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Sunday, May 22, 2011

Talk to the banana and tell me how it feels

Yesterday, at my son's graduation commencement, I listened to words of wisdom. Each sentiment was a carefully selected expression of the best advice intelligent people with vast experience might pass on to these young graduates – all full of hopes and dreams but with precious little life experience.

One speaker ended a wonderful delivery with this quote from Maya Angelou:

"I've learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel."

A few days ago sellers at Bonanza were notified that the site had launched a new feedback feature they're calling "Transaction Impressions." In it's introduction on the company's blog, CEO Bill Harding remarked: "Of course, we've listened carefully to our seller community and understand that some sellers are wary of feedback systems that can be used against them unfairly.  Specifically, we know that there is a segment of our sellers that would not want Bonanza to introduce a system akin to eBay's "DSR" system...

Well, most sellers were not happy, and they felt management was not listening to their objections to the new feature.  Feeling frustrated and insulted, they offered many, many valid reasons why the feature might actually prove detrimental their businesses. In fact, you can read the comments that were left on the announcement blog here, although several comments were deleted by management so you won't see them. This is actually a common practice that Bonanza Management employs when "listening" to their membership. Had I written this piece on Friday I would also have been able to direct you to similar threads in their site forums, some several pages long, all commenting on the overwhelming dissatisfaction with the new grading system. They too have been wiped from the site. Again, the listening thing.

Leaves a bad feeling... every time.

It is important to note that checkout is still not reliable on the site. Management clearly does not believe their selling site needs a glitch-free system through which purchases might be made, and that is why I do not sell there any longer. And why my commentary is no longer appreciated...

And by the way, the picture cropper that was launched with the new star system was launched broken. The stars themselves do not stick and there are typos in the prompts. But this is typical bonanza style, the speed over perfection model.  A helpful seller pointed out some areas of improvement, but to no avail:

“Sellers communication was helpful & friendly”
please add an apostrophe “Seller’s communication…”
“Shipping time my met expectations”
 switch “my” and “met” to “Shipping time met my exp…”

But back to the issue of feelings.

The purpose of our feelings is so that we will know how to respond to an experience. Our feelings can tell us that a person we are relating to is unsafe, or that a situation is not serving our best interests. Our feelings are filled with important information; information about what is going on in our world and what our response is to those experiences. Our feelings can guide us toward securing our personal safety by getting the heck out of the situation and by setting appropriate boundaries. Feelings are five-star feedback.

So... as the sellers discussed their feelings, some were promptly discounted and deleted by management, such as this one: "I think we would have a better chance keeping buyers if checkout worked all the time and the offers got through to the sellers… buyers will not return when offers are ignored and a seller can not respond when they do not know they exist. I think these two things would do much more to keep buyers than stars.."

Another seller asked: "why? why bother. what’s wrong with the other? isn’t there enough to do or fix around here. most won’t leave feedback because it’s a pain in the rump; now it’ll be a bigger pain in the rump. I just think time and resources should be concentrated it better utilized areas of need..."

Management's reply: "The reason “why” is that it’s a lot easier to keep an existing buyer than to recruit a new one. Every time a buyer has a negative experience, that is a buyer that will probably never return to Bonanza again. In addition to spending money to recruit buyers, features like this will help us to keep the buyers we already have (by giving sellers feedback that let them keep their buyers satisfied)."

Another seller wrote in response: “Of course, we’ve listened carefully to our seller community…” Respectfully, that doesn’t seem to be evidenced today or lately. Of course it is your site and you will implement changes as you see fit. But, please don’t attribute changes to listening to your community."

And then Bill's avatar changed to the fruit picture. It seemed odd, felt "off" to the many who were trying to have an intelligent conversation. ‎This behavior from a guy with a dislike of urinal splashback which he feels the need to speak publicly about (see FB profile) a fondness for the acronym CHUBS (see my blog http://oshunspirit.blogspot.com/2011/04/exploring-core-values-of-ceo-club.html) and not one but two bananas for an avatar that his programmer "made him accept against his will" (see http://www.bonanza.com/blog/main/New_seller_tools__transaction_impressions_and_auto_crop)...

His reply to a seller who mentioned the sudden change: "I know, it’s awful, right? Christopher made me this profile icon and told me I had to use it. Please file your complaint with him so that I can get back to my usual human form."

How's that feel?

