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Sunday, July 19, 2009

Resting in the riddle of not knowing...

Often times, new clients want to follow up immediately after a healing to discuss and analyze every energy surge, intuition, and insight they have experienced during their session. While I appreciate the excitement around the discovery of a new perception, I will most usually recommend that the discussion is delayed for 48 hours or so.

Discussion, since it is an intellectual activity, often has the effect of diluting the power of spiritual healing. Sometimes, by talking about things we define and limit what is actually non-linear and limitless! I believe that it is necessary to be in the mystery for a while... and to respect that which has unfolded in the realm of Spirit and give the process a chance to manifest miracles in the physical without our mental and emotional preconceptions altering the natural courses.

Sometimes, when a client asks, "what was that?" I say I do not know.
"I do not know."

I don't want to know everything! The practice of BEing in the mystery actually enhances our understanding of the complexity of reality if we allow ourselves that sacred space of not knowing. It is tricky business to admit we do not know where we are, or what we are, and even who we are in any given moment. Our modern lives usually demand immediate answers to every question and our tendency is to create logical systems with an efficient procedure to every handle and process every problem and concern. Many people steer clear of anything that is in the realm of the mysterious because it lies outside the false safety net of reason and logic.

I say, "Rest in the riddle of not knowing. Learn to be comfortable with your discomfort."

I think that to be spiritually centered is to have a holy respect for the great mysteries of life — the yearning in our souls to experience love in its many forms, the strange beauty of the natural world, the complexity of our inner selves, the unfathomable creativity of Source. The wisdom traditions challenge us to live within the grace of unknowing. To have experiences and not feel the need to lable and compartmentalize them into meaning.

Today, I will cherish the baffling, curious, hidden, and inscrutable dimensions of my existence and the world around me. I will live with paradoxes. I will give up the idea that I will finally "get it." I will be suspicious of the "ologies" that try to explain everything — from astrology to psychology to theology.

And I will not be afraid to admit, "I don't know."

May you be blessed!

photo credit: Northern Lights www.yukonretreat.com

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