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Sunday, June 28, 2009

Heaven on Earth, Living in the Now

Last night my dear old friend and I sat on the porch, sipping a very good wine and watching a magnificent orange sun disappear into a range of purple and red watercolor mountains. We listened to a soundtrack of birdsong in the trees and dogs splashing on the beach. Already gone back to the city this morning, to catch a flight to Chicago this afternoon, she will not see the repeat performance tonite.

"This is Heaven on Earth," she said.

It is. It is my view of the end of every day, and I am mindful to acknowledge the grace that surrounds me. I am perpetually awestruck, actually.

Against all conventional wisdom, fiscal frugality, and the well-meaning advice of friends and family, I chose this life. Perched on the edge of a crystalline cliff in the Adirondack-style home I designed, and which my children helped build by collecting and peeling sticks for railings and door handles, my vantage point is quite expanded as a result. My children's vantage points are also a broad wash of color, never black and white, never fixed indefinately, certainly not conventional.

The arrow heads they've found on the bottom of the lake are still scattered throughout the rooms a decade and a half later, as are the owl pellets, otter skulls, and driftwood sculptures, the treasures of their muddy, messy, childhoods along the shoreline. There are crow feathers, duck feathers, and brightly colored bluejay and finch feathers in many of the books in the library, bookmarks of summer days spent lazing in the hammock. She used to go crazy when I let her kids pick up feathers from the ground, fearing disease and I think, maggots. She bought them pretty pressed flowers in plastic sleeves that said New Hampshire. They secretly wished for the feathers, hid them in their luggage, showed their friends in the city what they found at the lake. They put them in their hair, like I do, when no one was looking.

We talked about that last night. While her children were dressed in Polo and wait-listed for the "right' preschool, mine had stripped back down to their boxers and were doing cannonballs off the dock before school each morning. When she installed a five-thousand dollar fence around her yard to keep her one-thousand dollar dog in, my rescue dogs were bounding thru the woods alongside their two-legged best friends, also mongrels. When she turned to anti-depressants to cope with her midlife crisis, I launched my kayak.

We have taken different paths, placed our values in vessles which seem impossible choices one to the other, but our friendship endures. Births, deaths, deceptions, deliverance.

"Gosh, some things never change," she smiled as she kicked away a portion of a pile of sneakers from in front of the door in the mudroom. "Did you ever consider a shoe rack?"

The kids have always stripped down in the mudroom, leaving a pile of wet clothes, bathingsuits, dogtowels and sneakers wherever they are dropped, knowing I will come along to shake, sort, hose-down or launder as appropriate. Each of the three boys will undoubtedly have two or three friends (and their dogs) with them, so the piles can be enormous. The natural outcome of a muddy, messy, mongrel childhood.

As she places her Luis Vuitton weekender beside the pile and opens the door just wide enough to squeeze through she sighs, "You know, you did it right. I could stay here forever." We watch a cloud of goldfinches descend on the feeders. I know it creeps her out that there are so many, and there are... so many birds in this yard.

A hug, a kiss, and the sound of her urban-scaled Hummer crunching the gravel as she navigates my steep, winding driveway. I visualize her immaculate stamped concrete crescent drive, faux painted to look like natural stone, the sealed-shiny welcome to her home and the life she has agreed to. I see her placing her shoes onto her shoe rack by the door, slipping her house slippers on over soft heels, pedicured nails, the tiny diamond toe ring.

My feet resemble hooves, but they enable me to run over the gravel after a frisbee and come down hard as I catch it without pain. My toes are painted, though chipped and ragged from the garden. I have a ring of dirt around my heels. I go barefoot in the house, better to massage the dog under my desk. My slippers were eaten by the puppy. Our lives are both beautiful in their own ways, as are we, from the vantage points of our choosing.

This summer, all three of my boys are here at the lake for the first time in five years. In late August they will scatter again, on to New Zealand, college life, and even adulthood. But this morning, they are home. And, I see that there are extra sneakers in the pile, there will be guests at the breakfast table. I try to guess who is here, I decide to make stickybuns.