Another seller wrote: "Do you also believe that it is a lot easier to keep an existing seller than to recruit a new one… because many of your sellers (your customers) are not as happy as they use to be with a lot of the upgrades and with the way customer service has become.. many sellers who have been here for years have left for varying reasons.. all are dissatisfied with situations on the site… how are you going to help us.. what are you going to implement, or fix to keep your customers??? Many of the sellers who left were also buyers.. and many still here that are thinking of leaving are buyers.. if they leave as a seller you have also lost a buyer."

Management's response: "Your account has been censored on Bonanza for 7 days for expressing negative viewpoints in a non-constructive manner."

Then the blog was closed to all comments.

Talk to the banana...

How's that feel?

Feelings are wired into our most primitive and accurate defense system. They are neurological, biochemical reactions that happen on a cellular level in response to stimuli. They don’t require thinking... by feeling what you feel, you’ll know what you need to do in every situation. They are your guiding star, in fact, the only star you'll ever need.

May you be blessed!  

image credit: Bonanza.com

Thursday, May 12, 2011

Announcing Sweet Water Spa Minerals New Website!

Sweet Water Spa salts and mineral mud
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Now you can purchase these products in bulk packages for private use or for use in your own professional practice!

You are invited to visit our new sister site, Sweet Water Spa (http://sweetwaterspa.weebly.com/) which is devoted exclusively to our Tachyon optimized salts, clays and mineral muds. Please join us on Facebook at http://www.facebook.com/SpaMinerals and "like us" to be included in some fabulous sample give-aways in the coming days and weeks.

In fact, we gave away one pound of Tachyon-optimized Himalayan Mountain Red Sea Salt last night in a drawing just for our first 25 Facebook fans. Thank you to all who supported our launch and who made it possible to get our page url shortened into something more manageable: http://www.facebook.com/SpaMinerals.

Our new website also features a blog page where you will find information about our products as well as advice on how to use the products, discussions about internal and external applications, and simple-to-make recipes to create luxurious spa treatments to enjoy in your home, to share as gifts, or for your clients to experience in your own professional setting.

Visit our products page to purchase bulk Tachyon-optimized Himalayan Mountain Red Sea Salt and Dead Sea Mineral Mud, Magnetic Pascalite Clay, Calcium Bentonite Clay, and fragrance-free Organic Dead Sea Bokek. Tachyon-optimized Sweet Water Spa Salts and Clays are created in a sacred, ancient, spiritual practice which amplifies the natural healing earth energies in the crystalline structures of the minerals. This process creates superior products which are much, much more effective than any others in the world marketplace.

These very special minerals assist in the extraction of toxins from the body, assist in the natural cleansing of the Lymphatic System, assist in the extraction of heavy metals from the body, and give a boost to the immune system. Detoxification helps alleviate pain and reduce swelling in the body, improves the quality of your sleep, reduces the symptoms of stress, and promotes vitality, health and wellness.

When you lower the toxin levels in your body you'll feel better, have more energy, and look absolutely radiant!  http://sweetwaterspa.weebly.com/index.html

Monday, May 9, 2011

Change your Charge, Change Your Life!

All living organisms – plants, animals, and people –  generate their own electromagnetic field which determines every metabolic function in their bodies, including nerve signal transmissions, cell division, nutrient transport, and physical, emotional, and psychological response to external stimuli.

Humans and animals are extremely sensitive to magnetic fields.  Our bodies contain magnetite crystals which respond to the vibrations of the earth’s magnetic field in our brain tissue, bones, in the blood-brain barrier, and near the ophthalmic nerves which carry information to the brain. Birds also have magnetite embedded around their eyes that helps them to stay on course during migration, fish have magnetite crystals along the sides of their bodies that signal them to swim in schools in a particular direction. 

The ancients discovered the earth’s magnetic grid is composed of intersecting ley lines that run through the planet. Ley lines vary in intensity depending on the geophysical makeup of an area such as mineral deposits or underground streams, and the gravitational force exerted there.  Depending on location, the areas along these lines will either support life or be detrimental to it.

All living creatures are finely tuned to the earth’s energies and depend on them for survival. The earth’s electrical and magnetic fields interact with one another and with all living species to support biological processes and instinctual behavior.  The earth itself is a huge bipolar magnet with a north and south pole and a central spinning core of molten iron and nickel. Micropulsations in the 10 Hz range constantly radiate from the core, establishing a resonance to which all life responds.  The earth’s electromagnetic field is created by an intricate dance between the magnetic core, the charged gases of the ionosphere and the enormous power of solar winds emanating from the sun.

