions associated with our outdated beliefs. And our minds are simply not equipped for this task. This is the task of the fully illuminated, or etheric, heart.

As we move into and through the present shift we need not re-experience all of the fear and grief from the last great Sshift. We need only address the fear that is naturally arising for us as humans in this time period. What portion of fear is really yours in this lifetime? What  belongs to your body and your soul? Allow those that are not in tune with your body or your soul in this present moment to go to their own time frame or lifetime. In order for them to evolve, grow and heal, they must be in place to receive the changes that are coming their way. Heal what is yours to heal now.

I look forward to opening my heart as a channel for spiritual guidance and healing in your life.
May you be blessed!

Monday, January 3, 2011

Healing is much like peeling an onion, the journey is layered and may produce tears

Tears of laughter and tears of joy!

I have often used this metaphor in my workshops: that our life is very much like an onion, and our true self, our core, may only be revealed after all of the outer layers have been peeled away.

When we peel away the layers of our conditioned beliefs, of our ideas and influences, and all the protective coverings that we imagine make us feel safe, we get to the heart of our "issues" and discover our own personal (and profound) truths, our own deep knowing...  and awakening to the nature of reality, we find that within our heartspace we are perfect. Perfect. Just as we are.

Healing, forgiving, releasing, and reflecting are symbolized by peeling away the layers to get to the core/seed of our experience here, the place where we are clear and all is understood. Yet it is not the final awakening on our journeys. For even as we feel that we have reached our final truth, we know that we must peel the final layer away.

And there we stand in our center, in the void. The mind is quiet.  And there is pure joy in the arrival.
And we learn to love who we are, right now, just as we are.

As I said, I have done this meditation in many of my workshops and I think its a good one to start the process of cleansing in 2011. I call it "Peeling the Onion" for obvious reasons! It is a very effective contemplative technique that helps to develop a heart of wisdom and compassion. I know that cultivating an awakened heart cannot help but lead to an expanded perception of the world and a knowing of all beings as manifestations of the Divine.

Set an onion before you.

Close your eyes.

Take 3 long slow deep breath
inhaling through your nose
holding the breath as is comfortable
then exhaling slowly through your mouth.

Now, take the onion and slowly peel away the first layer.

Symbolically, What did that layer represent? How was it formed? Who did it serve? Who did it hurt?
What have you learned? Now, let it go.

Continue to peel the layers away one by one.

Find the truth about your physical self, your soul's mission here, the universe and reality.

Now in running water, wash away the layers, and tears, as you let them go...

Breathe and say thank you.

Without an awakened heart – your illuminated spirit – to guide you, your mind will attempt to create its own reality, and you have only to look at the condition of the world to see the effects of this: people searching to get what they want, people struggling to protect what they have, people striving to protect privileges in life or to gain these privileges or to take them away from others, even people’s desires for justice. All these things have created immense suffering, not only for the individuals involved but for the entire world. Layer upon layer of mental confusion.

"Your task is not to seek for love, but merely to seek and find all the barriers within yourself that you have built against it and break them down." – A Course In Miracles

As you peel back the layers, and live from the heart, you become one less person that is judging, criticizing and condemning the world. You become one less person who is only here to consume for their own benefit. You become one less person who is demanding that others believe what they believe, and conform to what they determine what is right and rightful. Here you become a peacemaker because you are at peace, not because you have a new "idea" about what peace is and how it can be achieved.

When you finally give up the hopeless pursuit of fulfilling your mind's desires, and trying to make them work for you, well... you will feel stripped to the core.  And really what is happening is your are opening yourself to the presence of your heart as your beacon. Only it knows how to guide and protect you. Only your open heart knows how you will be able to navigate the changes that are coming, and the difficult times ahead.

Do not judge others then. For if you are honest with yourself, you will see how long it has taken for you to even come to the beginning of this journey. Understand that everyone is either trying to justify their beliefs or they are coming to an understanding of the ways of the heart. And there are so many steps in between these two very different understandings and ways of life, and people are stumbling along the pathway as best they can.