As the oven is heating, I grab two laundry baskets. One I fill with wet towels and bathingsuits, the other with flip flops and sneakers so I can sweep out the sand. Yes, heaven smells like wet sneakers, labrador retrievers, cinnamon. It is stained with the color of Merlot, sunsets more beautiful than words can convey, and the salt of almost-imperceptable tears of gratitude, joy and love. If I am in Heaven now, I can ask no more...

except maybe... birdfeeders that never need filling.

May you be blessed!

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Frequently Asked Questions About Oshun Spirit Tachyon Wellness Products

Each day I receive several emails from customers who are interested in learning more about Tachyon, Orgone, and Zero Point Energy. I have collected some of the most frequently asked questions and my responses here. It is my greatest pleasure to share my experiences with you!

How do you create your products? Do you use a machine or a computer program? No, human beings have been able to access and utilize the Zero-point field, long before the invention of electricity and mechanical converters. The Zero-point is the open etheric heart in the human subtle bodies, the point of merge in the polarities of the Merkabah. I use the ancient techniques of sacred geometry and focused mental energies, and the pure love emotion as an initiated Master. (Please do not confuse this with the “new” Tachyon Reiki which in my own experience has not provided a viable path. Think of it this way: both ARE energies just as a microwave oven and a gas flame are energies. Both will cook an egg, yet the egg will look, taste, smell and feel different, and even offer varying nutritional qualities when you ingest it. So it is with Tachyon Reiki and applied Sacred Geometry, you get different results.) The technique I use is similar to pyramid/ merkabah technologies and the lightbody activation except that we are entering the molecular codes of the item materials, and they do not have to be complex matrix recipies like some orgone energy beamers and generators. Tachyon converters and other machines simulate the technologies of applied sacred geometry.

How do your products compare with machine converted products? I have found that my products test superior in both muscle testing, and the famous grape to raisin test, and the wilting rose test. Also, my products are onmidirectional unlike others which are directional. (Think of a rose which creates a field of fragrance- one would impact your desk area while a vase full or singles placed around a room would impact the entire space.) Of course you can create directional energy with a pyramid to increase or pull away energies, but you don't really need to. The organism will come into balance on its own, using its own intelligence. I think a good way to describe the quality of the energy is this: Which would you prefer? The usable life force energies of fresh squeezed, natural orange juice or that of the simulated, manufactured, powdered drink mix. No contest!

I’ve heard that drinking Tachyon- charged water is like drinking from the fountain of youth. Has that really been proven? OK, that’s called negative entropy. There is a rather well known experiment which demonstrates this idea. Two rose buds are cut from the same vine at the same time. Rose "A" is placed into regular water. Rose "B" is placed in Takionic water (this can be created by the use of a cube, charging plate, or grid). Rose "A" opens, the stem collapses and the flower wilts after 3 days. We call that “normal.” The water for Rose "A" is then replaced with some of the Takionic water, and the stem becomes erect again and Rose "A" reopens. Meanwhile Rose "B" which has been in Takionic water opens and stays open for a week without wilting. It is surmised that the Tachyon water provided Rose "B" with enough Universal Life Force Energy to slow the effects of aging. In the example of Rose "A" the effects were a reversal of the aging process. I'm not sure if that qualifies as the discovery of the fountain of youth, but Takionic water certainly improves vitality! I also water all of my kitchen and medicinal herbs with charged water!

How is Zero-point energy different from Tachyon energy? Zero-point energy is not a particular form of energy, such as microwave or flame, Ching (physical energy), or Chi (life force energy). Zero-point energy is formless. It is the oneness, the SOURCE of those forms of energy. Tachyon energy is the very first energetic structure that emerges out of formless Zero-point energy. Like Zero-point energy, Tachyon is not limited to a certain frequency and cannot be measured in the Hertzian frequency spectrum. Its qualities are much like Zero-Point Energy, varying only in that it is a structured field. In that structure (sacred geometry!), Tachyon energy has stored this potential, that which is needed to create the perfect flow called an "Energetic Continuum" in every other individualized form (of life). Everything that transpires in the Universe, the Earth's ecosystem, and in the human body, is already encoded within Tachyon Energy in perfect form. Only human beings have altered those forms.