The soil also continually emits electrically charged particles into the air called ions. On a clear day the earth emits a negative charge and the atmosphere has a positive charge. On rainy days the particles are reversed.  The earth’s natural background voltage runs from 100 volts at the surface, increasing in altitude to 360,000 volts at the lowest layer of the ionosphere. (This is problematic for airline personnel who spend a lot of time out of the natural frequency range of earth.) Those who live or work in high-rise buildings can also be challenged by the electromagnetic fields associated with higher altitudes. The phrase “down to earth” refers to the centered focus one achieves from being grounded on the earth.

Our ancestors were bathed only in the natural frequencies of the earth. These included the earth’s intrinsic magnetic field, lightning, and visible light. Scientists estimate that we take in 200 trillion times more electromagnetic fields (EMFs) each day than someone living prior to 1900. It is estimated that every 15 seconds we are exposed to more EMFs than our ancestors experienced in their entire lifetimes from televisions, power lines, computers, cell phones, microwave ovens, etc. Hundreds of scientific studies  have demonstrated the biological effects of manmade electromagnetic fieldspointing to the high rate of cancer in people who live near power lines. The U.S. National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences designates low-frequency EMFs a possible human carcinogens. Headaches, stress, depression, fatigue, poor memory, and pressure in the ears and eyes are just some of the other symptoms associated with cell phone use and contunued exposure to EMFs.

Because human beings are frequency generators we have the power to modulate our own energies to a large degree. However, we have not evolved quickly enough to compensate for the bombardment of energies from our modern technology. This is why so many people are unable to function at "full capacity." Earth energies assist us in balancing our energy field, in fact a walk in the woods or by the ocean can quickly discharge and balance frequencies and harmonize our bioenergy field with the natural resonance of earth. The natural energies of the earth, sun and stars sustain, energize and renew us.  Without them we could not exist. But for many it is impossible to find the time and space to be in nature to the degree required to heal and protect us from the harmful electromagnetic fields we are exposed to in our daily lives to maintain our balance.

The sympathetic resonance properties found in Oshun Spirit Tachyon Wellness Tools offers a simple solution as they work to neutralize the harmful effects of EMF’s that we are exposed to at home and in the workplace. People using these products report reduced stress and illness, increased energy and stamina, and more restorative sleep. I hope you will take a moment to visit our website and discover the many health benefits of incorporating Tachyon Wellness Tools into your daily life. Our products include Tachyon Salt Lamps, Pyramids, Spa Treatments, Textiles, Bio-resonance Jewelry and more!

"The effects of Tachyon energy are unlimited.  Each energy block we clear adds to the joy of the cosmic energy flowing through us. We can literally feel this! As we repeatedly experience it (and then experience the divine energy consistently filling us with joy, peace and contentment) we begin to understand that we ARE this divine energy."

All of our Tachyon products provide excellent EMF protection. You will begin to feel brighter and more energized after a just few hours of using them and over time, you will see a positive influence in many aspects of your life. Your health and well being will certainly improve, but so will your relationships and synchronisctic opportunities for fulfilling your self expression and life puropse. As your positive electromagnetic field communicates with others and your environment – you will, in effect, magnetize beneficial people, encounters, and opportunities to you!

May you be blessed!

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Standing in the Light

I often browse these blog archives to see what was holding my attention a year ago, two years ago, and even three years ago to the day. I like to discover how my perspective and perception changes over time. On May 3, 2009 I wrote an entry entitled, "I've got your back."

At the time I wrote this particular entry some of the founding members of the fledgling ecommerce site, Bonanzle (later renamed Bonanza) were wondering out loud if management might not have the best interests of its dedicated founding members as a priority...

Many people were beginning to question why a working checkout system and improved search was not being implemented (after 8 months of troubleshooting and serious trouble) in favor of games, distractions and other features which could never improve (and have not improved) the bottom line for sellers without basic functionality in place.

As it became clear that management would not respond directly, but rather issue condescending remarks which gave way to threats and ultimately to censorship of the questions, it was apparent that the working trust had been broken. The game had changed. A general uneasiness, a sense of conflict, suspicion, and alert was widespread. And as sellers were being singled out and picked off, I wanted everyone to know... I saw it and I would stand with them. And so the blog.

My perspective and perception has not changed over time. I will stand, fully illuminated. For you, and for me.

Recently a client asked me for input and help to figure out whether she should feel as violated and hurt as she did in a relationship... was she making a big deal out of nothing, being too sensitive, overreacting? And it occurred to me that we all do this. I did this. We give the benefit of the doubt even as our skin prickles. We freeze in place even as we get the fight or flight signal from our reptilian brains which are still wired to save our lives.

Our feelings are neither good nor bad, they just ARE, so however you feel, you need to honor those feelings. That is your reality. If I am sensing danger, I need to respect that and then examine why... but because I like to avoid confrontation sometimes I just say I am okay with it... I'll just play nice and stuff my feelings...

