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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

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Saturday, June 26, 2010

Ascension, Descension, Soul Star, Earth Star: getting to the root of the issue

We've been doing a series of workshops regarding the ascension process and the challenges evolving humanity faces as we wholly integrate "The Law of One" and move away from the need for duality as a learning tool. And, I think there is some real confusion as to exactly how the the ascension process unfolds. And, I'm pretty sure its because we would all prefer to focus on the higher chakras and meditate our way into spiritual bliss.

So I say this: Are you seeing that fat, out-of-shape body of yours? Feeling those insecurities and fears? Participating in the lack mentality rather than enjoying abundance? Focus on your root chakra. It will set you free!

OK, simply stated, the ascension process is the merging of the spiritual body and physical body into a fully integrated being of light. It has always been my understanding that this occurs most naturally when we are fully present in our bodies. It matters not that you have a crippled body, a healthy body, or one that has suffered from years of neglect and fast food. All that matters is that now, today, you begin to love that body unconditionally and honor it as a temple for your Spirit.

This naturally begins a process of housecleaning, detoxing, eating well, excersising, and getting grounded. It is no wonder that the most psychic and spiritually awakened peoples have always lived in cultures which live closely with and in harmony with the Earth and her cycles.

Ascension, the merging with your higher self, is created by a series of "descensions" of spirit. We call this "activating your Lightbody." Descension means that the eternal part of who you are in the upper dimensions, drops down and comes to reside in your physical body. So clean your house and put out the welcome mat!

Yes, tending to your physical body is an important key! As your body's cells gradually metabolize light energy, every cell of your being becomes inspired. This is spirit in action. Each descension (whether spontaneously or through energy work, crystal gridding, or applied sacred geometry) increases the amount of light you are holding in your molecular structure and physical cells.

As you activate, build, and integrate your Lightbody, you reorganize your molecular structure, allowing your body to be less dense and more free to express itself with the energy of the universe. Your Lightbody is actually a grid of light and sacred geometry that brings together your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies. This body electromagnetically links your multidimensional self with the infinite universe. It connects you through high electrical currents that assist you in translating and manifesting your hidden talents and soul purpose, your inner knowing and Divinity.

The perfect form, or sacred geometry, of the Lightbody is also called the "Merkabah." This is an Egyptian word for the spinning field of light and unmnaifest potential that radiates from the human body as the star tetrahedron. The Merkabah is a geometrically precise field that is formed from the pattern of the first eight cells of the fertilized ovum or zygote. It is located at the root chakra. These eight cells provide the center point for all of the energy fields and grids that surround the body.

The Merkabah field is the matrix of creation. It is the Zero Point. It is the Oneness. It is the Divine blueprint from which your physical and subtle bodies are formed and from which your soul purpose is made manifest through your life’s journey.

It activates each cell to a specific resonance and reestablishes a higher connection with the creative Light of Mother/Father God. Sacred geometry transcends space, time and dimensions. Sacred geometry concerns the balancing and integration of the feminine and the masculine aspects of your being. The right brain or feminine side intuits unity consciousness and trusts feelings over the intellect. The left brain, the male side, sees duality everywhere, and wants proof as it perceives that feelings are not enough. As the polarities integrate, you begin to move into wholeness and the resonance of the Law of One.

With this Law of One, you bring an increased dimensional light and wisdom into your life, moving you closer toward ascension, and the joy of living here with the creative perspective once known only in the higher planes. So get yourself grounded, get present and happy in the physical, and your Spirit will soar!

May you be blessed!

image credit: http://www.angelsplace

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Indigo Children, Autism and US

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You can access all products thru http://www.oshunspirit.mybisi.com/
while the tech guys work on the glitch. Our website and secure cart are fully functional.

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Sorry for the inconvenience!

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Grounding the Lightbody as Part of the Ascension Process

As we raise our vibrations in preparation for creating the much needed and highly prophecised New Earth Reality, each of us are experiencing and integrating the natural shifts of our evolution in unique ways according to our spiritual understanding and karmic influences. We are in a process known as Ascension.