Don't Tachyon antennae have to be made of copper? Absolutely not! Some matrix antennae are created with copper, gold, quartz crystals and other biologic compatible materials, flower petals, oils, resins, stones. Sometimes a spiral or coil is added to create movement. The composite vibrations can act as a receiver. But so can anything else! Silk, copper, silica, and water are among my favorites, and I recommend that you experiment with materials for various uses. Orgone accumulators use magnets and crystals to gather and pull the Tachyon energy from the Zero-point as do scaler-wave and resonance technologies. Applied Sacred Geometry gathers, pulls, shapes and resonates by the DESIGN of the Creator! Plus, its patent-FREE, so my prices are lower!

Are Tachyon products the same as Organite? No, not really, although many do use the terms interchangeably. In 1940's, Dr. Wilhelm Reich was able to measure the existence of etheric (life energy, chi, etc.), which he called orgone. In 2000, researchers discovered that mixing catalyzed organic fiberglass resin with inorganic metal shavings, poured into small molds such as paper cups and muffin pans, would produce a substance which would attract etheric energy similarly to Reich's accumulators. A further step was taken so that Orgonite functions as a positive energy generator. It creates positive energy out of harmful negative energy (like a salt lamp,a citrine or a tourmaline although these work on different frequencies). Organite is constantly in a state of transmutation yet also on a very specific frequency.

How do humans block our natural ability to absorb Tachyon? Great question! If we look to nature we find the answer! Unlike human beings, animals are not influenced in any way NOT to live completely healthy lives. They do not worry that their teeth are not white enough, fur is not shiny (or curly or straight or blonde) enough or that their cave is not decorated in the latest leaves and twigs. Flowers sprout, bloom, st seed and compost never worrying if they did it right, or wondering why they as tulips can not grow as tall as Sunflowers. They exist in the Oneness, with acceptance and purpose. Our own sense of “not good enough", not worthy, unsure of purpose, our sense of being disconnected from the whole is what blocks us. Our minds, our egos, and now even our karma blocks our true selves from enJOYing all that is available to us. The only thing we need for achieving health and balance in our lives is to participate in the freely flowing Energetic Continuum. In other words, we need to ALLOW it to flow through all the layers of our bodies, emotions, minds and spirits. As this energy flows into our material cells, it completely optimizes our biologic functions including our immune system and metabolism in a perfectly balanced manner. That is the way we are meant to function! If any layer of the subtle energy system (body, emotions, mind, or spirit) is blocked, energy will not flow down into the next denser level. From that level onward, there will be detrimental deficiencies of energy. Significant blockages in the spirit eventually create physical disease.Body follows mind, as above, so below. It all begins with a spiritual disconnect.

How can using Tachyon energy deepen my spirituality? ALL energy comes from one source. Christianity calls it the Holy Spirit. In India, it is called the Divine Mother. Modern physics calls it Zero-point energy and Free Energy. I understand Zero-point energy to be the Mind of God, Oneness, or “ALL THAT IS.” Applying Tachyon energy to the thymus and heart chakras (by wearing Tachyon crystalline pendants and beads) or using Tachyon oils at the chakra points helps to cleanse our emotional and psychic circuits, is nurturing to our innate potentialities, and dramatically deepens the meditative state. In this state of PURE BEING we are much more able to access all of the natural sources of Universal Life Force Energy, from Cosmic and Earth sources, and utilize those energies to fulfill our highest spiritual longings, that is to create Heaven on Earth.

What is the actual effect of Tachyon energy on the physical body? Well... Tachyon really doesn't have any effect in and of itself!!! What Tachyon does is give our body (and our subtle bodies) the chance to CREATE whatever effects are needed. Because our bodies are intelligent, they always move toward health and balance.

How does Tachyon help to enhance my health? We all are compromised by the effects of a world polluted by herbicides, pesticides, toxins in the air and water, toxic people, stress, electromagnetic fields, radiation, ozone depletion, and the list goes on. Many of us don’t even remember what it feels like to feel physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually whole, to be one with All That Is. Using Tachyon often results in a natural detoxification at first. This allows increased absorption of available nutrients, vitamins and minerals, increased energy for physical activities, increased awareness of subtle energies, increased brain function, increased circulation and exceptional improvements in athletic abilities and muscle recovery. And that is in the physical, material realm. It works similarly in the emotional mental and spiritual realms as well. The key to perfect balance is to clear all the blocks in our energetic continuum and to realign with All That Is.

