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Sunday, March 27, 2011

Tachyon Beads and Dragon Lines: Understanding the Impact of Magnetic Fields on Health and Wellbeing

Dragon lines. That's what the ancient Chinese called the ley lines, the Earth’s magnetic grid, that is formed by intersecting "lines" of energy that run through and around our planet.  
 The ancients knew these pathways to be essential to the quality of health, and life. The lines of energy vary in intensity depending on the geo-physical makeup of any certain area. Together, mineral deposits, underground streams, and the gravitational force exerted in any given place create the energies.  Depending on the location, and the forces present, the areas along these lines will either support life or be detrimental to it.  
 Disharmonic energies in the earth or living space can cause emotional and physical imbalance. Modern geomancers still use ancient techniques to find auspicious areas for the purpose of erecting homes, healing centers and temples. I employed a Feng Shui Master to confirm my impressions as to how to choose the land and site the home I built and now live in. I dowsed with an apple branch to tune into the grid to locate an  underground source of water for my artesian well, 525 feet below ground.   
Like my home, sacred sites, ancient cities and energy vortex areas such as the Great Pyramid of Giza and Stonehenge were located on ley lines that generate tremendous transformational energy and serve as interdimensional portals. My home sits on a sacred site, which I intuited and was later evidenced by the many Amerindian artifacts we found during excavation and donated to the our natural history museum. But I was able to feel it, before I "knew" it. There is an amazing, beneficial energy here. Plants thrive. Wildlife abounds. Guests immediately feel "something" when they come to visit. My children have all grown up to be healthy and happy.
I tell you this because ALL humans and animals are extremely sensitive to magnetic fields.  In fact, it has been discovered that certain tissues in our bodies contain magnetite crystals which respond to the vibrations of the earth’s magnetic field, and all magnetic fields, including those coming from animals, people, thoughts, and places.   
Birds have magnetite embedded around their eyes that helps them to stay on course during migration.  Fish have magnetite crystals along the sides of their bodies that signal them to swim in schools in a particular direction.  Humans have chains of magnetite crystals in brain tissue with high concentrations around the sinuses near the ophthalmic nerves which carry information to the brain. All of us can "make use of this knowing" if we simply tune in.
All living organisms generate their own electromagnetic fields, the health of which determines every metabolic function in our bodies including cell division, nutrient transport, and our physical and psychological responses to external stimuli.  Magnetic fields can also be deeply absorbed into the body, inducing electrical fields and currents inside living things that have a wide range of biological effects.
Because of the dramatic environmental changes caused by exposure to high power wires, microwave and radio waves, bombardments and blasts from televisions, computers, etc, we  must practice feeling our awareness  to external and to our own personal energies to maintain our health and wellbeing. Journey Beads are a beautiful and effective tool to help balance you, through amplification of beneficial fields and the protection from the negative electromagnetic fields you are exposed to in your daily life.

Tachyon energized and Reiki blessed, Journey Beads fit your Pandora, Troll, and Biagi jewelry. They are created to hold energy for inspiration, healing, awareness, creativity, prosperity, and joy! Add protective properties to pieces you already own, or create a beautiful one-of-a-kind bracelet or a necklace to wear, a bookmark, or a set of touchstone prayer and meditation beads to carry and keep in your immediate environment.
It is my prayer that their positive and protective energetic qualities will enhance your ability to live and love with enthusiasm and vigor, and increase your ability to overcome any difficulties you encounter along the way.  I hope that Journey Beads will add beauty and light to your journey, and remind you to celebrate each step and milestone! 

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May you be blessed!

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