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Saturday, March 23, 2013

Oshun Spirit Spring Festival !

Spring Festival Sale
Sunday, March 24 8:15 PM EDT

Discover handcrafted goods by inspired designers and artisans that honor cultures from around the world. Shop our selection of Fair Trade crafts for thoughtful, eco-friendly, and socially responsible gift giving. Oshun Spirit is your source for extraordinary spa products once available only at luxury retreats. Our ingredients are sourced from around the globe, selected for quality and sustainability, and carefully blended to enhance the energetic signatures of the essentials, herbs, and minerals.

Celebrate Spring with lots to love and plenty to share from Oshun Spirit Earth Friendly Goods and Sweet Water Spa! Customer favorites and new items with bidding bonuses in every lot! You can bid on a private shopping spree and a legendary mystery bag too! Whoo-hoo let's get this party started!


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