You just need to follow the way that your heart will take you. And it will take you there without all your outdated ideas even if you can't think of the new, better way. You are becoming inner directed rather than simply controlled and manipulated by the immensely powerful forces in the mental environment around you. And it's OK to say, "I don't know, I'm just going to follow my heart."

You have an opportunity to be a witness to love growing and emerging and expressing itself through your life. And this indeed will be the miracle that will renew to you your fundamental relationship with yourself, with others, with the world, and with the God/Goddess of your understanding.

This is the Gift of Love and it is waiting to express itself through you.

May you be blessed!

Sunday, January 2, 2011

The Goddess Speaks, May I be Blessed

I'm not easily shaken, it takes a lot to knock me off my center. And its usually the malicious (and not the miraculous) that does it. But 1/1/11 blindsided me.

I was doing a Merkabah (lightbody) activation for a student in Dubai (yes, you know who you are!) when I slipped dimensions to find not only myself and my client, a but a fairly large soul group, in past, alternative present, and future experiences all centered around a profound healing regarding our vocation as seers. It was so intense, and so profound, that I can say with absolute certainty, "I am forever changed."

I came to see that in the wake of the teachings currently called "The Secret" and "The Law of Attraction"  there are many people who (residualy) believe that everything that happens to them is the result of their own creativity, however misguided. But what they fail to see is that everyone else has created their reality too, and that the impact of that energy in the mental environment over time—the environment of thought and influence—is so much immensely greater by what everyone else is creating than what you individually can create, that to think that you can produce all these results for yourself simply by directing the will and the power of the mind is to ignore the will and the power of all other minds, many of which are still self serving and manipulative... and the key ingredient of manifestation from self realization.

This mass-produced assumption that our minds alone create certainly reinforces and is based on the belief in separation. (I wonder how, and who, advanced it in its current incarnation.) It does not take into account the effect that minds have on one another. It does not recognize the impact and the influence, and the energy of the mental environment. Though it may proclaim that everyone has the potential to recreate their experience, it does not take into account the fact that the mental environment is completely dominating for most people, to the point where very few people even have any original thoughts. We are simply recycling all the influence that we are absorbing and have been absorbing since the day we were born. And because human beings are essentially social creatures, we will always tend to associate with whatever group we identify with, whatever group we think is giving us promise, purpose, meaning and security.

The freedom of the mind then is really not possible within the mental environment. It is but a little light surrounded by millions of other lights. There is a forgotten component to "The Secret Teachings." And that is that the only way out of this predicament is for the mind to follow the illuminated heart, the mind of God deep within your inner knowing which the mindis intended to serve, because this heart is not influenced by the mental environment. It is the only part of you that is beyond influence or manipulation from any source. It is indeed this awakened heart, your Divine Essence that will create a new life for you, create a new reality and a new experience for you. Only it has the power to do this because it is unaffected by the mental environment in which you live.

You can’t make your Divine Essence want what you think you want. You can’t make Divine Essence give you what you think you must have. This awakened heart is more powerful than your mind. It knows why it is here. It is here on a mission because you are here on a mission. Unaware of this mission, you will keep trying to satisfy the deeper needs of your soul by acquiring people, possessions and experiences. And you will be in constant fear that you could lose all of these things, which are threatened by so many different things. It is a hopeless attempt at fulfillment.

I’m dedicating 2011 to healing and to teaching this simple truth through experiential practice. Yesterday, I saw the probable future of the past ignored. If humanity continues using "the motivations" that have gained us this position, these "advantages" and these calamities, well, the future of humanity is predictable and grave. And I have hope, I always have. So the Goddess spoke. And she did not whisper. She shook me awake... again.

In 2009, I was gifted the opportunity to witness an experiment in social ecommerce. I was a participant in the limited sense that I played the role of the new breed of savy e-merchant, and yet I identified mostly as an observer from the  higher perch of the spirit. I knew it was a lesson from the get go, so I studied it carefully. And I realized the metaphor in the play, holographically, that every calamity everywhere, in every time, began as someone’s good idea for themselves (and maybe others), and that every social system that has led to revolution, conflict, war and deprivation began in essence as a desire to improve someone's (self's/organizations/humanity’s) condition and to address injustices and inequities.

