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Thursday, February 24, 2011

The Number Seven is Blue: Exploring the Experience of Synethesia

I get truth chills. And a probable no is somewhat metalic tasting.
And, I might also remark that your name is red or smells like cinnamon. That the piano music might be full of shimmering yellow and pink spirals. Some books feel like sunny, summer wind off the lake even before I read them, and I purchase them. The rocks the mason used to build the fireplace in my living room sound like children singing.

To a growing number of us, senses are becoming become unusually associated with each other  in a little-understood condition called synethesia. This is an experience of a sensation involving one sense that is perceived in terms of another, so that, most commonly, visions take on characteristic smells or sounds are associated with particular colors. 

Although synethetic people are unlikely to share the same associations, they do share some aspects of their talents in that their particular quirks are involuntary, remain constant over their lifetimes (a certain name or song is always a certain color), and they are absolutely convinced that what they perceive is reality, not something in their mind's eye. This additional perception is usually outside the body, and observed "out there," instead of received in the mind's eye as psychic visions usually are.

I have experienced these sensations for some time now, but until recently I didn't know there was a specific term for the experiences nor did I know there are multitudes of books and  websites exploring these mixed-up senses in depth. I was never frightened by the experiences, in fact they are normally accompanied by a feeling of pleasure and incredible well-being. (It is interesting to note that my parents recall that I watched television in color as a child even though we had a black and white TV, remarking about the green car or the pretty blue dress...)

In my adult years I  have been fascinated by the experiences, but I never gave too much credibility to the connections. I suppose I thought they might be frequencies which were actually on multiple channels, or multiple channels on one frequency like when your radio is picking up broadcasts from two different stations. I figured I just didn't yet possess the taller antenna needed for a clear signal at the time.

So, I assumed these tidbits of information were simply glitches in my budding psychic abilities and part of my own unfolding development process that was garbled in error at times. But now as I explore the phenomena and do the research, I see synethesia as an evolving intuition to be honored and trusted! I am quite certain there are deeper messages contained within the connections and associations that can be applied to health, spiritual evolution, and fulfillment. I am taking notes.

The condition has been known to psychologists and physicians for at least 200 years, and some theories have attributed the condition to an immature nervous system that cannot sort out sensory stimuli. And it seems that it used to be quite rare but in the last decade there has been a dramatic rise in reports of synesthesia, especially in children! Women are three times more likely than men, and left-handed people are also more likely to have these experiences. 

And, although there is not definitive data as to what causes synesthesia, it does seem to be more common in people who have a kundalini awakening, a near death experience, or a spiritual awakening. My own belief is that these abilities are a precursor to our next stage of human evolution and the transition we are making as multi-sensory, multi- dimensional beings.

So, if you are experiencing an involuntary joining in which the real information of one sense is accompanied by a perception in another sense, you are not alone. In fact, you are in good company! 

May we be blessed!

image credit: http://www.bluecatsandchartreusekittens.com/Blue_Cats_and_Chartreuse_Kittens_Rel.html

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Kundalini Rising & The Rewiring Process

This post by guest blogger Denise Le Fay is for people who may not be familiar with how kundalini energy feels and also how the rewiring process feels in the body. Many of you have already lived through these stages, but there are increasing numbers of people in 2011 being activated who are suddenly living with some very weird energies and sensations inside their bodies. This information is primarily for them but I hope you, too, will enjoy this recap.


