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Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Fresh Today! Tachyon Soap Loaves in Your Favorite Formulas!

Just in the nick of time! Fresh today!  

I have one loaf of each available, ready to ship:
    •    Moldavite Tektite
    •    Oshun Spirit Signature Blend
    •    Angel Assistance: Angelite/Kyanite Sandalwood Rose
    •    Labradorite/Citrus

These loaves cut easily with a large kitchen knife and yield 18 -20 3.5 x 1.5 x .75" bars.

This soap and all of our unique, eco-conscious, aromatherapy products, body care, and spa treatments draw their potency from a fusion of synergistic gemstones essences and botanical oils which are cured within a grid matrix. These are our best selling gemstone essence olive oil soaps in 2 lb 12 oz loaves.
    •    formulated with synergistic gemstone essences and essential oils
    •    all-natural, spa quality
    •    handcrafted with professional grade aroma-therapeutic oils
    •    tachyon formula, sacred geometric matrix cured
    •    olive, soybean, and coconut oils leaves skin very soft and beautifully conditioned
These hand crafted soaps have been among our best sellers since 2005. They are created in VERY small, very precious, quantities and are generally made to order. But you can have one today!

(Ready to ship orders are filled on first come-first served basis via email only to suberry@metrocast.net. Please inquire about availability before you pay.)

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