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Thursday, September 16, 2010

Back to Basics: Eating Raw

Please welcome Megha Mehta, our guest blogger today...

Hi there!

Susan was generous enough to offer me a chance to do a guest post on her blog so here I am!

I am a yoga enthusiast, wellness freak and energy healing practioner rolled into one. I write about simple everyday things that can make our urban lives more connected and healthier. You can read them at www.backtobasics.com.sg 

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I recently came across this book that talked about super energy-packed foods, most of them raw and decided to find out more about it! Raw foods are full of fibre, make you full without making you feel heavy or sleepy and are full of nutrients.

Personally, I've looked at salads mostly as a great option because I feel like they do wonders to my skin and they're really easy to prepare when I am lazy and unwilling to cook! :D And packing a fruit in my handbag is the quickest way to satisfy a sudden hunger pang when I am on the go!

But a bit of flipping through this book really gave me some background on how the enzymes in these RAWS (the real food stars!) aid digestion and nutrition absorption. That's because cooking all food destroys most naturally occurring enzymes in the food and so the body has to use its own reserves in turn depleting its own energy, metabolism and immunity. So adding/substituting raw foods are a great add on to your existing snacks and meals.

And if you need some inspiration here are some raw food ideas you can make use of:

- Nuts - Whether its a nutri-bar or just a small assorted pack of nuts (which you can put together at home), these are great to satisfy hunger pangs anytime of the day!

I guess it's a good idea to beware of two things - the fried salted nuts are high on cholestrol and obviously defeat the whole purpose of eating 'Raw'! And, most nuts are heaty for your stomach so if you feel your body doesn't take too well to it then go ahead and soak it overnight before eating.

- Veggies - Carrots - The easiest to peel and completely ready to eat, you can store it in a box to eat later or eat them right away. They are really high on vitamins and fibre. One of the ways I know many people enjoy this is as thin sticks with Thousand Island dressing or any others as a dip.

- Avocado - Some people categorize them as fruits but whichever name you call it by, avocados are a great energy packed food. Some people like to eat the pulp with a few sprinkles of either salt or sugar. Other ways are to roughly mash it and mix in with tomatoes lime juice and parsley for a yummy vegetable dip!

- Fruit - Kiwi - These citrus fruits are a great source of fibre and really good for your skin. Although I prefer the fruits that I can carry in my bag and munch on at any time of the day, Kiwis just need a mention here for the fact that they're bursting with Vitamin C, Vitamin E, antioxidants and much more!

Here's hoping that these ideas set you on the path to raw food habits soon :) By substituting for complex combinations of cooked food, this habit can make your life that much 'simpler'!

image credit: myelomahope.blogspot.com

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