How do Tachyon products assist in manifestation? They allow. Tachyon cannot be influenced in any way by any other form of energy including your own thoughts and feelings. It creates a "space" free from competing energies. It functions beyond the speed of light. Below the speed of light energies have gravitational pull, known as the law of attraction. (This creates influence, changing and altering energetic patterns.) Tachyon moves beyond the speed of light so it cannot stick to any energy, and no energy can stick to Tachyon. No matter how confused or conflicted our thoughts are, or how depleted our emotional resolve or mental will is, no matter what kind of negativity we produce in any form it can never alter Tachyon energy and its ability to give us access to the Zero Point energy. So potentially, all problems we have - mental, emotional, spiritual, or physical - can be positively affected and corrected by Tachyon energy! We do not need to forcefully apply it for a certain specific effect,although a Tachyon grid is THE BEST tool to hold affirmations. Rather, we let our own wise souls work through our own dreams, desires and karma. Tachyon energy is simply the natural catalyst for this self-healing process, a process that naturally leads to wholistic well-being, joy, creativity, and abundance. Tachyon energy holds the space in which miracles may occur.

Why do you recommend wearing Tachyon pendants and beads? The thymus gland is the Command Central for the immune system. This center "knows" what should be absorbed by the body and what should be eliminated but unfortunately through the constant bombardment of incoherent frequencies, this function has been severely compromised, and as a result our immune systems are weak. Wearing Tachyon over the thymus strengthens and protects our immune systems. The heart is the power center of the physical body, and the etheric heart is the opening to the Zero-point. When Tachyon is applied to this area the whole set of energy systems that comprise who we are become charged to their highest level with Life Force Energy. That alignment and light wakes us up to who we are and what we were born to do.

What are some of the best reasons to use Tachyon Wellness Tools?
I believe that all human beings possess the innate ability to blend the light of their intentions with the Earth energies of the crystalline structure, to effectively refine Universal Chi into Heavenly Shen, and to consciously return to Source as a human being. In fact, I think that’s why we’re here on Earth in the first place! We just need a little assistance, and Tachyon wellness tools can provide that help. When we come into balance we are able to access and hold more light. This resultant "higher frequency human being" naturally strives for positive individual, community and planetary healing goals. This is the Quantum Leap of Quantum Physics, I call it Divine Evolution. We will become what we know ourselves to be. You may use Tachyon:
• To balance, heal, and maintain harmony of your body, mind and spirit
• To clear negative energies and create and maintain sacred space
• To energize and optimize food and water for people, animals and plants
• To magnetize you to your highest potential
• To increase energy levels
• To increase physical strength, stamina, and delay fatigue
• To enhance the quality of sleep and dreamstates
• To retard aging, reduce stress, assist in DNA repair and support biological functions
• For protection against environmental toxins, EMF and electromagnetic radiation
• As a psychic shield
• To increase psychic abilities and improve intuition and awareness
• To increase synchronicity and enhance manifestation
• To support your connection to divine source
• To enhance meditation, prayer, distance healing, and lightwork
• To accelerate spiritual growth

Everything that exists in this universe, from the most subtle, refined realms of energetic structures, to the grossest, densest realms of matter, is aligned in an energy continuum. Modern physics calls it Zero-Point Energy. Zero-Point Energy should not be confused with a particular form of energy, such as etheric or astral energy. Zero-Point Energy is formless. It is the source of everything. Tachyon Energy is the very first energetic structure that emerges out of non-structured, formless Zero-Point Energy. Formless Zero-Point Energy, (in Quantum Physics), is considered to be the starting point, the Source of the energetic continuum. Spiritually, the Mind of God.

Just like Zero-Point Energy, Tachyon is not limited to a certain frequency. It is not a certain type of energy. Rather, it includes all energies within itself. Its qualities are much like Zero-Point Energy, varying only in that it is a structured field (sacred geometry). In itself, Tachyon Energy has stored all the potential needed to create a perfect Energetic Continuum in every form of life. Everything that transpires in the human body, for example, is already encoded within Tachyon Energy in perfect form. Tachyon energy is the gateway back to Zero Point energy. This is something that no frequency can do. All frequencies are just part of the whole, part of what is anchored in Zero Point energy, but all frequencies are limited in their specific effects.