February 1999 my physical Ascension Process suddenly began and I mean suddenly! Literally overnight I went from being and feeling one way all my life, to the next morning having my body producing some very strange physical symptoms. It was a horrible and difficult time and it lasted for many years. Your mileage will vary at this late date within the Ascension Process so don’t panic. The worst of the worst has already been done by Lightworkers over a decade ago and they’ve created a huge, wide open roadway for everyone to energetically travel down, meaning that what you experience now won’t be as long or as difficult and painful.
Before the Ascension energies were available, people who wanted to activate their kundalini energies would typically have to fast, meditate, remain celibate, and in most cases do so for years just to get their inner kundalini energies to budge or wiggle! But, with the start of the biological physical Ascension Process around 1998–1999, the need to do all those old school things went out the window. Now you don’t have to “do” anything to activate your kundalini energies and have them repeatedly burn and flash up and down your spine and work within each of your chakras to transmute the stuck energies in them. Now all you have to do is try to keep up with the Process!
You don’t need to fast, meditate, remain celibate or do any of the old past esoteric things in hopes of activating your kundalini energy. At this point within the global Ascension Process you’ll automatically be triggered or activated at exactly the time you’re supposed to and all by the perfect and flawless design and timing of your own Higher Self. So, don’t worry about any of this because it’s all been meticulously crafted by your Higher Self to unfold at the most beneficial and appropriate time for you to transmute and evolve via the available energies of the Ascension Process.
Because kundalini risings are being triggered now by your Higher Self and the cosmic, galactic, solar and astrological energies and cycles and not by a desire from your left-brained consciousness and ego self, the physical, mental, emotional and etheric symptoms they cause are not the same as old school Eastern esoteric knowledge has taught. Most all old school esoteric teachings don’t work for us now or reflect what we’re living through in our current lives and times because of the Ascension Process.


Kundalini risings activated by the Ascension Process typically do so suddenly and unexpectedly making you instantly feel like you’re on fire from the inside out. Hot flashes are common even in male bodies, as are night sweats, which are just “hot flashes” that happen at night while you’re asleep or were sleeping! Once activated kundalini energies don’t conveniently turn off each night so we can get a good night’s sleep. Oh if only that were the case!

Nope, you’re kundalini risings and inner fire, heat, sweating, emotions and purgings will be with you day and night for however long it takes for you to work/burn/transmute/release the emotional energetic junk you’ve stored in your trunk—and you’re guts, your belly, your heart, your brain/mind and so on. Oh happy day huh?  It really is a miraculous Alchemical Process of you going through the transmuting of your inner 3D Lead into higher frequency, non-polarized and integrated 5D Gold via kundalini fires activated by the ongoing Ascension Process.
  • Inner heat or kundalini fire that radiates outward and extends a good foot or more beyond the surface of your skin and physical body.
  • This same inner heat/fire in your spine/back repeatedly moving partially or completely up and down your spine/back.
  • This same inner heat in your spine/back stopping at different chakras to work on the emotional energetic junk you’ve got stored in each of them, some more than others.
  • Kundalini fire stirs up the emotional/mental/etheric issues you’ve stored and/or suppressed in each of your chakras which you will now FEEL emotionally and need to resolve and eventually fully release. This is aProcess and is typically done repeatedly, layer-by-layer so we get the majority of our inner energetic junk transmuted and gone. It doesn’t happen in a couple weeks or months. Give it time to do all it must within you.
  • Strange, vivid dreams because we do the majority of our Inner Work while asleep and dreaming on the Inner Planes. We can discover, FEEL emotionally, resolve and integrate so much more in a vastly shorter time while we’re asleep and out-of-body doing this Inner Work. Expect strange but informative or symbolic and archetypal dreams and pay attention to what they reveal to you about yourself and what you’re transmuting.
  • Physical sweating…lots and lots of sweating day and night. I’d suggest you stop using chemical deodorants so you can sweat out the toxins. Try using a natural deodorant like a crystal stick or stone instead.
  • Emotional imbalances and difficult almost “crazy” periods due to past emotional issues/wounds/pains/fears/guilt etc. and their energies being brought to the surface of your consciousness and transmuted in and through your physical and emotional bodies primarily.
  • When kundalini fire is working in your solar plexus chakra, your physical belly/gut area will oftentimes bloat due to the intense energies and transformational Inner Work taking place inside. Fear not and know it will eventually decrease. Know too it will return a few times before you’re done with this Alchemical process.
  • When kundalini fire is working in your heart chakra you’ll often feel a heat, pressure, and possibly movements in this area of your body along with intense and uneven heart beats or thumps and poundings. You’ll also emotionally FEEL plenty and cry and rage and be moved by very simple and beautiful things, and very evil things too. Fear not as this is your heart being cleared and expanding to feel and house so much more of the higher energies, Light, and consciousness.
  • When kundalini fire is working in your throat chakra you’ll often feel a heat and pressure radiating out of the back of your neck. Aches and pains in your throat and jaw is common. You’ll also find yourself speaking (or yelling and demanding) things you’ve suppressed or have not been allowed to verbalize before. Finally give voice to what you’ve not so far and take your power back.
  • When kundalini fire is working in your two lower chakras, old sexual issues, feelings of guilt, and suppressed energies will demand your attention. Also fears and/or a sense of being a victim and so on will come to the surface to be consciously recognized, felt emotionally, finally dealt with and integrated and eventually released.
  • You know where each chakra exists within you and it’s pretty easy to know which physical organs exist in those areas. Those are the organs that will have more stress in them while your kundalini fire is burning and surfacing old emotional energies you’ve stored in them. Take care of yourself during these intense transformational periods. Drink plenty of water to help with the heat and fire, the constant sweating and potential mineral loss, and the constant detoxing and purging that this entire Process creates.
  • When kundalini reaches your head, just let it do what it does and don’t intellectualize the process much because you can’t and don’t need to! You’ll feel the fire and pressures inside your skull pushing and changing things in there and it all pouring up and out of the top of your head (Crown chakra) too. Let the kundalini fire transmute your brain glands and clear and expand your Brow and Crown chakras for what will happen next.
There’s many more kundalini symptoms but this would become so long it’d be boring. Let’s move on to the Body Rewiring Process which can now happen more easily and quickly because Kundalini Fire has burned through and transmuted the majority of emotional junk that had long been stuck in your trunk!


