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Monday, July 23, 2012

Healing with Fifth Dimensional Probabilities

There are many challenging, and difficult realities on Planet Earth for all of us, but particularly for the seers and healers who are well practiced in navigating the dense limits of the third dimension and can no longer rely on these limits to define their scope and reach for their clients. Like each soul that encounters the full spectrum of experience in its journey of becoming, we lightworkers are especially challenged to become fully aware of the multi-dimensional need of our clients, many now no longer anchored in time space, but rather space-time.

Those who have learned to travel in consciousness have long been able able to seed fifth-dimensional realities, see and experience timelines aligned with love, abundance and joy. From this place, we are able to assist others in their journey of self-realization on the Earth plane by describing the probabiliies that serve the highest good. But it is with an open heart we must accept that some of our clients, many in fact, are choosing to do the work outside the illusion entirely, knowing on some level, that their path to love lies outside of time/space. The question is: how to best serve these souls?

Traveling in consciousness is possible when we awaken to the fact that time and space restrictions are part of the illusion. All-that-is exists in an eternal moment that our conscious minds experience in segments of “time” for learning purposes. While our physical bodies exist in space coordinates, our consciousness is limitless, expansive and all-inclusive. We are able to step outside time and space by briefly withdrawing our focus from the time/space continuum.

When we travel in consciousness, our journeys take place over what seems like long periods of time in our internal world. These internal journeys actually happen in a space of time as brief as the blink of an eye in our external world. It is by traveling in consciousness that we can navigate the menu of life potentials and energize the ones most closely aligned with our highest visions.

Potential futures exist side by side as alternate timelines. A person who knows how to navigate inner time is able to perceive these alternate timelines. We work with potential futures in three realms at once. We live inside the fruits of the past currently manifesting as our present moment. We live in the near future we are envisioning and seeding now. We live in the distant future where potentials we are now seeding are manifesting and coming to full flower. Inside our present moment, we are influenced by the moments we have lived through time, past seeds currently manifesting and the future potentials we are energizing now.

We are able, through intention, imagination and conscious awareness, to seed potential futures which we observe and nurture over time. While we will not necessarily choose to manifest or bring all these potentials into physical reality we are able to perceive them as they extend into future time, and choose the highest and best from among them. But what of the potentials that exist out of time? What if there ws not enough energy generated in the past to nurture these potentials aven if the ARE the paths of the highest good. If we are indeed ending cycles of karma and illusion isn't it possible to still choose these, and seed them? If the soul's will is in alignment, even as the personality and ego is not, as we move into the higher planes, where is the healer's point of reference? Does it remain in 3-D with the fractured personality or do we take a leap of faith and heal now, the eternal being first?

As third dimensional beings on the Earth plane we are free to choose among the potential futures we set into motion in the past. As we observe the potentials we set into motion, we are able to learn, our insights and observations help provide us with valuable feedback we are able to use in choosing the timelines we wish to experience in the future. We continue to observe and learn from our “roads not taken” but this doesn’t mean we feed them with sufficient life-force energy for them to manifest. Within every moment we choose the potentials that hold the greatest learning and growth opportunities – those most compatible with our current intentions. At any given time we are free to join one of these “inner realities in progress” and shift to the timeline where that potential is manifesting as our reality.

But what if a client cannot choose? What if the personality has literally frozen in time, and is simply waiting for time to run out? In light of the tremendous new energies available to healers because of the Earths current position in the Photon Belt it is possible to bypass the physical challenge, mental confusion, emotional baggage and heal the soul. But what about free will? How does one honor the client's desire to learn thru illness, depression or despair... in the third dimension?

For example, if we have a physical challenge we’re working with, we can seed potential healing options and in time choose the possible future where the best healing solution exists... and it might not be one currently anchored in 3-D. In today's shift from time/space to space/time this is particularly useful because the best course of healing is not necessarily revealed to us as we seed various physical options... our DNA is changing... but the soul is eternal.

This approach is also helpful if we intend to write a novel, work with new art forms, or bring other new realities into being. We are able to plant seeds that create multi dimensional fields of potential for our desired creations and we are able to energize future timelines most aligned with our desired creations... whether or not the physical, mental, or emotional state(s) of the client are presently aligned.

When we learn to journey in consciousness (or journey in service to another), new universes of possibilities are born within us all. We’re always free to choose if we will manifest replicas of past realities or if we will shift to become explorers of new realities in consciousness that offer new potentials and alternate futures no matter our current state of being in the illusionary world. I believe it is possible to take a quantum leap out of the confusion. One simply needs another to point to the possibility and nurture that seed.

As we work with new potentials, we will find ourselves unexpectedly at times entering the space between realities where we glimpse infinity, beyond "my will" to the collective "thy will" where creation creates from pure love, free from the judgements that hold our egos firmly in the third dimension. These glimpses remove us from physical reality for brief seconds, yet in the life of the soul, they are eternal and hold the power to shift our understanding in profound ways at all levels in all-time regardless of what we consider to be past, present, and future... the karma earned, the dipensation of grace gifted, or the perfection that never required or experienced either.

As healers, I think it is time to focus only on the perfect being within. I know that is my own practice, as I have made the decision to stop focussing on the leftover 3-D messes that need to be cleaned up and instead embrace the perfection of each and every being I work with, the miracles come with greater frequency. It's no longer about "healing" anyone to the point of waking them up. It's about agreeing that they already have, albeit not in time /space. So what?