A freely flowing Energetic Continuum is the vital key to achieve and maintain health and balance in our lives. We need to become superconductors for Tachyon Energy by allowing it to flow through all the layers of our subtle bodies. As this energy flows into our material cells, it supports the entire metabolism in a perfectly balanced manner, the way we are meant to function. What Tachyon does is give our body, and our subtle bodies, the chance to produce whatever effects they need. And since our Divine bodies are incredibly intelligent, they always produce the effects that are good for them.

Tachyon Energy is Life Force Energy and contains all the resources our bodies need for full and complete healing. Our bodies already channel this energy which sustains us, helps us grow and renew our cells daily. With Tachyon Energy as the body takes what is needed at any particular moment for healing and returning the organism to balance. When empowered by Tachyon, the body produces its own healing effects. Tachyon Energy is simply the natural catalyst for this self-healing process. Regenerative changes are consistently noted. Our bodies are not only sensitive to, but are energetically balanced by Tachyon energy.

Tachyon Wellness tools increase energy and vitality, reducing stress naturally without side effects and returning body, mind and spirit to a state of natural balance. Tachyon energy is a way of achieving complete attunement with All That Is. The better our attunement is with the cosmic Zero Point energy and its inherent perfect life intelligence, the more likely we are to evolve ourselves into higher levels of physical, mental and emotional order and balance. Tachyon energy actually enables us to attune ourselves constantly with the universal life force: Zero Point energy. This applies to the reorganization of a single cell, DNA, to one particular molecule, hormone, gland, or organ in our body and to our entire spirit-mind-body complex. Tachyon energy is the key element that enables everyone, regardless of his or her level of spiritual growth to be attuned to the universal life force and the inherently perfect intelligence of the Zero Point energy.

The effects of Tachyon energy are unlimited. Each energy block we clear adds to the joy of the cosmic energy flowing through us. We can literally feel this! As we repeatedly experience it (and then experience the divine energy consistently filling us with joy, peace and contentment) we begin to understand that we are this divine energy.

May you be blessed!

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Pampered bliss... Oshun Spirit!

Oshun, the Goddess of love and beauty, teaches us how to love and please our bodies. Try setting aside an evening once a week to pamper yourself. Preparing your own spa treatments is an affordable luxury and is a wonderful way to begin to take control of your health and well-being. These homemade indulgences contain ingredients found in most kitchens.

Creating your own products will become a comforting ritual that you will look forward to. Always take a moment to be present with your ingredients and meditate on their source and the amazing journeys they have taken to be with you. Notice the colors, textures, shapes and scents. Appreciate beauty in all it's diversity!

I usually begin my ritual preparation of beauty products by first creating an Oshun Blessing Incense with brown sugar, five dried orange leaves, and orange zest which I pulverize, place in a cast-iron pan and set aflame.

As I let it burn for a minute or so, I slip into a soft robe, gather my ingredients, and put on some uplifting music and then smother the flames. The incense smokes rather heavily, the aroma fills the room.

I offer spring water from a beautiful goblet and ask Oshun be with me in the art and beauty of the moment. She comes dancing into my spirit and I know it is our time together.

These are just a few of the most simple but lovely treatments I enjoy. I hope that you will try a few! Homemade facial scrubs and mask treatments do not contain the preservatives like their store-bought counterparts do, so you will want to make them fresh before each use. Each one of these is suitable for all skin types and selected because they are very soothing and nourishing to the skin.

• Mash one-half banana and add one tablespoon honey and two tablespoons sour cream. Apply this mixture to your face and let set for 10 minutes. Gently wipe off with a damp washcloth.

• Grind one tablespoon almonds into a fine meal in a food processor or blender. Mix the almond meal together with one tablespoon honey and one egg white. Apply this mixture to the face and let set for 15 minutes. Gently wipe off with a damp washcloth.

• Mash half of an avocado and apply this to the entire face. Let set for about 20 minutes and then gently wipe off with a damp washcloth.

