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Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Yes, You can go home again!

Yes, you can go home again!

The phrase, "You can't go home again" comes at the end of the story... when protagonist George Webber realizes, "You can't go back home to places in the country, back home to the old forms and systems of things which once seemed everlasting but which are changing all the time — back home to the escapes of time and memory..."

“You can’t go home again” has entered our speech to mean that after you have left your backwater town for a sophisticated metropolis, you can’t return to the narrow confines of your previous way of life, and, more generally, attempts to relive the old days will always fail.

Wrong, George, you are mistaken.

Rewind to 1997. As a newly-minted Reiki Master I was blessed with a vibrant local practice which included teaching, a growing clientele,  a well-respected voice on several prestigeous Alternative and Integrative Medicine Boards, and a retail line of quality aromatherapy oils, salts, Feng Shui cures and hand crafted soy and coconut oil soaps that I offered to my clients at office visits. I was intuitive, helpful, and appreciated.

From this practice I entered the non-profit arena with the dream of doing really good work, I wrote grants, became a keynote speaker for hire, and founded a holistic wellness center for at-risk kids and their families. I networked with Juvenile Justice, Mental Health Providers, and the Health Education Network. I had the Midas Touch. I was careful to stay academic, scientific, using best-practice protocols, and results-oriented strategies yet creativity and abundance flowed. Life was good.

Then I had this recurring dream that I should offer my psychic services on ebay. First the dolphins came to me. Then my grandmother. Then Abraham Lincoln (I kid you not). But he got my attention. Working as a professional out-of-the-closet-psychic seemed to be too far of a stretch for this business woman working with kids, the courts, the MDs...

Too out there. But the dreams found their way into conversations, converstations into experiences, experiences into referrals, referrals into a full-time occupation. I was a professional psychic.  I knew there was a huge metaphysical marketplace on ebay. I put up a listing for a Motherpeace Tarot Reading. Just as Abe suggested. I was booked weeks out within the month.

I was incredibly busy, and profitable. I supported international relief organizations, funded sustainable living initiatives in third world countries, spent months studying with indigenous elders and working with dolphins. I saw fewer and fewer local clients, and instead offered distance healing modalities which could be purchased online. I added my oils, salts and soaps... textiles, enegeticaly-enhanced jewelry, channeled art. More readings, and courses of metaphysical study and private counseling. Oshun Spirit Dancing!

Life was very, very, good!

Fastforward to 2010. With several online storefronts, and a greatly expanded product line and scope of services, a dotcom, a dotnet, and a bead business... I spent my days tweeting, posting, optimizing, adding attributes, keywords, and all the while struggling to work around and finally troubleshoot the horrific functionality issues of a start-up venue I had invested way too much time and effort in... I wasn't living my dream any more.

I was compromising my ethics, my integrity, my Spirit. I was caught in a web. And, I wasn't having fun. So I packed up the tent and put the goods in the wagon. And I went home.

Home is a beautiful lakeside community tucked between Lake Winnipeasukee and Lake Wentworth and the White Mountains of New Hampshire. I left the sophisticated metropolis of ecommerce and  analytics and the failed shipping profiles which I abandoned and left rusting at a ranch in the valley and went home to my Adirondak-style lodge on the lake. (Yes I walked through the valley and feared not the evil!)

I came home to the local non-profits, the programs for kids, family services, the conservation organizations, and the education network. I offered my experience, my creativity, my abundance... and the bead business.

I had some fun. I made some bracelets. I reconnected with my roots, and I raised thousands of dollars for my little backwater community in just a few weeks. I had fun. I shipped nothing... instead, reaching across the table I'd press a bracelet into a human hand, send a little spark of light, and whole-heartedly say, "thank you, wear it in good health and in happiness."

I remembered who I am. I remembered what I do. Oshun Spirit Dancing!

And I'm booked several weeks out.

May you be blessed!

visit http://www.wix.com/suberry/JourneyBeads

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