The Body Rewiring doesn’t hurt as most all the other Ascension symptoms do. It does however feel rather strange because you can actually feel energies vibrating, buzzing, and shaking deep inside your physical body. Thankfully no pain, just a sensation of inner vibrations that typically begin in the lower section of your body or in your core. I first felt them many years ago in my lower gut or core area. Over the years this inner body electrical-like vibrating would move slowly from one area to another and another and so on. Over the years it slowly inched its way upward in my body and lastly made it to my head and brain. At that point the Brain Rewiring took place which did and still does today cause me headaches, pressures, pains and aches both inside my head and also on the surface of my skull and scalp and Crown chakra area.


  • Typically feeling inner body vibrations that feel rather like a mild electric current running inside you. It vibrates, buzz’s, and even mildly shakes you from deep inside your physical body. It is painless and isn’t that a nice change!
  • Over the months and years this inner body vibration will move around inside your body. You’ll feel it low in your base area, then higher in your belly area where it moves around and doesn’t remain in just one area in each section of your body. It will slowly move around your core, typically from bottom to top.
  • It’s easiest to feel this inner body vibrating when you’ve been asleep and suddenly awaken. While laying there quietly in the middle of the night it’s easy to feel a strong vibrating or buzzing energy inside your body. It runs in on/off cycles of a few seconds on and less seconds off. This perfectly timed pattern will repeat until you can safely cope with the vibration running for longer and longer periods.
  • Eventually this inner body vibrating energy increases to the point where it runs or is “ON” constantly inside your body and there’s no more periods where it’s “OFF” at all. This will take time however. At this point know that you are running and housing, within your physical body and self, a much higher frequency Light Energy than you ever could have done and survived before.
  • Once your whole physical body has been Rewired, it enters your head/brain and then that process begins. Stair steps remember or we wouldn’t survive The Process.


