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Thursday, October 30, 2008

Distance Energy Healing

Physical distance is not a barrier to a healing interaction. Energy healing can be accomplished at a distance just as easily as in person. A skilled healer can sense the energy field of the person receiving the healing and provide healing equally effectively if the person is in the same room or across the world. There are many ways one might understand how distance healing works. Much of our everyday experience involves the transfer of energy over long distances. In fact, satellite dishes are just one example. There are energies all about us traveling great distances in short amounts of time, including radio waves. The "life energy" used by healers is a subtle energy that is "faster than light energy" (Richard Gerber, MD, Vibrational Medicine).

From my own viewpoint, it is not necessary for the energy to "travel" anywhere as I am able to "see" the universe as being like a holograph, where the whole is contained in every part. Time and distance are only concepts which help define our "ordinary" third dimensional reality. The laws of nature which describe subtle energies in the higher dimensions are different than those which describe the denser frequencies including the physical body. As physics explores the layers of the structure of creation, phenomena become less and less "localized". Physicists describe a unified field. This is the field in which I work, actually an altered state of awareness in which the limitations of time and distance have been transcended. Awareness itself, the field of intelligence and "beingness" in which this whole phenomenal world is contained, is completely non-local.

Please feel free to email me at suberry@verizon.net if you would like to learn more about the energy healing modalities and services that I offer on my website Oshun Spirit Earth Friendly Goods. I look forward to opening my heart as a channel for healing, growth and awareness in your life.

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