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Thursday, March 3, 2011

Peace... a breath and a choice

Recently I connected with an old friend who asked me what I was teaching these days. She had done Reiki classes with me in the 90's and attended workshops on crystal healing, aromatherapy, astrology, meditation, macrobiotic cooking, yoga, chi gong, and feng shui which I facilitated for many years through Enviro-arts, a brick and mortar version of Oshun Spirit Earth Friendly Goods.

I thought for a moment. What AM I teaching these days? I know there is the collective energy of all of these past disciplines in the foundation of my work, but I'm no longer terribly concerned with  complex Sacred Geometry and Matrixes for Ascension and Zero Point Creation, or even applied Universal Law... it is much simpler than even THAT now. 

"Spiritual Empowerment" is a cool phrase, and a starting point which combines the essence of all of these practices. I offer interactive healing sessions with the intention of increasing your connection to your own inner knowing, your Spirit or Higher Self. I believe that by understanding and honoring your own intuitive processes, you can transform all energies in your life (even the ones you currently label as negative) into creativity, hope, joy and peace. In creating a perfect higher heart/mind alignment with the needs of your Spirit, your life can work in a simply perfect way. 

Alternatively, The Law of Attraction illustrates that what you send out to the Universe (an intelligent, creative, all giving entity that only wants the best for you) is what you get back. You ask for what you want, you wait with faith and eventually you take your seat at the table of abundance which was set for you awaiting your arrival. But there are a few missing pieces in this theory... (another blog, another day).

But true "Spiritual Empowerment" is even simpler than that. It is a breath and a choice. It is Free Will in a perfect alignment with the needs of your Spirit initiated through one breath that seals the deal. Yes, one breath. But the mind and heart must work together, and that can take some practice. But it's not about asking for anything or waiting for it. It's about being in the present, holding a vision, and taking a breath, and feeling how it felt. Did it feel good, peaceful, loving? OK keep going. Not so good? Make another choice. You didn't make a mistake. You didn't do it wrong. Just take another breath.

The painful and limiting emotions inside of us (usually found in the past or projected onto the future)  that keep us from heart-thinking and the ability to empower our lives can actually be released in one moment, with the choice not to breathe life into them ever again. You just need to be fearless in your commitment to the process of arriving at that choice. Peace, joy, love, courage and all the good stuff within our hearts don't have a prayer to find expression if painful emotions smother and repress them. We know that to truly empower our lives, we must face and release experiences of fear and enter them into expressions of love. But the experience of love can be difficult to obtain when there is no peace in our heart.

"I teach peace."

"OK, Gandhi," she laughed.

"No," I said, "I just realized that it's really that simple. I just raise the possibility that peace is an option. Then everything else just falls into place."

If you say to yourself, ‘I choose peace’ a hundred million times a day (well, every time you make a choice), and take a few seconds to breathe into that choice, eventually the presence of peace will enter your consciousness and make a nest. Those limiting emotions that restrict our highest being will be replaced by the higher magnetics of a new energetic momentum which will allow and welcome  the experience of peace to enter your work, relationships, body, image, and soul.

With the presence of peace within your heart and mind, you simply make choices that will continue to empower your life in the direction of your dreams. That is true Spiritual Empowerment. And Peace on Earth, Goodwill to All.

May You Be Blessed!