When this Rewiring Ascension Process reaches your head and two brain halves you can feel and sense that you’re running a much higher, faster, undiluted Light-filled Energy throughout your whole physical body. You’ve been rewired,upgraded, and have a NEW 5D Body Grid system (central nervous system and much more) just like Earth now does. This means you—like Earth—can now run and constantly house 5D energies through your body and not fry or go mad or die because of it! You’ve succeeded in transmuting your Alchemical 3D Lead into 5D Gold and now have the latest and most energy-efficient, self-sustained model on the market. Congratulations! But, not to burst your hard-earned bubble of joy, there’s more…much more but it will be worth it so let’s continue and Rewire the head and brain—hence consciousness—so it matches your newly rewired body.
Once these transformational Rewiring Energies enter your head and brain you are going to have to deal with some pains and pressures inside your head and skull. I’m not going to pad this and say it doesn’t hurt occasionally because it does. But if you honestly think about what is happening inside your physical head/brain, it’s SO worth the occasional headaches and pressures.
The two separate brain hemispheres will now begin being Rewired into oneunified whole brain that functions without the old lower 3D polarities of left and right brain consciousness and terrible disconnects. We can’t as yet fully perceive of how we’ll be able to perceive reality with a Rewired or Unified brain. Soon however.
  • The Brain Rewiring is occasionally painful and causes headaches, pressures and pains inside the head, pains and pressures in the external skull and scalp. These pains and pressures also move around inside the head and outside on the skull.
  • It often causes a sense or feel of twirling or rotating, spinning and/or tipping over or dropping through the floor. Not “dizziness”, but a rotating movement.
  • It often triggers seeing lights, colors, sharks or points or explosions of light, shadows moving, movements of energies, non-physical beings and discarnate humans etc. Just observe the weird clairvoyant show but be aware too. Everything is not always as it seems. In other words, “all that glitters” with light doesn’t mean it is of the Light. No fear just pay attention and discern.
  • You’ll feel pressures and pains in your Brow chakra area and even more so in your Crown chakra area and the top of your physical skull/head.
  • You may smell scents like burning smoke or incense very close to your body for days, weeks or months on-end. You may also have a grossly exaggerated sense of smell with certain scents that nearly choke you and/or make you nauseous. This is caused by the Rewiring happening within your brain glands; the pineal and pituitary glands primarily and their being connected or unified also.
  • You will find yourself perceiving, or more accurately, knowing things instead of linearly thinking and intellectualizing as you’re used to. This is due to the Kundalini clearing Inner Work, the later Body Rewiring, coupled with the current Brain Rewiring. We’re evolving/ascending now into what I call Spherical or 5D High Heart Consciousness—what others call “Unity Consciousness” or “triality” consciousness. To get there tho, all these previous Ascension-related stair steps and Alchemical processes have to be gone through first. Soon we’ll know things from our Conscious High Hearts instead of having to linearly think, speculate or guess and hope for the best! We will simply know.
  • All this stuff going on in our heads and brains also causes hearing changes, inner ear pressures and the occasional inner ear stabbing pain. You will also hear strange non-physical sounds, voices, possibly words or your name being said etc. Again, no fear just realize that your two separate brain halves are being Rewired and billions of NEW neural Light pathways are being wired, connected between the two hemispheres that are becoming one unified whole brain. Of course we’re going to see, hear, smell, sense, perceive and feel all sorts of brand NEW energies, lights, Beings and dimensions etc.
Again there’s far more symptoms with the Brain Rewiring process because there’s far more happening than what I’ve written above. I’m not intentionally withholding information about these Ascension-related processes, it’s just that I haven’t completely figured out yet how to articulate what I perceive in geometric symbolic Light forms. As soon as I can better interpret into linear written words these geometric Light symbols I see over human energy and physical bodies, I’ll write about it too. I do know they represent Multidimensional, multiple layered Bodies we all have and how ALL of our different Energy Bodies from the densest to the mid-range to the highest frequency bodies closest to Source are ALL evolving/ascending simultaneously now.

