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Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Teaching Reiki, Learning Lessons

A long story, short: A customer bought some oils from me. Then she copied the product listings from my website, posted the oils for sale on her website and proclaimed for herself the skill set I use to create my products. FYI, she has never been my student, she does not posess these particular skills as I know them. Some of my students do, and they have my blessings and my support – endless, infinite support.

Weeks later she purchased 12 imperfect Tachyon cubes on Bonanzle, seconds, and listed them along with my product text, word for word, except for the part about them being seconds. She copied my Tachyon FAQs page and imagined it was her own experiences that flavored her recommendations and insights, and advice.

OK, aside from this being a legal issue, a common sense issue, and an issue of decency, the larger issue is that she presents herself as a Reverend, a Healer, a Lightworker, a Master and a Teacher. She speaks to Spirit Guides, Ascended Masters, Angels, and Your Highest Divine Self. Even your Past Life Self. I assume her own present to her as well. And none of these entities said, "oh oh, bad idea."

I've contacted her, and offered to help her with her own descriptions if she needs such assistance, and acknowledged that she might be ignorant of the ways of ecommerce... and the mis-steps on the learning curve are certainly understandable, forgivable and easily rectified. I've thanked her for her edits in advance. Except I've had no response back. No edits last time I looked. The whole thing feels icky now. But, I was happy to work with her as she makes it right.

On the homepage of her site she quotes:

"Life is designed to be a school for the Soul. A journey where we live out each lesson we have pre-planned and chosen for ourselves.. How we chose to travel through these experiences is up to us; for we are the creators of our own reality."

I'm good with that, but I got to wondering why I might pre-plan this experience.

Further down the page it says, "There are no coincidences in finding yourself here."

Duh. Is it Patience again? Compassion? Tolerance? Charity? Please, what aspect of Love has come to call?

Well, I couldn't address it further today, I was scheduled to teach a day-long workshop, Reiki I, at a Senior Center. Somehow (of course), these events managed to weave themselves into the fabric of the lesson just as we were reviewing the Usui precepts.

Just for today, do not worry. Just for today, do not anger. Honor your parents, teachers and elders. Earn your living honestly. Show gratitude to every living thing.

I acknowledged that I was not worried or angry, that I could honor the teaching (if I could just figure it out), that the earning of a living honestly had turned its facet to the light for us all to think about. (There was a brief discussion of the mortgage crisis, and Bernie Mader, and the crooks who installed the new carpet at the center, but we moved along pretty well.)

I expressed that I was indeed grateful for the peace and sense of detachment that replaced what might have been and emotionally charged experience had I not practiced Reiki, meditation and yoga.

"That's what Reiki does," I said, " it balances emotions, will, spirit, and keeps your body from recoiling and reacting in boils, ulcers and muscle spasms."


As we continued our practice into the afternoon, I was still open to the lesson. Skeptical Mimmi, at age 76, put her gnarled hands on my shoulders.

"You're carrying her here."

Who? What? Oh.

"No," I said, "I'm not."

"Then why would you burden yourself with rewriting her website?"

"I am trying to be kind," I said.

'Well, you should be really pissed off!"

I almost fell over. Mimmi, all 98 pounds of her in her oversize orange, appliqued fall leaves sweatshirt (another outreach program project for sure), shimmered like the great golden Goddess and rose three feet in stature as she pressed her words into my aura and body. I relaxed. My head fell forward. I gave it voice.

"I am pissed off, Mimmi."

She was silent for a good long minute. Then she took her hands off my shoulders and went over to the table and sat down. As she arranged her handouts into her folder, I heard her mummur to no one in particular, "Well, then, I guess this Reiki stuff really works."

May you be blessed!

image credit: www.energy-healing-guide.com


  1. Very well written post and use of the " marks when quoting someone. In spiring measage. I think we can all learn someone from this.

  2. Nice! Let the universe take care of the problem. Karma works and will handle with what needs to be dealt with. Trust your anger.