Why make that illusion the point of reference for what IS? Silly, isn't it!

May you be blessed.

Sunday, July 1, 2012

How to Activate Fifth-Dimensional Probability Timelines

Fifth-dimensional storylines can be accessed and experienced from within the present moment through awareness and conscious action. It is not a given that one will “fall into” timelines that run along themes of peace and love. However, each person holds the potential to awaken to these new reality threads and choose to shift toward them.

Such shifts can happen in the blink of an eye. The future is not fixed. Rather, it exists in probability lines that are energized through intention, vibrational frequency and action.

Twenty Steps to Energize Fifth-Dimensional Probability Lines

Once we become aware of fifth-dimensional reality threads in our field of potential, there are steps we can take to embrace and energize these probability lines. We offer here some steps:

1) Be present, awake and aware. The only way to be present in the future is be here now. Make a regular practice of slowing down, looking around you and allowing your consciousness to expand into the present moment. Too often, we fall into the trap of filling up our lives with commitments and activities that don’t feed our soul. To cope with the pain of this lack of fulfillment, we fall asleep in our daily lives. This creates more pain because sleeping through life slams us into more obstacles, perpetuating a vicious cycle.

2) Embrace grief and loss as essential components of creativity; the old must be destroyed to make way for the new. Love and appreciate what has been; express gratitude for it and release it. Many people hold back from new and more fulfilling realities because it will mean leaving behind and releasing what has been. Learning to embrace grief makes this process much easier.

3) Send love into any situation you don’t understand. As we move further into the new time, we may encounter many new situations and events we don’t understand. Love is always the answer. Send love into all situations and the answers will soon appear.

4) Recognize we are already part of all-that-is. Our job is to merge with the force of creation by allowing ourselves to remember our oneness with the Divine order of the universe. We are not creating ourselves anew, but rather, allowing who we are to shine through.

5) Remain transparent and neutral to all you witness. It is not necessary to have an opinion about what you see. Awareness is everything. As you allow yourself to see what is there, you see through illusion. Within the moment, our conscious mind will not be able to grasp all that is beneath the surface of physical reality. This power of inner seeing helps us navigate times when we encounter paradoxes. For instance, separation as the path to unity, darkness gives way to light; dissolution of relationships and other life situations makes way for the new. Illness and accidents can serve as preludes to opening of heightened awareness and intuitive abilities.

6) Practice self-love at all levels. Pay attention to the needs of your body, mind and spirit. Eat fresh, unprocessed foods, especially root vegetables and dark leafy greens. Practice self-nurturing through the use of herbs, essential oils, gemstones and other healing modalities. Spend time each day communing with your spirit and expressing gratitude for everything in your life. Appreciate the Earth and all-that-is. Focus thoughts on expansive, loving themes that expand your inner light.

7) Observe all that goes on around you; observe yourself. Keep in perspective the big picture of your life and the up-close picture. Do not allow yourself to be overly absorbed into the events of your life. This causes you to lapse into states of less awareness.

8) Stay positive on no matter what happens in your life. Negativity drains your life-force energy and weakens your overall system, draining you of your ability to cope with what you are experiencing.

9) Practice self-reliance and self-responsibility in all matters. Disconnect from dependency on all systems, groups or institutions. Disconnect from mechanisms of mass thought that feed on your energies. Parasitic life scripts are everywhere. By remaining awake you are able to sidestep them and write your own script. Working in cooperation with others is not the same as participating in dependency relationships which keep one enslaved to mechanisms of mass thought.

10) Connect often with nature. The natural world exists in accordance with universal law. As we commune with nature and align ourselves with its essence, we unify our mind and spirit. A unified consciousness is essential for existing along fifth-dimensional timelines.

11) Practice preparedness; always have your affairs in order. Allow completions. Hold in awareness that each goodbye could be your last. Complete with everyone; be willing within each moment to release all that you are and all that you know; be willing to embrace the unknown. Change is the nature of life. When you are present, awake and aware, you begin and complete each moment impeccably with no loose ends.

12) Open to the new. Allow yourself to wake up in a new world every day. This makes it much easier to slough off old ways of thinking and re-invent yourself. You’re not the past, nor are you bound by the past.

13) Embrace freedom. Do not give your power away to enslaving thought forms; if a situation does not serve your highest and best, it does not serve the highest and best of others.

14) Become a detective of your own life to gain awareness of old patterns and scripts operating in the background. As you gain awareness of these scripts, visualize and rewrite them according to choices aligned with new visions and goals.

15) Review your beliefs, perceptions and goals on a regular basis. Create a 10 most wanted list and update it regularly. This helps you set priorities and release old ideas and beliefs that no longer support your higher evolution and growth.

16) Breathe and energize your physical system. Practice regularly forms of movement that unify body, mind and spirit such as yoga and tai chi.

17) Maintain a sense of humor in all you do. When you feel yourself becoming overly absorbed in the dream of your life, watch a humorous movie or see your life events from a comedic perspective.

18) Meditate and act on love. Unconditional love is the highest vibration in the universe and supercedes all other frequencies.

19) Give to others what you would like to receive and you will see your desires manifest all around you.

20) Set your intention to practice all of the above and expect miracles each day.

credit: www.celestialvision.org