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Monday, January 25, 2010

Listening for Spirit: Talking with Guardian Angels and Spirit Guides

It's true. I talk to Spirits and they talk to me. Actually, I do more a lot more listening than speaking... and I've been doing it consciously for almost forty years. I do offer Spirit Guide readings and message drawings thru my on-line venues including Bonanzle and my website, Oshun Spirit Earth Friendly Goods, but we all interface with wisdom from the spirit world on a daily basis even if we do not fully realize it.

Hearing the voice of spirit is called clair-audience, or “clear hearing.” But spirits communicate (with me) in all sorts of ways: through smells, feelings in my body, knowings, dreams, visions, and voices and sounds. I am best known as a clairvoyant artist but sometimes (rarely) I don’t get any visual information at all.

Ultimately, spirit communication is about the transfer of energy. Information is energy. Healing is energy. Through their presence the guiding Spirits are trying to aid this world in our efforts to evolve, and be healed of past wounds. They are offering a helping hand. All living things have a spirit, wisdom, and something worth while to communicate. The energy of the spirit can fuel change and foster love and understanding.

As a practitioner I make a link from the spirit world into this world. I do this in part by being fit, rested, well grounded and connected to the Earth. By being fully present in my body here I can become a conduit for that energy to enter and aid the world. It may be to help myself only, or you, to assist a small group, or even the whole world.
Every link leads to a different experience.

Spirit may speak to me through dreams, synchronicities, in a voice outside my head or a through a quiet inner voice inside my heart. Sometimes I recognize a conversation that I “happen” to overhear as a gift from beyond. I believe that hearing music and song lyrics in my mind or over and over again on the radio is also a form of spirit communication.

We all have the ability to hear the voice of spirit. Chances are excellent that you’ve heard spiritual beings speak to you in your life. Have any of the following situations happened to you?

• You overhear a conversation in which a stranger says the exact thing that you need to hear.

• You just “happen” to turn on the television or radio at the precise moment when a relevant discussion is occurring.
• You hear a deceased loved one’s voice in your mind, in a dream, or outside of your head.

• You pick up on a living loved one’s call for help, and it turns out that he or she needed assistance just then.
• A telephone or doorbell rings—no one is there, but you can sense that a loved one is trying to get your attention.

• A disembodied voice gives you a warning or a life-enhancing message.

• You’re looking for a lost item, your pray for assistance, and then you hear a voice tell you where to locate it.

It doesn't matter if you assign the term Spirit Guide, Guardian Angel, or Higher Self to the experience. If you open yourself to the possibility, you'll soon experience a sense that "someone" is talking to you, even if it sounds like your own voice. You may hear a voice call your name upon awakening when your consciousness is already between worlds... initial experiences are often messages about self-improvement or helping others. Spirit communications always leave us inspired to take immediate action, including changing our thoughts or attitude to be more loving to ourselves and others.

Supportive of the moment, and our spiritual understanding of the challenges in our lives, Spirit Guides will step forward to offer compassionate wisdom. Our Guides seek to open our hearts, facilitate deep healing, and strengthen the flow of love and positive energy into our lives.

May you be blessed!

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