Image Credit: metaphysigirl.wordpress.com

Copyright © 2011-2012 Denise Le Fay. All Rights Reserved. You may copy and redistribute this material so long as you do not alter it in any way and the content remains complete, credit is given to the author, and you include this copyright notice and link. http://deniselefay.wordpress.com/
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Saturday, February 19, 2011

Natural Dangers

Eric Stevenson is a health and safety advocate who resides in the Southeastern US. He is very passionate about people's mental and physical health and how people can avoid environmental elements that can lead to chronic and terminal illness. We are pleased to feature Eric as a guest blogger on Oshun Spirit Living Light today!

When we hear something is “natural,” we tend to think of it as something good and healthy, or at the very least benign.  However, just because something occurs in nature does not make it good for humankind – or other life on the earth, for that matter.  The following substances can be found in nature, but should still be avoided.


Asbestos, though somewhat unusual and thread-like in appearance, is mined from the earth just like many other minerals.  Records of the use of asbestos go back thousands of years, as far as the ancient Greeks and Romans who knew that this mineral could be woven into cloth that could be thrown into a fire without burning.  However, it wasn’t until the late 1800s that commercial use of asbestos really took off.  It was put in nearly everything you could imagine – insulation, floor and ceiling tiles, wall panels, navy ships, small appliances, protective clothing, and much more.  Its fireproofing capabilities likely saved many lives, but not without dire cost.

The thread-like structure of asbestos is what makes it so dangerous – small, needle-like fibers can break away and float into the air, where they can be breathed in.  Once lodged in the tissues of the body, it is nearly impossible to remove these tiny fibers.  Over time, they can cause lung scarring, asbestosis, and even mesothelioma, a fatal cancer of the lining of the chest. Mesothelioma symptoms like shortness of breath, pain or tightness in the chest, and fluid around the lungs are often confused with other, less serious lung ailments until the cancer has spread throughout the body.  Luckily, asbestos has largely been replaced in most products, but individuals renovating older homes and buildings should take caution and consult a professional if they believe asbestos is present.

Radon Gas

Like asbestos, radon gas comes from beneath the ground, but unlike the mineral, no mining or manufacture is required to bring this substance into the home.  Radon is a product of the breakdown of uranium, a radioactive element in the earth’s crust, and when it sublimates into a gas, it can leak up into the basement or ground floor of a home or other building.  The concentration of radon varies widely according to geographical location, so some people may not need to worry about it.  However, those within radon hotspots need to exercise caution and consider testing the air in their homes to see if they need additional ventilation to keep their homes healthy.  Though smoking is by far the number one cause of lung cancer, according to a National Institutes of Health  report on environmental cancer, radon gas is the second most common cause.

The good news is that, though both of these dangerous substances occur naturally, they can be avoided with a little awareness and planning.  Living a healthy life involves respecting the natural world and understanding what aspects of it we can.  Symptoms of mesothelioma and lung cancer are serious, but can in many cases be avoided by being aware of our surroundings and making healthy choices.

image credit: thelakemathewsnews.com

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Finding Balance and Comfort in the Process of Awakening

I am currently offering readings and etheric healing sessions especially for those of you who have begun to manifest difficult lightbody symptoms and want to manage these symptoms and changes in your bodies through a holistic integration and healing process.
This body of work combines spirit guided healing with tachyon gridding. Tachyon grids unify all frequencies through sacred geometry and the zero point creation matrix. This tool, in concert with my ability as a clear channel for healing energies and information, offers a unique opportunity to ease some of the anxieties around the rapid evolutionary processes many of you are experiencing. This service is offered on my website.

All of you who are currently experiencing the Awakening and/or Ascension process intuitively know that any discomfort, and side effect symptoms are simply catalysts to your remembering of the truth of who you are and why you are here, now. My intention is to assist you in developing a framework which will align your heart and mind to your spiritual comprehension of your multi-dimensionality, and allow you to work through and clear these symptoms with greater ease.

