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Wednesday, November 2, 2011

One Good Thing: The Oshun Spirit Holiday Gift Guide 2011

Give the Gift of Experience
Personalized programs, spiritual counseling, healing and readings with Master Teacher Susan Berry. Appointments via skype, phone and email. Enter coupon code SAVE15 and take 15% off all services at www.oshunspirit.net thru November 15.

Give a Gift of Wellness from Sweet Water Spa
Exotic spa salts, clays, mineral muds, and tachyon oils blend aromatherapy, gemstone energies and sacred geometry to balance body, mind and spirit. Bio-resonance jewelry, pyramids, tachyon textiles, spa blankets, organic soaps and more! Available at oshunspirit.net and oshunspirit.com and our specialty site, www.sweetwaterspa.net.

Give the Gifts of Hope and Abundance
Oshun Spirit Earth Friendly Traders is a proud member of the Alternative Marketplace Alliance. Buying from Independent Merchants and giving Fair Trade Goods helps people in the USA and developing countries build sustainable businesses that positively influence their communities. Use addobucks, goods, services, and cash in creative combinations and barter to make your gift purchases at www.oshuspirit.com

Give an Oshun Spirit Gift Certificate
Perfect. Available in any denomination, sent via email and valid for one year at oshunspirit.net and oshunspirit.com

Give a Gift to the Animals that Share our World
A percentage of all sales at www.cooldogduke.com are donated to organizations that give animals a voice. Wag More Bark Less • Cats Don’t Know Sit • Pack Leader T-shirts, Hats, Stickers, Outerwear, Pet Goods and our famous "Beware of the (bitemark) Signs"!

Our Gift to You
Animal prints are pouncing back as this season's must-have accessories.To give or enjoy yourself, receive a FREE Zebra Bangle with your order of $75 or more while supply lasts at www.oshunspirit.net

LIKE our Facebook Fan Page to receive exclusive special offers www.facebook.com/oshunspiritstore During the month of November we'll be offering One Good Thing each day to welcome in the Holiday Spirit! 

The first good thing: A Leopard Pashmina Scarf. Value $30. (You can see it at www.oshunspirit.com.) I'll do a random drawing from the first 20 SHARES of the facebook post. That's a one-in-twenty chance of winning!

Today's Good Thing: This Holiday Gift Guide

It's going to be a fabulous November! 
I know that by being of service to other people, by giving them value, you not only make their lives better but over time you tend to get what you give. And the people you help may feel more inclined to help other people. And so you, together, create an upward spiral of positive change that grows and becomes stronger...

... and I do believe that all it takes is One Good Thing to set in motion ALL good things ...
So whether you are looking for ideas and inspiration, a gift for someone special, or a little pick-me-up for yourself, I hope you will check out the offering each day and see if it isn't One Good Thing that you could enjoy or pass along with a smile, a kind word, an act of compassion.... all it takes is one good thing to happen...

I hope you enjoy this lovely song, One Good Thing, by Lou Rhodes
May you be blessed!

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