• Puree half a peeled, sliced cucumber in a food processor or blender and add one-tablespoon yogurt. Apply this to the face and let set for about 20 minutes. Gently wipe off with a damp washcloth.

• Crush a handful of strawberries and mix well with one teaspoon honey. Apply this mixture to the face and let set for about 15 minutes. Gently wipe off with a damp washcloth.

• For a scrub, make a paste from a little oatmeal and water. Apply to the face and allow to dry. Gently wipe off with a damp washcloth. Or as a variation, mix two tablespoons cornmeal with water to make a thick paste. Add a drop of a calming essential oil such as vanilla, ylang, chamomile, lavender, neroli or geranium. Apply to the face and let dry. Gently wipe off with a damp washcloth.

A great way to enhance your relaxing spa treatment is to schedule a distance healing during your facial. I offer a variety of modalities through Oshun Spirit Earth Friendly Goods and also through my Bonanzle storefront. Many of my clients like to slip into a warm bath during their experience for a total immersion in peace, serenity, and Oshun's blessings.

As a special offer to my blog readers, I have created the coupon code OSHUN, which may be entered at checkout at both venues, and will enable you to take 10% off your purchases!

Pampered bliss... Oshun Spirit.

May you be blessed!

Sunday, June 14, 2009

After the Barbeque... Natural Remedies for Summer

Skinned knees? Bug bites? Too many goodies? Try a natural remedy. It will save money and be gentler on your body and the environment than prepared drugstore products. You probably have these products in your pantry! Mother Nature has prepared a wonderful natural pharmacy made of sunshine, rain and her fertile soil. Yes, everything has the energy of its making inside it, so be sure to add love!

Indigestion and Heartburn

Did you overeat? Too much grease or spicy food? No, not a hotdog! Put down the antacids. The belching, bloat and heartburn caused by indigestion come about because you don’t have enough stomach acid to do the job right. A spoonful or two of apple cider vinegar will help break down the excess food that is causing you trouble and bring your stomach back to balance.


The classic cure for nausea or carsickness is ginger tea or candied ginger. You can chew on the stuff raw, if you like, but it’s so spicy and strong it might just make you feel worse. Sniffing real peppermint or lavender oil can also help.


First, drink more water and eat more fruit and salads. You’re backed up for a reason and taking lots of laxatives is not the answer. Meanwhile, drinking a few teaspoons of olive oil mixed with a bit of orange or (diluted) lemon juice can help things get moving. Another surefire remedy is 1/4 teaspoon of epsom salts drunk in 1/2 a glass of water. Sometimes calorie restriction or avoidance of healthy fats (such as the good fats found in fish, nuts and avocados) can worsen constipation. Other causes of constipation include stress, depression, inactivity and nutritional deficiencies. If your constipation is chronic, it may be a sign of a more serious problem, so please seek medical advice and adjust your lifestyle.


Some foods, like beans and raw veggies, are more likely to cause gas, but if you find flatulence to be too common of an occurrence, make use of digestive spices such as ginger, anise, peppermint, coriander and dill. You can make tea with these ingredients or incorporate them into your food.


Try rubbing peppermint or lavender oil on your temples and the base of your neck; sniffing these oils may also help. Rub a fresh cut lemon or lime on your forehead. Feverfew is a good herbal remedy for headaches. Have a little caffeine by way of green tea, and don’t forget to use an ice pack for 20 minutes to dull the throbbing.

To Stop Bleeding

You’d think it would burn, but a sprinkle of cayenne pepper on a cut will quickly stop the bleeding and actually relieve the pain.


So you bumped up against the grill again? Ouch. Rinse first with cold water, but then immediately apply aloe vera gel to the burn. Or, slice a potato and rub its cool, soothing juices all over the burn. And honey, with its antibacterial properties, is also good topical ointment.

Athlete’s Foot

It’s a foot fungus, and it stinks. Air those piggies, then soak them in salty water, wash them with garlic juice, or soak them with diluted white or apple cider vinegar. All of these things will help kill the fungus. But you have to be persistent, consistent and diligent: no matter what treatment you use, do it a few times a day and stick with it until at least a week after you think the symptoms are gone! Fungus excels at hiding out and coming back when you least expect it.