I'll use my socially-conditioned, friend-seeking, fan-building, people-pleasing skills and numb and dumb myself down into socially-acceptable sleep. And then I wake up and stop it.

I think that we're really seeking is permission to feel what we feel. That was what my client really wanted from me. Validation of her feelings, permission to wake up out of the darkness of deep sleep and say "NO!"

You are the only one who can give yourself that permission to stand in the light of your truth and your feelings, and you are also the only one who can deny yourself that permission. Getting back to the real situation, we teach people how to treat us. If you accept the behavior and elect not to express the true depth of your feelings candidly, you are in essence teaching this person that they may disrespect you by doing it again.

Respect yourself and others will too. It is never okay for anyone to treat you disrespectfully.

If I let someone get away with such behavior, then I think it is actually me who becomes the one who is guilty of disrespecting myself. If I am surrounded by darkness, its because I turned off the light.

And so my advice was this: Always strive to treat yourself, your feelings, and your integrity as you would that of a beloved and respected true friend. You are that true friend. I understand this urge to people-please, and I also understand how damaging it is to one's own spirit.

There's great joy in having someone stand up for you. But it feels even better when you yourself are the one doing it. Learn to seek validation from the only source that really matters, your very own self.
Saying NO can be the biggest YES you'll ever feel!

May you be blessed!

image credit: sherdog.net

Monday, May 2, 2011

Our Organic Dead Sea Salt Naked Bokek is now available by the pound at Addoway.com!

Our famous Naked Tachyon Salt is now available by the pound!

Unrefined, untouched, unscented, with nothing added but love! This is the same organic, coarse Bokek we use in our own custom blends and wholesale spa salts. What makes it so very special is the 21-day vacation it spends in a Tachyon grid before we blend it with the essentials and herbs! And now you can enjoy Naked Tachyon Salt at home, and use it to create your own signature Spa Goodies!

This is food grade Bokek so it can be used in cooking and as a gourmet table salt. It is very large grain so it must be ground, and it is very salty tasting so you'll use less.

This Organic Dead Sea Salt has a much higher mineral content than any other Dead Sea Salt. The healing and therapeutic properties of these minerals are why dead sea salt has been so highly prized for centuries throughout the world. The many healing benefits include relief from arthritis, treatment of varicose veins, body cleansing & detoxification, sport recuperation & injury rehab, athletes feet, skin diseases, weight loss, muscle aches, skin exfoliating, blood circulation, great stress relief, muscle toning, and healthy skin. Many people use Bokek as a soak or with combined with essential oils and a carrier (almond or olive oil is good) as a scrub, or added to other mineral muds.

Healthy skin and physical and mental well being is dependent on the correct sodium and potassium or fluid balance in the body. This is regulated by the Adrenal gland, which in turn affects healthy function of the kidneys. The kidneys are responsible for controlling 28 chemicals in the body. An imbalance of these chemicals or electrolytes can result in certain skin conditions or other symptoms, and over an extended period of time result in various illnesses. Assisting to replace or remove electrolytes enables the body to maintain a good fluid balance thereby improving feelings of relaxation, health and well being. Although Dead Sea salt is known for its medicinal qualities, it is strongly recommended that you consult your physician before using our products for treatments of Psoriasis, Arthritis, Atopic Dermatitis, Eczema or any other skin disorder .

Various studies have taken place using treatment programs combining Dead Sea mineral baths with good results. Of particular interest is that heating the mud and applying it to sore or inflamed joints has proven to eliminate stiffness and pain. This is due to the minerals improving blood circulation necessary to reduce the inflammatory response, together with the detoxifying agent and general muscle relaxant. When the salt has been heated, the ability of the elements to penetrate and be absorbed into the system is increased.

Tachyon wellness products enhance your health: We all are compromised by the effects of a world polluted by herbicides, pesticides, toxins in the air and water, toxic people, stress, electromagnetic fields, radiation, ozone depletion, and the list goes on. Many of us don’t even remember what it feels like to feel physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually whole. Using Tachyon Wellness Products results in a natural detoxification process. This allows increased absorption of available nutrients, vitamins and minerals, increased energy for physical activities, increased awareness of subtle energies, increased brain function, increased circulation and exceptional improvements in athletic abilities and muscle recovery.

I invite you to discover the many health benefits of our organic Tachyon-enhanced Naked Bokek. Enter coupon code SAVE15 at checkout at either www.oshunspirit.net or www.oshunspirit.com, and take 15% off your order thru May 15.