I hear from many people who have been expressing difficulty with feelings of being disconnected from their bodies, life, and other people. Many awakened people are experiencing very little joy and little ability to manifest in the physical. There are wondrous and beautiful changes are occurring on our planet and within our physical bodies just as there are also many systems and ways of being that are collapsing and nearing extinction. It is natural to grieve over losses even as we are celebrating new possibilities. But beyond that, there is also a real energetic disconnect happening which is resulting in a complete paralysis of the spirit. I'd like to address this short-circuitry.

The issues that so many are experiencing, as they work to raise their frequencies, manifest because the light and energy levels that the spiritual lightbody can hold are considerably higher than the physical body has been capable of processing. This can leave one feeling a deep separation between their body and their spirit as well as an inability to experience joy and peace from their bodies or manifest the simplest desires in their physical world.

As we raise the vibrational frequency of our spiritual selves, we must also do the same for our physical selves. Many people have the perception that the body’s frequency levels raise in unison but that is simply not the case. We must tend to, love, clear, nurture and activate our physical body the same as we do our spiritual body, chakras and energy fields. Proper nutrition, rest, time spent in nature and daily excercise are a must. 

As many of you know I have worked with wild dolphins for many years. These amazing creatures are  a the most precious source of holistic intelligence, joyful, loving, forgiving... and the message that I received most often in the Dolphin chanelling sessions over and over again is this: Bring back the joy, play! When we create from that energy we will indeed create Heaven on Earth.

And, although I've said it before, I'll say it again. We must remember what it is to PLAY with light. We won't be building anything of value as a fear-based reaction to our current circumstances. Now, even as the land is shaking, flooding, and burning all around us must we commit like never before to our physical presence in our bodies.

I'd like you to consider the Earth Star Soul Star Activation process. The Earth Star grounding component alleviates much of the  discomfort when there is an imbalance in your physical/ and spiritual body's frequencies. Ask yourself the following questions:

* Are you finding yourself depleted of energy and vitality?
* Are you experiencing little joy from your physical body?
* Are you unable to manifest/create your desires in your life?
* Do you find it hard to associate with others and prefer to be alone?
* Are you feeling unfocused or forgetful?
* Do you feel ungrounded no matter how much you work on grounding?

If you said yes to any of the above you are probably experiencing an imbalance in your physical/ and spiritual body's frequencies. The Earth Star grounding anchors your spiritual body (your lightbody) into your physical body and your physical body to the chakras of Mother Earth.

This connection is healing to the lower chakras so you can experience life, joy and love from a very present and physical perspective, manifesting and creating all that your Spirit wrapped itself in your physical body to exist in this dimension to accomplish.

For the past decade I have focused my practice in creating Ascension Tools and making my services available to help you make the transition into multi-dimensional living more peaceful and harmonious.
I hope that you will take a moment to explore my products and services, and feel free to contact me if you have any questions.

May You Be Blessed!

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Announcing Oshun Spirit at Addoway.com

I'm pleased to announce our newest storefront at Addoway.com  I'm really liking the vibe at this new marketplace, I think they call it  "Know and Trust."

The premise is that because you probably don't like shopping from strangers with an unknown reputation,  Addoway has created a unique fusion of social media and ecommerce, where buyers can connect with sellers they already know,  their friends, and the people they know online and who embrace the concepts of openness and transparency in their business model. 

"Know and Trust." In the Addoway marketplace, you are able  to discover great people to "buy, sell, bargain and trade with", because links to all of their selling sites, blogs, social media ids, feedback from other marketplaces, etc. are right there for you to explore before you make your buying decision.

The feature that I really like is "Display testimonials from Friends."

The feature prompts me (the seller) to... "Ask your real friends on Facebook to give you a testimonial and show buyers how much your friends trust you. Display testimonials from your real Facebook friends on your Addoway profile, giving buyers more confidence that they are dealing with a trustworthy seller with real friends who are willing to endorse them."