Rashes and Allergies

Prescription and over the counter antihistamines can cause some serious side effects. Before you head for the strong stuff, try green tea, which contains compounds with antihistamine properties. You’ll need to drink 2-3 cups a day to get the full effect.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Answering The Call

The journey always begins with the Fool, the zero card of the Tarot deck, which represents innocence, enthusiasm and inexperience. Like a fearless child filled with curiosity, the Fool is ready for most anything. The Fool is oblivious, naive, and clearly in dire need of Divine protection. Luckily, the Fool is blessed.

The Fool is the quality in each of us that stirs at the thought of adventure and responds eagerly to a new challenge. The Fool stumbles in where others fear to go! Yes, Mother/Father God has a special love for Fools.

So, in the midst of what can only be described as ordinary life, a call to adventure rings out to the Fool. And the Fool responds with reckless abandon! The Adventure itself may be any number of things. It can be about destiny, purpose, or one's life work. It may be a short term adventure or it can be THE adventure of a lifetime, The Hero's Journey, your essential reason for having incarnated in the first place.

The Hero's Journey is always a quest, never a conquest. The process and the dedication to principles, virtue and morals in the most threatening moments of the quest is far more important than actually reaching some preconceived goal. It's the Journey that counts. The initial goal is most often just a temporary motivator to initiate the process of finding one's way to the fork in the road. The fork that leads to the Hero's Journey away and eventually, home.

It can be very exciting! And very frustrating. The call to adventure always includes cultivating patience. Patience is waiting for the precise timing, and avoiding the urge to swim against the current. It's got to be the hardest part. This is the perfect opportunity for the Fool to do foolish things, the space in which reflection trumps reaction but often is squandered. It's the the opportunity for Divine Intervention, and the special love reserved for Fools. It is in this holding pattern where we learn to count our blessings and say thank you even when things are not moving along as planned. I call it the Waiting Time. It builds character like nothing else!

In the Waiting Time, there is always the option to refuse the Call. Refusing the Call is refusing to do the very thing you think you cannot do, but must do. It will seem like a very good idea. People will tell you to do something different. They will give you choices, and try to decide for you. And, you can let them if you like. They will offer you yet another fork in the road, the path of their own choosing. But it is still your choice. It's not like The Call is going to go away never to be heard from again. Trust me.

It is wise to spend the Waiting Time preparing for the next part of the quest and finding the like minds that can understand and support you. Keep in mind that some allies will probably end up including your apparent adversaries. Quests make strange bedfellows, believe me. Your enemies are your greatest teachers and can provide more genuine growth possibilities than all the friends in the world.

But obstacles are plentiful in every heroes journey. They are many and varied and they will most certainly include betrayal, deception and humiliation – all deemed as essential as patience and love for the Fool's development of character and, more importantly, wisdom.

Wisdom is the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow It's the holy grail, the prize. It's the Hero's return home.

Wisdom is the Voice that calls the Fool to action, every time.
"Come to me. Find me."

May you be blessed!

Monday, June 8, 2009

Swinging both ways

You know. I know. And denial is not de river in Eqypt.

It is human nature to have hope, give the benefit of the doubt, and believe that change is just around the corner. But the best predictor of the future... behavior, trending, and events... is the past, and what is the definition of insanity? Oh, right...

"The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting it to come out different."

Thank you Ben Franklin.

OK, so I'm guilty of hoping some things might turn out differently than the current trends portend. I've seen more than a few people I care about hurt emotionally and financially with a cavalier shrug of integrity and ethics. I'm hoping shrugging will give way to hugging and harmony might be restored. With kindness and compassion. Oshun? Are you there?

And, although it is wise to believe people when they show you who they are the first time, I'm big on second chances. Third. But three's the charm. I get out the pendulum, and take a look.

How does a pendulum work? See for yourself! All you really need is a string with a fishing weight attached, or a pocket watch, or a pendant on a chain. Anything with a long chain or string and weight attached will work. Of course, I have a box full of pendulums– metals, crystals, carved bone, one spellbound, and many priestess blessed. Each has their special place in my heart.

