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Monday, March 15, 2010

NEW! Fifth Dimesion Resonance Deep Meditation Aromatherapy Oil

What's going on?

I don't know!

But, it really does not matter that my brain (or yours) can comprehend the workings behind the scenes (multi-dimensionally I might add) that are supporting the future of Mother Earth and Her inhabitors.  In my heart, I know that all that is required of us is that our hearts, minds, and wills are willing to align with the Divine to co-create a peaceful world where harmony links us lovingly together as one. As best we can.

I am consciously participating in humanity’s evolution, and my own. As a witness to all that is occurring, I also spend time in meditation visualizing  myelf as a fearless bearer of positive, life-affirming change.  I have seen that my spiritual mind has the tremendous ability to expand beyond its human incarnation's limitations. In meditation, I am able to access the wisdom, knowledge and connections of life itself and continue to be amazed at the generosity and unconditional love of Creation.  I feel myself in the presence of awesome creativity and I experience myself as the creative expression of life transforming my humanity into my divinity.  I embrace the spiritual freedom to create Heaven on Earth.

This awareness, after 25 years in deep meditation... study, and prayer.

I know that it is possible to consciously attain and physically become aware of my fifth-dimensional energetic signature while still embodying a third-dimensional form. And, I've been blessed with the inspiration and ability to create a tool for deep meditation in resonance with this present moment, the ascension of humanity.

Fifth Dimension Resonance Oil is blended with Patchouly, Sandalwood, and Frankincense, born in a geometric grid of Selenite, Kyanite, Luvulite and Moldavite, and the deep meditation that took me decades of practice to attain.

Humanity, as a civilization, is evolving because Earth is attaining her fifth-dimensional resonance within our solar system and galaxy.  Through the power of sacred geometry, I have consciously participated in my own evolutionary expansion and physiological transformation. 
This is a process, ever changing, that requires a disciplined practice to engage in as the electromagnetic energies flooding the Earth are changing every day. This oil is my gift to you, my purpose after all!

Where are we going? Again, I'm not sure. But one of the benefits of the journey is that we will arrive there finally free of fear, full of unconditional loving, understanding the meaning of life, and easily accessing the abundance of the universe.

I'm sure the optimum outcome for us all is to facilitate the development of a new civilization of Peace on Earth, created by souls that are in harmonic resonance with the planet upon which they reside. I have hope! Let it begin with me, and you.

The Fifth Dimension Resonance Oil will be ready on April 4, and will be available in limited quantity at Oshun Spirit Earth Friendly Goods www.oshunspirit.net, and Oshun Spirit at Bonanzle, www.oshunspirit.com. If you would like to notified when it becomes available, or pre-purchase at $15/2 dram bottle (limit 3), please contact me at suberry@metrocast.net

May you be blessed!

Image Credit:  www.ruthpocsai.com/MandalaGallery.html

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