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Monday, August 23, 2010

Respect and trust: an ecommerce business model to consider

Tomorrow marks my two year anniversary selling on Bonanzle. I joined Bonanzle while still in beta, along with a few dozen hearty refugees from ebay, all of us willing to build a new online marketplace venue which valued community in ways we watched ebay fall short on.

Two years later, although many fun features have been added, some key elements are still left wanting and they create real barriers to sales. Despite ongoing functionality issues I have had some success there albeit was a frustrating experience for many of my long-time customer friends and especially for my international clientele. I no longer keep merchandise there in my Oshun Spirit store, but I do maintain a storefront in which I offer a few services. In my heart of hearts, I wish nothing but the best for the community of sellers there, especially the dedicated few who are also celebrating their two year marks in late August and in September.

All in all, my experience at Bonanzle has been extremely positive: I have made great –lifelong– friends and I have learned e-commerce marketing skills that have been transferable to my own website and to  other venues. But one day I realized that it was time to stop hoping and waiting for something to change and that wishing for something to happen was different from working toward making it happen. 

I decided to be true to my truth and to take care of myself and my business first...

I began reassessing and redefining who I am and what I really stand for. I believe that it is truly in giving that we receive, and that there is powerful joy in creating and contributing. But I also stand firm in my conviction that principles such as honesty and integrity are not outdated ideals but the mortar that holds together the foundation upon which I must build my business, and my life.

And why I closed my shop on ebay...

We all deserve to be treated with kindness, sensitivity and respect... and I won't settle for less for myself than I give to others. It's called sustainability. I now take more time to laugh and to play. It's called balance. I will cater to the needs and desires and the convenience of my customers. It's called service.

Yes indeed, all in all, my experience has been extremely positive: I have learned great –lifelong– lessons. I have turned my attention to my own website and other endeavors which are in alignment with my own values.  It's called good business, right livelihood, and as an eco-friendly, socially-mindful venture I can be nothing less.

So as I reflect on my two year anniversary selling on Bonanzle I'm not sure we did what we set out to do at all, but we did build an awesome community of professionals that value each other, no matter where we are all selling now. It's not the venue, but the values that bind. We're still talking on Facebook, tweeting each other's treasures, and shopping from friends we've grown to love, respect, and trust.

Respect and trust. A powerful business model, don't you agree? I know who you are and you know me, because we've been very open about our values. I love that about you, you speak your mind. And so I trust you, and I'll support you. And to that end, I promise to keep my chin up, shoulders back, boobies out, and work joyfully with others who share my ethics and ideals, I'll stay open to every wonderful possibility. And there are many, I see!

And, I am very, very thankful.

May you also be blessed!


  1. Oshun,

    Has it been two years? Wow! I recall the draw Bonanzle had on me. Relaxed, friendly place full of good professional minded sellers that wanted to have a place to sell that was balenced - not too restrictive, but not a playground either.

    We endured times of growing pains, slow sales, and a bump or three along the way, all working together to make Bonanzle not only a good place for the sellers, but for our clients as well.

    I think the core sellers, the beta group, is feeling like the 'fun' side of Bonz is taking over the 'business' end. Maybe it is, or maybe we are just getting older. (lol)

    Whatever the case, I wish you nothing but the best, value your friendship, and will be looking closely at your site, for I feel a change must happen soon here for me as well.


  2. Hey Ren,

    Thanx for stopping by!

    Well, the beta group had one focus in the beginning: to sell. And that is why we were motivated to go to all the trouble to set up in the first place. And we had fun in the process, because in order to muddle thru it was either laugh or cry!

    But I know I settled for a mediocre experience for myself and my customers because I was distracted... I think eventually we get back to remembering why we are online in the first place, and then move forward in more efficient and productive ways.

    Yes, we are older and wiser, but we are most certainly not too old to have fun!

    Have a wonderful day my friend!

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