I like the gemstone energies for additional oomph, but I tend to go with the carved Kwan Yin Yak bone more often than not, as I believe compassion always has its place in a truth-telling. Because copper is a great energy conductor, I find its always a good choice when I'm conflicted and might not really want accept and act appropriately for reasons that usually involve our friend denial, de inconvenient truth.

A pendulum works by reacting to our subconscious mind. For us to see the conscious effect of the pendulum we must be aware of the slight muscle contractions in our arm, when we ask our question. The pendulum can be a very accurate tool to determine our subconscious desires over our conscious desires. Eventually, as we become more and more aware of our subconscious thoughts we will find that the pendulum answers what we already know.

What we already know.

May you be blessed.

Friday, June 5, 2009

Integrating a base of experience, thoughtful trial, error, and courage!

I was recently engaged in an open conversation where my viewpoint and expression of it was dismissed, dissected, and finally deemed worthy of censure. My viewpoint was shared by many like-minded individuals in the group. But I was singled out for silence. My voice might have resonated with more conviction, perhaps I spoke more elequently than the others, I don't know. But what I do know is that I was speaking my truth, from my heart, without fear, for the highest good, and in the bright light of my life's purpose as a teacher/healer.

Censorship is defined as the “suppression of ideas and information that certain persons... find objectionable or dangerous.” It is applied by those vested with an agenda and with the authority to decide what is objectionable and dangerous in a given venue. Of course, the thinking person immediately asks the question, “who are we really protecting via the suppression of ideas?" How can a lack of information and abundance of one-sided information actually assist anyone in mastering an understanding of their choices, behaviors, and their impact in the world?

Repression of speech has historically been a reliable tool in squelching dissent. But today, the cosmic energetic patterns in the Universe which are anchoring on Earth support only light – including the protection of the freedom of expression of that light. Any idea, endeavor, or system which excludes transparency and seeks to manipulate information through fear-based action will not, and simply cannot exist in these patterns. They will go poof!

"Light makes the dark afraid."

I was just a young woman when a Master told me this was the real issue here on Earth. I couldn't grasp it for many years... why would anyone be afraid of light? But experience is a great teacher.

Over the years I have learned to see all darkness as an opportunity for me to shine my light in creative, energetic ways should I be called to do so. Because I have the support of a huge global family that is awakening to this energy at this time, I find myself in many opportunities to be of service. Believe me, I don't always consciously choose to find myself in these situations. I prefer a peaceful, uncomplicated life. Most times I just get plopped into them. It's not always pleasant, but there are always brighter possibilities vying for manifestation.

In listening to the possibilities, I can choose to take the position that the projected fear is a beautiful opportunity for understanding. I can choose to lend my voice to light. It matters not if I am passively ignored, applauded, exhaulted, or violently attacked. I'm simply anchoring a creative energy seeking expression through me. Do with it what you will. It's your life, your journey. Your choice, your lesson. I'm just a channel, one of many.

My spirit is having a rich human experience that includes integrating light and dark. It includes sadness, disapointment, and the need for great patience. But it also includes the magic of finding the beauty in the darkness! Humans in general try to avoid sadness, difficulties, and dark energies. But as an artist and observer, I can appreciate that most of the beauty I see comes from the shadows hitting light in a certain way. Finding the beauty in the darkness is the perfect metaphor to dissolving the need for duality as a learning tool.

So Lightone, if you find yourself in an opportunity to BE light, remember that we have placed ourselves in key positions all over the world to be "there" at the right time with the right energy. The time is right and NOW to look at any darkness for all the beauty that it holds. Look at those restrictions, those negativities, the frustrations, and see them as opportunities to anchor light.

We are here as spirits to integrate a base of experience and that includes light and dark, failure and success, trial and error, courage, and love. But remember, those are only labels that you and I place upon our journeys as we move forward. The parts of this life you will remember eternally are how you found beauty in the darkness, and how you found your part in the world, and how you shared with others. That is the piece I came to do, you came to do, and I tell you now is the time.

Never be afraid to speak up if you find yourself in the spotlight. Bless the darkness for the opportunity. Experience, think, feel, and express yourself from the place of truth. The universe does not define truth as objectionable or dangerous.

Only dark is afraid of the light.

May you be blessed!

Image Credit: Light Door, Hayri Caliskan