I know that in the six years that I've been selling online, it is referrals from you, my customer friends, which mean the most to new clients. Your good word  helps me to extend the scope of my services, and your feedback is the inspiration in expanding my product line in meaningful and practical ways. Thank you, so very much!

One more cool thing about Addoway: Because it is free for me to list and does not charge a fee on sold items like most marketplaces, I can use the venue to offer special values,  product lines for less, and blow-out clearance sales.  I'll be offering some super deals in the next few days so be sure to stop by and visit while I'm filling up the store. 

And while you're around, I ask you to take a moment  and please leave a product or service specific testimonial by clicking on the link provided (Connect with Facebook). Share your shopping experiences at Oshun Spirit, or leave a remark about metaphysical or healing services you have enjoyed. In doing so, you'll be helping others make informed choices based on real experience, from a real person. 

 "Know,  Trust, and be Well!"

Once again, I thank you for your continued patronage and support.  I'll see you at Addoway!

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Letting in the Light

I was recently engaged in an open conversation where my viewpoint and expression of it was deemed worthy of censure. My viewpoint was shared by many like-minded individuals in the group. But I was singled out for silence.

My voice might have resonated with more conviction, perhaps I spoke more eloquently than the others, I don't know. But what I do know is that I was speaking my truth, from my heart, without fear, for the highest good, and in the bright light of my life's purpose as a teacher/healer.

Censorship is defined as the “suppression of ideas and information that certain persons... find objectionable or dangerous.” It is applied by those vested with an agenda and with the authority to decide what is objectionable and dangerous in a given venue. Of course, the thinking person immediately asks the question, “who are we really protecting via the suppression of ideas?" How can a lack of information and abundance of one-sided information actually assist anyone in mastering an understanding of their choices, behaviors, and their impact in the world?

Repression of speech has historically been a reliable tool in squelching dissent. But today, the cosmic energetic patterns in the Universe which are anchoring on Earth support only light – including the protection of the freedom of expression of that light. Any idea, endeavor, or system which excludes transparency and seeks to manipulate information through fear-based action will not, and simply cannot exist in these patterns.

"Light makes the dark afraid."

I was just a young woman when a Master told me this was the real issue here on Earth. I couldn't grasp it for many years... why would anyone be afraid of light? But experience is a great teacher.

Over the years I have learned to see all darkness (including cruelty, manipulation, arrogance, irresponsible behavior) as an opportunity for me to shine my light in creative, energetic ways should I be called to do so. Because I have the support of a huge global family that is awakening to this energy at this time, I find myself in many opportunities to be of service. Believe me, I don't usually consciously choose to find myself in these situations. I prefer a peaceful, uncomplicated life. Most times I just get plopped into them. It's not always pleasant, but there are always brighter possibilities vying for manifestation and I usually see them.

In visualizing and listening to the possibilities, I can choose to take the position that the projected fear is a beautiful opportunity for understanding. I can choose to lend my voice to light. It matters not if I am passively ignored, applauded, exhaulted, or violently attacked. I'm simply anchoring a creative energy seeking expression through me. Do with it what you will. It's your life, your journey. Your choice, your lesson. I'm just a channel, one of many.

My spirit is having a rich human experience that includes integrating light and dark. It includes sadness, disappointment, and the need for great patience. But it also includes the magic of finding the beauty in the darkness! Humans in general try to avoid sadness, difficulties, and dark energies. But as an artist and observer, I can appreciate that most of the beauty I see comes from the shadows hitting light in a certain way. Finding the beauty in the darkness is the perfect metaphor to dissolving the need for duality as a learning tool.

So Light one, if you find yourself in an opportunity to BE light, remember that we have placed ourselves in key positions all over the world to be "there" at the right time with the right energy. The time is right and NOW to look at any darkness for all the beauty that it holds. Look at those restrictions, those negativities, the frustrations, and see them as opportunities to anchor light.

We are here as spirits to integrate a base of experience and that includes light and dark, failure and success, trial and error, courage, and love. But remember, those are only labels that you and I place upon our journeys as we move forward. The parts of this life you will remember eternally are how you found beauty in the darkness, and how you found your part in the world, and how you shared with others. That is the piece I came to do, you came to do, and I tell you now is the time.

