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Sunday, November 20, 2016

Together, We've Accomplished Some Pretty Amazing Goals!

All I can say is, "Thank you."

Because of you, we have been blessed with the opportunity to do the work that truly feeds kid's souls and elevates their potential as conscious co-creator inhabitants of Earth. Open hearts and inquisitive minds grounded in the web of life and stewardship of our precious natural resources - this is your gift to the world. Thank you!

The Earthkeepers are children in grades 1 - 6 who are part of an after school program for kids in-need. These unlikely heroes have created a butterfly garden, an outdoor
classroom in the forest, and a buddy bench on the playground to spread kindness and an appreciation of nature at their school. They have created a school-wide culture of inclusion and friendship. Their message is resonating across all boundaries. All, because of you!
A few weeks ago I mentioned to an Oshun Spirit customer-friend that this winter, it would be nice for Earthkeepers to have dry pairs of mittens to put on for their “outside time” after school. I imagined a forging a connection with resident knitters in a nearby assisted living facility. "Warm Hearts, Warm Hands." I only needed the funds to buy yarn and materials. An Oshun Spirit Earth Angel donated these funds before I could even finish my next sentence. Today, joyful knitters are helping these children, and the children are loving giving the knitters the opportunity to share their talents, connect, feel valued, and give the gift of love. Personal notes and "gratitutide rocks" have been exchanged and the knitting has begun. And so have amazing friendships between the young ones and the elders, as it should be!

This is just one story. You have supported me in so many ways. When you "like and share" a post on facebook of the kids installing outdoor community art stations, or planting a pollinator garden you help me bring awareness of the importance of nature education for kids today. When you donate crystals for land art, and ribbons for weaving, provide computers or cash, or simply appreciate the resilient spirit in these kids and hold hope for our world - you change the world - for the better. All I can say is, "thank you!"

When Oshun Spirit does well, I am freed to commit more time and energy to The Eathkeepers Program. So, I am asking you do do some Holiday Shopping today.

Your support means the world to me, and to the children in the Earthkeepers programs.
It is important to state that this is truly a crowd funded project. There is no state or district funding for this project. The after school program has been blessed by the support of The Friends of The Libby Museum and an Angel Investor  launched the day program which serves over 165 kids. But the future of these programs exist on a wing and a prayer. If you can shop, please do. If you can't - send some good vibes our way and share our story.

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Thank you!