My function is to hold the space with the highest intention of healing, support and surrender to what shows up as the clearest expression from Your Highest Self. I will act as a spiritual guide to bring clarity to the aspect of your soul purpose and what is being moved through in your evolution process. I cannot predict all that will unfold within the session or define the topics of each session until I explore them with you during our time together. But I do know, beyond any doubt, that I will be able to channel the information and energetic frequencies your higher self chooses to assist your mastery of your challenges at hand, and ease you through the transformation which is causing your discomfort.

It is my intention that you may experience the deep peace and great joy of life in the higher realms, even as your Ascension Process unfolds.

This package includes a 30-minute interactive session by telephone immediately followed by a healing transmission, and a follow-up integration call a few days later. You should allow at least 90 minutes on the day of your appointment, with about 10 minutes prior to the call set aside for meditation and so I may make a connection with you, about 30 minutes for conversation, and the remainder of the time relaxing and receiving the transmissions.

Our follow up conversation by telephone (approx. 48 - 72 hours later, and no earlier) will be 10 - 15 minutes in duration.  Discussion, since it is an intellectual activity, often has the effect of diluting the power of spiritual healing. Sometimes, by talking about things we define and limit what is actually non-linear and limitless! I believe that it is necessary to be in the mystery for a while... and to respect that which has unfolded in the realm of Spirit and give the process a chance to manifest miracles in the physical without our mental and emotional preconceptions altering the natural courses.

I think that to be spiritually centered in the process of Ascension  is also to have a holy respect for the great mysteries of life — the yearning in our souls to experience love in its many forms, the strange beauty of the natural world, the complexity of our inner selves, the unfathomable creativity of Source.

Just as the wisdom traditions have challenged us to live within the grace of unknowing, our Creator has provided us with the ability to tap into comfort through faith, and finally, now, through direct communication. We are awakening to our own Divinity and Light, Deep Peace and Great Joy.

May you be blessed!

Friday, February 11, 2011

Crystal Balls, Tarot Cards, Pendulums and Psychic Readings... Oh My!

So, you're thinking that you might want to schedule an intuitive reading... but you're not really sure what to expect. You're imagining it might be, well, weird... or maybe even a little scary!


My name is Susan Berry. And, I offer psychic readings and spiritual counseling with one intention: to help you to be more aware of your Spirit – your higher self – and your plan and your purpose for your life.  When you have this awareness, you can make choices that are in harmony with your own highest  intentions.  And, you can experience your best possible life, love, and health!  

It is not my desire to predict your future, but to point you in the probable direction of joy, creativity, abundance and love. It is not my intention to tell you what to do, but remind you how to do what you want to do from the vantage point of your Spirit. Please note that our Spirits communicate based on Universal Laws, and thus do not limit our interactions to any particular religious denomination or spiritual practice.

When I do a reading for you, I first connect with you energetically. As a seer and empath, I do this most easily by viewing your photograph. I adjust my vibration so I can clearly "see and feel" you. Then I am able to access any guidance that is supportive of the present moment and your current level of spiritual understanding of the challenges in your life.  The information offered to you is always that of non-judgemental and compassionate wisdom. The purpose is  to open your heart, facilitate deep healing, and strengthen the flow of love and positive energy into your life.  It is given so that you may move forward with grace and in harmony, gifted with free will and the capacity to choose your course of action for the highest good as your life unfolds.

An intuitive reading with me is simply a guided journey into the larger story of your life so that you may make informed choices from the perspective of the higher planes. It's not weird.  And it is certainly not scary! It is beautiful.

With this in mind, it I recommend that it is always best to approach the reading process with clear goals in terms of what you wish to heal or balance, and with a list of questions that you would like answers to.  And, after you compose your list, ask yourself if the questions you are asking are really reflective of what you want to know? Go deeper, always go one layer deeper!

