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Tuesday, October 15, 2013

What's in a Hag Bag?

Hag Bags come in a variety of shapes and sizes, each one in one-of-a-kind!

 What's a Hag Bag? A Hag Bag is little pocket full of Good Vibes, and they are only available at the Good Vibes Marketplace!

Where's the Good Vibes Marketplace? It's a Cyber Street Fair Bazaar on outbid.com every Tuesday night at 9pm EDT and every Thursday night at 8pm EDT. They are interactive on line auctions, and each item lot is only on the auction block for about a minute, so they are fast and furious and all about having fun! You'll find Oshun Spirit Bath & Body and Earth Friendly Goods of course, plus unique Fair Trade and Artisan Crafted treasures, Vintage Finds, Collectibles, Gourmet Edibles - and so much more! Hag Bags, too!

You can't see the Good Vibes from here... you'll have to come to the auction!

And you don't have to bid to enjoy yourself - window shopping is always encouraged, in fact - you can note the sellers' websites and purchase directly at a later time. The Good Vibes Marketplace is a no-pressure zone!

So grab your online friends or come meet some new friends friends, laugh a lot and bid to win really cool stuff! We're a friendly group of long-time, trusted online merchants that take pride in providing outstanding customer service and unique, quality merchandise! Oh and all first time buyers receive a $10 rebate on their first winning bid of $10 or more from Outbid! Please RSVP and choose to receive a text or e-mail reminder about an hour or so before the auction begins.

Hag Bags are only available at the auctions - and there's only one way to find out what's inside! We'll see you at the Good Vibes Marketplace at 9pm EDT tonite!

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