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Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Oshun, so often in my mirror.. gratitude and reflections

Vanity? I think not.

It is true that one of Oshun’s symbols is a mirror, but do not be mislead!

Many are mistaken thinking that Oshun represents only external beauty, adornment, jewels and finery. I once read a quote and kept it for a long time upon my altar, but I cannot find the author now –

"When the Void looks into the mirror It sees Us.

When We look into the Void, We see the Mirror.

When We look in the Mirror We see the Void.

When the Mirror looks into the Mirror...
It laughs!"

Oshun is the playful spirit of the awakened observer! Creative potential, realized! Oshun is that quality in a woman which emanates beauty in such a way that vision is not necessary in order to appreciate it. She is the idea of excellence as reflected by refinement, taste and delicacy. By reflection.

By reflection...

OSHUN by Rio Corazon

The other Powers did not know what to make of her. None of them had ever seen anything like her. Oshun was often in her mirror, fanning and adoring herself. They paid no attention to her and left her out of all the rituals and celebrations. So, Oshun, ignored, left and went to comb out her hair on Venus.

Back on earth, things weren't going so well. For many moons the rains ceased. All the rivers and lakes disappeared. The insects were confused. The bees quit pollinating. All the crops suffered.

The powers went to Olodumare and asked, "Great Spirit how can we provide for Earth's children when all of nature is so out of balance?" Olodumare thought for a moment and then asked, "Where is Oshun?"

Everyone looked at each other in dismay, and then finally someone said, "Oh, her.... We left her to her mirror. She is not concerned with practical matters."

Olodumare got very serious. "Come closer and listen closely. Without Oshun's Law of Attraction, nothing in nature can work. If you want to prosper, take time out to enjoy the sweetness of life."

So they called for Oshun. On Venus, Oshun pretended not to hear them. They continued to call for her to join them, but Oshun ignored them. In desperation they all got together and created a beautiful place for her and had a celebration in her honor.

When Oshun finally arrived a cosmic sigh of relief was felt by all. She spoke saying, "Yes I will come and the nectars of life will flow once more, but only if you promise to never let this happen again." Some say that what is going on in the world today is that we are allowing Oshun to be forgotten again.

This is why it's so important to respect the fresh waters of the earth, to take time out to celebrate Oshun, to give thanks each time we drink of her, to do whatever is in our power to protect and not pollute her. No one is a stranger to her for without fresh water none of us could survive. As our planet evolves fresh water for all is humanity's future challenge.

Oshun is the Law of Attraction; she is what causes the molecules in atoms to come together. It is said that Oshun can heal with fresh water and honey where doctors fail. Her medicine is that of Love, and she wins her battles with sweetness. She is the mother of divination, with cowrie shells given to her by Obatala. Oshun is also the goddess of wealth, luxury, creativity, sexuality, and sensuality.

Oshun is fond of the arts, music, and beauty. Her altars will often have a jar of honey, a mirror, decorative fans, ornate perfume bottles, peacock feathers, and brass bells. Her number is five, her colors are yellow, gold, orange, pink, and all shades of green. Her herbs include burdock, cinnamon, raspberry, yarrow, chamomile, lotus, uva-ursi, echinacea, and myrrh. Parrots, peacocks, hummingbirds, vultures, salmon, bees, spiders, and butterflies all belong to Oshun. Her offerings include roses, oranges, papayas, and mangoes, pumpkins, sunflowers, champagne, and honey wine. She is akin to Aphrodite, Venus, Hathor, Our Lady of Charity, Lakshmi and Saraswati.

It is said that the only teacher you will ever need is in the mirror!

Iba se Orisa Oshun!

May You Be Blessed in 2010 and Always!

Take time out to enjoy the sweetness of life...