Although readings generally do not require much preparation on the part of you, the client,  there are still certain things that you can do both before and during the reading which will help you to get the most out of our time together. First, ask yourself why you want to have a reading. Do you just want to hear what you want to hear? Or, are you ready to un-earth and face long buried truths? Are you prepared to listen to the facts as they present themselves and are you willing to follow through with directives for transformation? Are you ready for a deep healing that can change your life?

I offer readings as catalysts for healing. I open myself only to sacred purpose. If you want lotto numbers I'm not the channel for you.

I do recommend that you write your questions down prior to our time together as it is easy to forget to ask the most important question that you wanted to explore, especially when we get a really good connection, as the information that comes through can be fast and furious!

My goal is to diminish some of your unsettled nerves beneath which exists a natural curiosity about life and a desire to know things on a deeper level. After all, without that curiosity and desire you would not be seeking a reading! 

It’s important to remember too that psychic abilities are normal and we all possess them to a degree. We all have "psychic" moments and although many people like to brush these aside with the word “coincidence” the truth is that there are no coincidences. We all have a psychic sense, it’s a normal part of our being human so don’t be afraid of this. Remember that I am a regular person just like you! I've just focused on my gift and practiced for many years, just as a concert pianist is graced with mastership of music from years of perfecting that natural gift.

So, connect with the feeling of excitement around this desire to know, and let that guide you. That will help put you in touch with the voice of your own intuition and when it is time for your reading take a deep breath and relax. This deep relaxation will make a world of difference in the quality of your reading and your ability to intuit the subtle meanings in the message. As you listen to what is being channelled to you from spirit, you may not accept everything that you are being given right away. I ask that you do remain open to the possibilities that this information is being given to help you, and that you will gain clarity over time. Aha moments often occur days and months after your reading!

Also, you should be ready and open to enter into a two way conversation. It will not interrupt the flow of information that you are supposed to receive. If some information is given to you and you do not fully understand it, do not be afraid to ask me to repeat the information or ask for my interpretation of it. I am very approachable and friendly (and a I'm a mom!), so remember that I am here to help you. If you want to ask any questions, then please do ask away! It's your reading and you should feel free to direct the flow.

The most important thing you can do is to relax. It is normal to be a little nervous, and excited especially if you have never had a psychic reading before. Nerves are normal whenever we do anything for the first time.  But since you have decided to have a reading there are no doubt certain areas of your life which you would like to seek deeper insights and guidance about, and you are excited to explore. So, take some time before-hand to think deeply about the questions you wish to ask and write them down. Having "notes" will help you to feel more relaxed during our time together. And in that space of relaxation, peace and an open heart – miracles occur!

I look forward to opening my heart as a channel for healing in your life.
May you be blessed!

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Finding Your Balance, Riding the Wave

Everything is going my way!

Wait, this is too good to be true...


(And just when you were wondering how everything got to be so good...)

When you're riding along on the crest just say "no" to the tendency to get scared and wonder if something is going to come along and throw you off that wave and dump you head first onto the shore. Because as you focus on that fear, well, you create that very opportunity to spit out a bit of sand. Why? To teach you to stop it!

Because just as that little voice of negative self-talk chimes in with "I know it can't last," or "when everything starts to go well, something always comes along to spoil it," or even better, "Who do I think I am, I don't deserve all this!" we lose our balance. We come out of our center (our heart, our passion, our spirit) and lean toward fear.

Whatever the belief you're working through, it overrides everything good that comes your way, and even though we do deserve the success, happiness, joy, and abundance, this is where we crash. This is where you allow self-sabotage in your life just to prove to yourself that you are right about the core beliefs you identify with. (And learn that these barriers have been placed by your own hands.)

So, why is it that we think that we should hold only a certain amount of happiness or success…or love?

Why do we convince ourselves that riding the wave, and having a good, long ride is not possible (or maybe not even allowed?)

We constantly attract the people and situations that reflect our own interior state of being in order to release those limiting thoughts and move toward pure joy.

So the next time you're spitting out the sand, ask yourself:

1. What am I doing to draw this to my life?
2. What is the lesson I need to learn from this situation so that I do not have to repeat it?

