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Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Who is Cool Dog Duke and what is he doing on Addoway?

Cool Dog Duke is a real Chocolate Lab living an unleashed life on the lake in beautiful Wolfeboro, New Hampshire.

He and his brothers, Harley and Skooter, are well-known characters, often referred to as "The Lab Gang" around our rural town, the oldest summer resort in America. They have been known to steal beach toys, flip flops and sneakers from front porches during the summer months, and fish and mittens from beside the  bobhouses once the lake freezes over... bringing everything home to Mama who then must spend hours trying to return the goods to their rightful owners. 
Duke is the trouble maker, Harley is too laid back to argue, and Skooter – older, wiser and always the voice of reason – begrudgingly follows along and tries to keep them out of really BIG trouble. But yes, they have been escorted home by local law enforcement... more than once.
Lovable scoundrels that they are, the local butcher saves them the best bones, the ladies give them extra cookies at the drive thru, and they always get a shout-out when we drive thru town in our little convertible. Welcome in most of the homes and shops around town, they are a 3-dog band of congeniality and good-will...
...which led to their being invited to do a public service video  (about 3 minutes into the video link) for our local police department on cross-walk etiquette (If dogs can do it you can too!) and land their own TV show which highlights local businesses and attractions here in the Lakes Region. Their job is to create community partnerships and offer up a few laughs, and they do both very well!
You can watch these three fetching Sous Chefs in the kitchen, around the lake, and on the town as they dish about all things Wolfeboro this fall on Sundays With Sue Sous on Wolfeboro Community TV Channel 25. The dogs inspired the  "Got Bones? Wolfeboro NH" T shirt to benefit two of the sous chefs' favorite local non-profits: The Libby Museum of Natural History, and The Lakes Region Humane Society. 

The huge success of the "Got Bones?" design led to more designs to benefit other non-profits and the Cool Dog Duke brand was born, named after our ring-leader Dukey with the hope of redemption for some of his misguided adventures involving ice cream cones and hot dog vendors. 

Characterized by "talking dogs" a percentage of all Cool Dog Duke sales support organizations that "give animals a voice."
Which brings us to addoway. Although there is an extensive catalog of Cool Dog Duke fun gear on the website, selected gear will be available at Oshun Spirit Earth Friendly TradersAs part of the Alternative Market Movement, one of the goals at "Traders" is to form and participate in trade networks which provide alternatives from the diseased global economy and transform the flow of goods and services beyond commerce-as-usual trough barter, so that everyone may participate in abundance.
Each and every month Addoway donates 20% of all Pro Membership revenue to select fundraisers including relief for natural disasters both in Japan and the US, and to raise awareness of Breast Cancer. Addoway is a natural fit with the Cool Dog Duke brand, who's mission is centered in animal rights and well-being.

Our latest creation is the "Beware of the...(something with very big teeth)" sign,  which is being created through local partnerships and whose profits will benefit the local Humane Society.  The plaques are made of upcycled, recycled and reclaimed pine boards, hand cut, hand painted, and distressed to look aged. They measure about 12  x 7.5 inches minus the bite mark. A creative alternative to typical "Beware of Dog" signs, they are fun on a garden path, and equally at home outside your co-worker's cubby! They are made to order. Response to the project has been very positive and we have high hopes for a larger sustainable operation!
So... that's it! Now you know! Cool Dog Duke and Addoway, a great team working hard to BE the change we wish to see in the world. A good vibes dog and a good vibes marketplace, sharin' the love! Be sure to LIKE the Cool Dog Duke facebook fan page to enter monthly drawings and win cool gear.


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