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Wednesday, November 11, 2009

44 Days til Christmas? Santa's Helpers, Mellow Elves and Warm Fuzzies

This morning I was leisurely browsing for gifts online when I came across a red and green banner flashing a warning: Only 44 Shopping Days Til Christmas! It was complete with a really jarring sound loop of jingling bells and animated elves frantically jumping up and down in the corner, waving their arms.

These elves had a crazed look in their eyes. Too many sugar cookies with their eggnog? Maybe they'd all been into the magic hay they feed to the flying reindeer. I closed the page and closed my eyes, nauseous.

So much for the warm fuzzies. You know, those feelings of happiness, joy, and connection. Of love.

I need my gift giving to have meaning. I want it to be joyful, and stress-free. I like it to smell like cinnamon buns, and I want to take my time, and that's why I shop online in my pajamas while I'm having my morning tea and biscuits.

Santa's cartoon helpers left me feeling overwhelmed, frazzled, and just plain visually exhausted. I know that these psycho-elves, and others like them, have been created precisely to spin me into a buying frenzy, to create the madness that sends cash registers ca-chinking, but I just couldn't look at it. In fact, I felt assaulted.

I don't want to be warned that I'm running out of time, stressed or pressured as I am browsing for the perfect gifts to express my gratitude and love to the people I care about. I want to be in the creative zone of inspiration and delight. I want to go on a little magical adventure, to hunt for the unexpected treasures I will be excited to share.

I love what Debra Dean has done with her Bonanzle Examiner Showcase. In each piece she offers a nice selection of thoughtful gift ideas (love the slippers by the way) with links to the items at the Bonanzle marketplace. There is no danger of dancing dwarfs trampling your holiday spirit, no muzak rendition of the seasonal classics, thank you. Her current selection features fashion and accessories that are all under $50 including shipping. Last week she featured all things Unique, Vintage and Antique.

Gifts don't need to be expensive, and for me, it isn't about the gift so much as it is the energy – the excitement and joy that comes from giving something to another that will make their face light up with the joy of receiving special something. It's all about the love that is being exchanged, for I believe that is the truth behind the season.

I appreciate suggestions, I need a Santa's helper!
But make mine a mellow elf, cherish the warm fuzzy.
Thank you, Jamiro!

May you be blessed!

image credit:ecletech.com

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