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Monday, August 27, 2012

There is so much good still left in this world

As my friend Wilma relayed this story to me, I knew I had to share it with you. Enjoy, and make it a great day for someone!

My son and I went shopping to get him some new shoes and clothes for his birthday and the upcoming school year, to lunch and to run some errands. By the time we got to the store to buy his shirts and jeans I was feeling my budget, so we hit the sales. We got in line and had everything all worked out in our budget. He had picked out this one pair of jeans that was more than I usually pay, but by being frugal in other areas we managed to squeeze them in.

There was a lady in front of us with three little girls aged from around 11-15 with all her finds for school clothes from the clearance and sales who was watching everything ring up and told the clerk to let her know when she got to $200 (I thought to myself what a task to dress 3 girls for school on $200, well she got to her limit and fell short of her items by a little. So the girls and her were trying to figure out what to leave off. My son whispers to me mom I will put back those jeans and you can help her. I started to tell him no, but when I looked at his face and had a flash of my mom go through my mind I just couldn't, so I said okay and we offered up the rest to cover her. It was so worth it!!!! The girls were all smiles and mom hugged us crying. Not the end here.

I took my turn next and told the clerk I was not taking the jeans so she put them under the counter and checked us out. We started walking away and an older woman who had been at the checkout next to us at the counter called to my son, held out a bag and said "Young man you deserve this" as she handed him a bag with the jeans in it. She then proceeded to tell me and my son what a fine young man he was.

There is so much good still left in this world. ♥ I did not even realize she had heard my son and I talking.

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In love and peace,


  1. Susan,

    Thank you so much for posting this. See, even more good in the world. :)

  2. There is still good in this world as well as the potential for much more. When the opportunity for good presents itself before you, YOU are the best person to do something about it. Not somebody (read somebody else). Not "we" (as in *Cluck*Cluck* "We should really do something to help those poor people."). You are in the best position and you are the best person for the job. Wilma's son recognized that he was in the best position and was the best person to do something good in this instance. More importantly, he then chose to act. How often do you let an opportunity slip by, because let's face it, it's a whole lot easier to wait for someone else to do it? It's something I need to work on myself.