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Saturday, September 13, 2014

Making the commitment...

OMG... I have not written a meaningful blog post in a year. Once upon a time, I took every Sunday morning to write, or study, or meditate on the beach. For the past year I have had client appointments most Sunday mornings, or spent this time printing labels and packing orders to get a head start on Monday morning, when my appointments will begin at 6 am. Some Sundays I even go to brunch with friends who complain they never see me...

Bangboom - I'm back. This is my year of "commitment." On August 22, I married Bob (after 18 years of his lovely persistence - talk about commitment...). I turned 55 years old on September 11, and at my birthday celebration I was asked what my wish was for this year.

"I want to get back to writing," I said. "I have a book in me and it's time to get it out."

My friends encouraged me and applauded the idea. "You SHOULD have done THAT years ago."
(I should have married Bob years ago too, but that is another onion to peel.)

"I don't even blog anymore," I lamented.


It was an order - from the Universe - disguised as friendly reassurance. But I know the Goddess' voice when she speaks to me. And, I know - that the Fool who does NOT answer the Call the first time, will be called upon again - and that the journey will be a bit trickier for the hesitation...

And so... I make the commitment to get back to my book and to blog about the journey - knowing full well the potential hero in this chapter of my life is me - and not the protaganist that will spring to life on the pages to come.

The Goddess is a trickster in what she inspires - it was a the lovely place to have a wedding ceremony... and is a divine setting in which to write. Thank you Bob. Thank you Oshun. Thank you Life.

Tomorrow morning, I start.

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