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Saturday, November 27, 2010

One Good Thing: Laughlines!

I've got 'em and I admit it... I love 'em!

FYI, as we grow older, small crinkles WILL eventually appear around our eyes. It will happen to you, too. Has it already? Is it time for Botox? The knife? Big black Jackie-O glasses?

Breathe. To me they are a map tracing back thru time to the joys of my life. Some call them wrinkles, or crows feet, but I know that they are laugh lines, time lines, moments of clarity and wisdom that erupted in a chuckle and perhaps even bit of spittle and snort!

The prevention and treatment of crows feet and wrinkles is a bazilliongazillion dollar business... but I'm going to have to treat them because I simply cannot prevent them!

I behave badly, wildly and I cannot contain myself sometimes.

Wrinkle Experts warn to avoid sun exposure, but I have two beaches on my property for a reason...  I'm a sunny girl! I wear sunscreen to prevent burning and sunglasses to prevent squinting, but I love to be outdoors all day on the lake, in summer and winter, spring and fall, and I love to laugh!

I might even consider Botox or laser resurfacing treatments before I give up enjoying Bob Marley and a frosty Magarita with friends under the blazing summer sun, or the laughing that accompanies bad golf, tipped kayaks, snowboarding in Tshirts, or big, wet dogs around ladies in brand new designer weekend wear.

Actually, I do use acupuncture to reduce stress (also called a needle facelift) and and the result is a regenerated, fresh face... clusters of tiny needles placed into the skin around my eyes, on my neck, and shoulders are a small inconvenience for the joy of driving with the top down from April to October.

But embracing the crinkles is like looking back in time, like an album of sorts, of wisdom and joy. These lines affirm that I can see that I am more than capable of embracing my life experiences from a powerful place of learning and growth... and a smile.

Some of the lines I really like were born when I discovered
  • that I like hot sauce on my eggs
  • that I’m an empath
  • that even though I am a mother, I actually DON’T know everything, and probably never will
  • how to love myself
  • that not everybody’s problem is necessarily mine
  • that I have the choice to do anything I want
  • that I am not forever young, but by growing older I become wiser and there fore more beautiful
  • that I can say no and mean it
  • that I can say yes and enjoy it
  • that those jeans never made me look as fat as I thought I was! 
Your first laughline... one good thing! Your fiftieth.... even better!
May you be blessed!

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