And consider this: Because the veils are thinning on this plane, and multidimesional knowing is becoming the norm, any business or social agenda that you propose, any political agenda that you espouse and that you further, will be opposed by some percentage of the population that sees your own agenda clearly, no matter how cleverly hidden. Even if you think you have the perfect solution, the great idea, the best arrangement with the least collateral damage, what are you going to do with all of those people who oppose you? What are you going to do with these people? Override them? Censore them? Subjugate them? Destroy them?

This is the inherent danger in people inventing schemes without the power and the presence of the awakened heart. This is the mind desperately trying to control life as the systems collapse in decline. This is the mind playing God in the world, positioning itself as the problem solved, the next big thing. You have only to look at those results in your personal, business and national relationships to see that in the end a few people are richly supplied, and everyone else is left in deprivation. And overall, our very humanity is being deprived; it is being degraded, for we are now living in a world of decline, new ideas and all.

The mind is creative. It creates fantasies; it creates nightmares; it creates scenarios; it creates explanations for the past; it creates new ideas for the future. Your mind was created to be creative. It is creative. But this creative power of the mind is meant to serve something greater than itself. Without its position of being in service to a greater good, the mind is self-fulfilling. It is self-serving. It is consuming. And it will struggle, and it will fight. It will blame, and it will condemn when it is deprived of its goals.

Today many people want both change and peace, and they do not see the contradiction in this. Change is not peaceful. It is difficult, challenging and upsetting if it is real change. And yet people want change and peace. They  who dispense the new ideas expect others who do not have what they have to be peaceful, to be peaceful and cooperative with one another... and follow without question.

Question everything you have been told tothink. I know that humanity must unite and cooperate for the preservation of the world, to prevent ever increasing war, degradation and decline in the future. There will be more people wanting fewer resources. Yes, humanity needs to improve its condition, and that is why this spark has been placed within each person by design. For only your awakened heart within you knows what will really work for you and how your efforts and your actions can lead to a beneficial outcome in the world. Ask your heart. Question your mind.

Certainly, reorienting the mind to create things of value and meaning is very important, and many people are becoming aware of this. They realize that they determine their experience to a great degree by how they evaluate what they see around them: how they associate themselves and how they disassociate themselves. They see the power and the potential of the mind in this regard.

However, what many people do not see is that the mind is meant to serve the greater power of the illuminated heart. If you are unaware of your spirit, this great power, the mind will be reckless, it will be self-serving, it will be judgmental. It will be a harsh and oppressive ruler in your life and potentially in the lives of others.

If the mind serves itself, it will be fundamentally competitive and destructive. It will always want more of what it thinks it wants and needs. Beyond meeting certain basic survival requirements, it will always want more. The more you want for yourself, the more you draw from the limited resources of the world, the more you deprive other people of their basic needs for survival.

So I will tell you all, that you cannot come up with a new idea, a new scheme or a new plan to resolve this fundamental problem without being heart-centered in your dealings. The Earth plane will no longer tolerate the low energetic signature of mind games. Only the awakened heart knows how to provide advancement, security and fulfillment for us. And only the awakened heart knows how to do this in such a way that it does not deprive others. And then and only then, your pursuit of safety, security and fulfillment will become beneficial for others because it is guided by the illuminated heart, your Divine Essence.

Your intellect, as creative as it is, cannot figure this out. It does not have this depth of wisdom. It is not connected to life sufficiently. It does not have the clarity and the comprehension to do this. That is because the mind is a vehicle of expression. Its source is the spirit, and the source of the spirit is the Creator of all life. Whether you are a religious person or not, whether you practice within a faith tradition or not, this is the fundamental reality of your life.

If you are unaware of the possibility of living from a fully illuminated heart, you will be constantly striving to get what you want and avoid what you don’t want, and you will be in constant judgment and frustration over the behavior and the thoughts of others and the condition of the world. And the end result is you will be nothing more than a consumer, and you will be adding nothing more to the world than more judgment and condemnation, adding to the fuel of conflict that is already raging here.

My prayer for 2011 is that I be used in the service of bringing the heart to the center of all matters... in business, in relationships, in the restoration of our Earth Mother and her children.

May I be blessed.