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Monday, May 9, 2011

Change your Charge, Change Your Life!

All living organisms – plants, animals, and people –  generate their own electromagnetic field which determines every metabolic function in their bodies, including nerve signal transmissions, cell division, nutrient transport, and physical, emotional, and psychological response to external stimuli.

Humans and animals are extremely sensitive to magnetic fields.  Our bodies contain magnetite crystals which respond to the vibrations of the earth’s magnetic field in our brain tissue, bones, in the blood-brain barrier, and near the ophthalmic nerves which carry information to the brain. Birds also have magnetite embedded around their eyes that helps them to stay on course during migration, fish have magnetite crystals along the sides of their bodies that signal them to swim in schools in a particular direction. 

The ancients discovered the earth’s magnetic grid is composed of intersecting ley lines that run through the planet. Ley lines vary in intensity depending on the geophysical makeup of an area such as mineral deposits or underground streams, and the gravitational force exerted there.  Depending on location, the areas along these lines will either support life or be detrimental to it.

All living creatures are finely tuned to the earth’s energies and depend on them for survival. The earth’s electrical and magnetic fields interact with one another and with all living species to support biological processes and instinctual behavior.  The earth itself is a huge bipolar magnet with a north and south pole and a central spinning core of molten iron and nickel. Micropulsations in the 10 Hz range constantly radiate from the core, establishing a resonance to which all life responds.  The earth’s electromagnetic field is created by an intricate dance between the magnetic core, the charged gases of the ionosphere and the enormous power of solar winds emanating from the sun.

The soil also continually emits electrically charged particles into the air called ions. On a clear day the earth emits a negative charge and the atmosphere has a positive charge. On rainy days the particles are reversed.  The earth’s natural background voltage runs from 100 volts at the surface, increasing in altitude to 360,000 volts at the lowest layer of the ionosphere. (This is problematic for airline personnel who spend a lot of time out of the natural frequency range of earth.) Those who live or work in high-rise buildings can also be challenged by the electromagnetic fields associated with higher altitudes. The phrase “down to earth” refers to the centered focus one achieves from being grounded on the earth.

Our ancestors were bathed only in the natural frequencies of the earth. These included the earth’s intrinsic magnetic field, lightning, and visible light. Scientists estimate that we take in 200 trillion times more electromagnetic fields (EMFs) each day than someone living prior to 1900. It is estimated that every 15 seconds we are exposed to more EMFs than our ancestors experienced in their entire lifetimes from televisions, power lines, computers, cell phones, microwave ovens, etc. Hundreds of scientific studies  have demonstrated the biological effects of manmade electromagnetic fieldspointing to the high rate of cancer in people who live near power lines. The U.S. National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences designates low-frequency EMFs a possible human carcinogens. Headaches, stress, depression, fatigue, poor memory, and pressure in the ears and eyes are just some of the other symptoms associated with cell phone use and contunued exposure to EMFs.

Because human beings are frequency generators we have the power to modulate our own energies to a large degree. However, we have not evolved quickly enough to compensate for the bombardment of energies from our modern technology. This is why so many people are unable to function at "full capacity." Earth energies assist us in balancing our energy field, in fact a walk in the woods or by the ocean can quickly discharge and balance frequencies and harmonize our bioenergy field with the natural resonance of earth. The natural energies of the earth, sun and stars sustain, energize and renew us.  Without them we could not exist. But for many it is impossible to find the time and space to be in nature to the degree required to heal and protect us from the harmful electromagnetic fields we are exposed to in our daily lives to maintain our balance.

The sympathetic resonance properties found in Oshun Spirit Tachyon Wellness Tools offers a simple solution as they work to neutralize the harmful effects of EMF’s that we are exposed to at home and in the workplace. People using these products report reduced stress and illness, increased energy and stamina, and more restorative sleep. I hope you will take a moment to visit our website and discover the many health benefits of incorporating Tachyon Wellness Tools into your daily life. Our products include Tachyon Salt Lamps, Pyramids, Spa Treatments, Textiles, Bio-resonance Jewelry and more!

"The effects of Tachyon energy are unlimited.  Each energy block we clear adds to the joy of the cosmic energy flowing through us. We can literally feel this! As we repeatedly experience it (and then experience the divine energy consistently filling us with joy, peace and contentment) we begin to understand that we ARE this divine energy."

All of our Tachyon products provide excellent EMF protection. You will begin to feel brighter and more energized after a just few hours of using them and over time, you will see a positive influence in many aspects of your life. Your health and well being will certainly improve, but so will your relationships and synchronisctic opportunities for fulfilling your self expression and life puropse. As your positive electromagnetic field communicates with others and your environment – you will, in effect, magnetize beneficial people, encounters, and opportunities to you!

May you be blessed!

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