Never be afraid to speak up if you find yourself in the spotlight. Bless the darkness for the opportunity. Experience, think, feel, and express yourself from the place of truth. The universe does not define truth as objectionable, dramatic or dangerous.

May you be blessed!

Image Credit: Light Door, Hayri Caliskan

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Spinning your wheels? Lightworkers your lightbodies are processing!

I recently taught a workshop in which participants worked through some of the challenges which naturally occur as the physical body and the lightbody become one unified field. Although this group of energetically powerful beings generally posess auras filled with white light and their chakras whirl along in the correct “spin ratios” to produce that white light, and while they are more than ready, willing and able to create miracles of the heart, they have a problem:
Their Lightbodies have been activated.
And it feels bad, not good.
It is in this transitional phase that many adepts find themselves in now after decades of study and meditation, as their Lightbodies are being re-wired and activated. And although the higher self allows the transformation at a pace with which a person can cope safely, it does not always prevent the person from suffering the side effects of electrical imbalances.

And the one side effect most reported and most uncomfortable is this: nothing at all.

It can be frustrating to reach this place of full calibration because  there is a pause – a moment in time and space when nothing seems to happen for a very long time. This is a void, the womb-like space in which you integrate all the new aspects of self and birth your new persona or energy as a being of light. 

Great patience is required as our inner vibrations increase and the outer vibrations seem to slow down. Many people experience this as feeling exhausted, drained, and uninspired even as they are spinning that white light.

My own experience with this increased “spin” is that it is absolutely essential that you be able to stay grounded and hold your chakra system in balance. Otherwise, you will experience the power surges and drops that may leave you unable or unwilling to function "normally" in the daily arena of your life. This means disciplined habits which includes good nutrition, excercise, creating/building/doing, and and spending as much time as possible in the natural world. Ground with Hematite, bathe in Bokek and Himilayan salts. Connect with animals. Plant a garden. Raise a child.

If you are ungrounded, when the power increases you are likely to lose your “connection” with material reality and become focused into the higher dimensions. When this happened to many of us in the 90's we had a most wonderful time journeying higher and higher, until we realized that if we did not “ground” soon, we would be leaving the planet. And when we did that grounding work, we soon reached higher states of awareness and accessed energies which were previously unavailable. And so we spiral around again. Again?

Yes. We learned it was essential that we ground our energy into the material plane to hold the balance for the higher chakras and worked and focused on the root, sacral and solar plexus energies. And we must do that again. There is that tendency in the Lightworker community to focus on the spirit and ignore the human aspect of what we are actually accomplishing – the creation the the new Earth called Heaven...

This means that each of us awakening to self actualization must be totally grounded and at ease with our material reality, even in these challenging times. Abundance is a reality and a right and the natural result of a fully- functioning root chakra. What we need is drawn into our lives at any given moment, there is no lack or struggle. The current world conditions are our final exams. But...

The awakened being must also completely free of emotional dramas. The fully active sacral chakra maintains that the being has moved beyond sin, karma, and duality, etc., to a place of total acceptance and inner peace with All That Is.  Enlightened beings create peace because they know that Earth is a gentle and loving place, supported by the Love of All That Is, and that emotional dramas and violence are “games of illusion.” And...

Illusion is controlled by the solar plexus energy of the mind. For most participants, this was the most difficult step, as the ego mind resists being “spun off” as the solar plexus reaches its full spin velocity and is in resonance with the heart and upper chakras. At full power, the mind becomes what it was meant to be, a part of the whole and not the dominant energy of humanity. When the essential grounding is in place, the heart chakra can function as the “center” of the being, giving access to the higher dimensions of consciousness.

In the meantime we are many in this void space. But it is here that I will and you will encounter ourselves and embrace our divinity and you will release the fears and insecurities of your lower being. We will discover that we are, and always were, safe and protected.

We will discover the love and the peace within us and we will spin into white light!
We are processing...


May you be blessed!