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Monday, December 6, 2010

Back by Popular Demand! Tachyon Pet Collar Tags at Oshun Spirit Earth Friendly Goods

Back by Popular Demand! Our Tachyon Pet Tags protect your best friends from stress resulting from living in an unnatural environment, being around emotionally-charged humans, from separation anxiety, and imbalances in their nutrition.

Domesticated animals suffer from blockages in their energetic continuum that occurs from chemical additives and other toxins, antibiotics, vaccines, chemicals from sprays, shampoos and flea collars. Because they share our homes, they are exposed to the same EMF contamination emitted by computers, cell phones and electrical appliances in our living spaces as are we.

By fastening a Tachyon pendant onto your best friend's collar you provide them with harmonizing and protective energies 24/7. 

Energetic blockages can also occur from loneliness, inactivity, illness, and physical injury. Some studies also show that our pets absorb our stress, depression and anger, which creates a change in their energy fields, their immune systems, and their emotional well-being.

Two perenial best-sellers, we've offered Tachyon Collar Tags and Pet Charms and Tachyon Blankets since 2005 and we're pleased to have several styles in stock and available for Holiday Gift Giving! Elderly, arthritic pets and rescued and traumatized animals adore the blankets on their beds. Just watch those tails wag when they discover the energy. My dogs drag theirs around everywhere, take them in the car, and outside to their mudhole. They are machine washable (the blankets not the dogs) so, that's OK! 

I urge you to try Tachyon Wellness products for your pets. Within moments, your pet will experience an increased sense of well being, an increase in stamina and energy, and a return to that feeling of being unconditional love and being unconditionally loved!

Find Tachyon Pet Tags at www.oshunspirit.net. and Tachyon Blankets in a selection of colors at www.oshunspirit.com.

May you and your best friend be blessed!

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