Your life is purely a mirror of yourself-talk. Every single moment of peace, chaos, happiness, sadness, miracles and explosions are of your own divine creation. And, they are all reflections of your beliefs, your conscious and unconscious thoughts, the things you are aware of and the things you choose not to see or believe about yourself. And this negative voice – the one that tells you your are about to come crashing off the joy ride and holds all of the lies that you have been told about yourself or chosen to believe – drowns the light filled truth that you really are.

It is time to get out of your head and to stop rationalizing and to move into your heart and open it up and embrace all your widest passion-filled aspirations. It is time to move past the untruths, insecurities, and misdirected loyalties. It is time to paddle out to that big wave and stand in trust, in love, balanced with forgiveness and compassion, and ride with reckless abandon! Fearless and free!

May you be blessed!

image credit: canstockphoto.com

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Birthing World Change

Today, our brothers and sisters are in Cairo protesting the regime of President Hosni Mubarak who has ruled for nearly 30 years. Egypt has been in a state of emergency since 1967, which means its government has the power to censor its public, detain without reason, and violate constitutional rights. Massive unemployment, high food prices, and regime corruption have resulted in a revolution. And the size of the movement, its range throughout the country, and general, cross-religious and class support, seem to suggest that a dramatic change in the way Egypt is governed will be birthed as a result.

Massive unemployment, high food prices, and corruption are not unique to Egypt. Revolution is in the air we all breathe.

World change is on the minds and in the hearts of most of humanity. And never before have human beings been more interconnected. Communications technology has created a global community, where every person may become aware of the whole of humanity. We are all One, like never before in human history. Our interdependence and interconnectedness reveals itself even as world events appear to be spiraling into ever greater manifestations of negativity.

Many of us have who worked to bring change to the world with awakened consciousness, positive actions and intentions, compassion and service are more than frustrated by the apparent lack of effect of our good works. Manifestations of intolerance, judgement and oppression, exactly the opposite of the more peaceful, spiritual world that many of us are seeking to create, create extreme imbalances in humanity.

But, it is no longer possible for anyone to shut out the reality of the large human family of which we are all a part. You have anchored that truth. Philosophies and religions that attempt to make another group of people the enemy are now being exposed for the fear and suffering they perpetuate. You have brought the possibility of personal communion with the Divine into manifestation. And in our world where far too many lack basic resources for survival, and a relatively small number of people have an overabundance of resources, you have begun to play with the universal laws of abundance, love, and light to bring about balance.

Yes, our collective spiritual healing unfolds, and more and more are awakening to the knowledge that where one part of our human family suffers at the expense of another, everyone suffers. This is your truth. This awakening of consciousness, though not yet fully manifested, is birthing. Your child is coming. The lightworkers and wayshowers who have anchored the intention to bring in the change which has been prophesied across time in diverse cultures and religions must not tire yet. It's almost time to push.

Your expanded consciousness, awareness, and ability to hold the higher frequencies on the Earth plane have never been more important. Each one of us is essential part of the evolution of humanity's consciousness. Breathe.

There is far more happening in Cairo today than meets the eye. Our multi-dimensional universal family gathers close to support mankind. The veils between worlds are very thin. With just a tiny shift in our frequencies we will all tune into their broadcasts, gather the knowledge of those who see us from the higher planes, and use that knowledge as power to affect world change. As lightworkers we must open to that wisdom and set our daily intentions and actions to impact on the world around us for the highest good. Breathe.

Reform. Re-form. The potential for real change is here, now.  Over the past decades we have worked for it, prayed for it. Massive meltdowns are underway, and it is important to stay in your center, grounded in compassion and joyfully in service as the process unfolds. Please do not be frustrated by the manifestations of intolerance, judgement and oppression. Breathe.

The peaceful, spiritual world that you seek to create is birthing. These are the labor pains. Breathe through them.

May you be blessed!

 image credit: americanneopaganism.com