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Monday, March 22, 2010

Plant peas and say thank you!

...you might just go a long way in healing yourself and help heal the Earth as well...

Many thousands of years ago, the ancient Chinese practice and philosophy of Acupuncture recognized a flow of life force energy, called Chi, which is responsible for the health and functioning of all of our body systems, both bio-chemical and electromagnetic in nature. We gather chi from our relationships, the foods we eat, our mental and emotional states, and from the Universe at large. Chi energy runs through a grid system throughout our bodies called meridians. If the meridians of our body are not open or functioning properly, the flow of Chi energy is blocked, and consequent ill health is the result.

Like Acupuncture, there are many energy modalities which have been developed to release and clear the blockages to that impede the flow of natural life force energy. These healing arts are practiced successfully in treating all kinds of dis-ease in medical and spiritual traditions around the world. Crystal Gridding and Spiritual Resonance Healing are among my favorites. Today, we are able to blend Science with Shamanism,  Ceremony with Celebration, and Quantum Physics with Quiet Joy to create profound healing in our physical and subtle bodies.

The Earth is also a living being whose body has many parallels to our own. As we are electromagnetic organisms who run on energy, the Earth also has a meridian system which distributes the life force energy throughout Her body. Today, however, it has become overburdened with toxins, both physical, psychic, and electromagnetic, all man-made distortions and pollutions, and as a result Her grid system is not able to function correctly causing a variety of distortions in the energies emitted from the Earth. Have you noticed an increase in eruptions and disruptions? Think. And, feel.

Indigenous people have long known the importance of doing ceremony to maintain the balance of humanity with nature. In our modern day society, we have lost sight of this important function and our celebrations are merely Hallmark occasions with little or no real meaning or purpose still left.  

The internet is full of examples of what can be done to heal the pollution in our bodies and our world and by utilizing cutting edge technologies, by going Green, by thinking about our food and where it comes from, by conserving resources. But Earth's healing must first come by our connection to Spirit. 

Our Spirit. Her Spirit. And the flow of life force energy that makes us one.

I pray that Spring's miraculous capacity to renew, refresh, and revitalize will stimulate your own desire to explore how to come back into a harmonious relationship with nature by working consciously with Earth's Spirit to heal these stresses. 

Start simple. Create a little ceremony and affirm your intention to reawaken to life on Earth as the Creator intended. Create a vessel for your intention. Take a little clay pot and paint it with bright colors, healing symbols, or geometric shapes. Plant some peas in the pot, nurture them, sing to them, and then eat them with your loved ones. Say thankyou as you savor the taste of sunshine and soil and the labor of your love. Recycle the soil. Regift the pot. Feel love and connection. And watch yourself grow!

May you be blessed!


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