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Sunday, April 5, 2009

Intuitive Counseling, Psychic Reading, Spiritual Healing... One Love

"What do you do for a living?"

Once upon a time, and just once, I replied that I was an ebay psychic. Of course the person who asked thought I was joking. But it was true. At the time, I was working with dozens of clients each week, all who were finding me on eaby, and I was using my psychic and intuitive skills to help them to become more aware of how their spiritual life (or lack of it) might be influencing the choices and challenges they were experiencing in their relationships, careers, and health.

I don't call myself "Madame Susabella" or dress in flowing robes, but I am what I am. My practice has long since grown past the confines of the ebay metaphysical community, although I do maintain a few listings there. And, my practice and on-line presence has taken several twists and turns along the way.

While I do offer psychic and tarot readings, I have turned my attention to the Tachyon field, and the application of sacred geometry to encode and program vibrations of thoughts and emotion with probable outcomes. Its sort of like embryonic stem cell research without matter! And yes, I use my psychic skills as part of the equation, in conjunction with an understanding of quantum physics, a healthy dose of faith in the structure of an intelligent universe and an appreciation of our human ability to intuit and create with that intelligence. So, I now simply say I am an intuitive counselor. Quantum physics is difficult to explain in a brief, casual encounter.

Although there is nothing wrong with being referred to as a psychic, the term itself has gotten a bit of a bad rap. I personally don’t mind the label psychic, as I see it as a natural ability that has become a valuable skill with years of study and practice, like any other talent be it musical, athletic, or artistic.

Because we are all psychic on some level this ability need not be looked at as if it is a mysterious talent. I think the change in labeling may be to create a distinction between those of us who are interested in helping others with our intuitive tools from the stigma attached from the scamming fortune tellers who call themselves psychic.

Not everyone uses their intuitive natures professionally to help others. Some of us that do are more comfortable being referred to as intuitive counselors or healers.

What’s the difference?
Someone who seeks a psychic may ask: “When will I meet my soul mate?”

A person consulting an intuitive counselor asks: “What can I do differently in my life to help attract a loving partner?”

Intuitive ability is a wonderful gift that offers healers such as myself the opportunity to better understand nature of the challenges their clients are suffering with. A skilled healer can sense and "read" the energy field of the person receiving the healing and provide healing equally effectively if the person is in the same room or across the world. There are many ways one might understand how this works. Much of our everyday experience involves the transfer of energy over long distances. In fact, satellite dishes are just one example. There are energies all about us traveling great distances in short amounts of time, including radio and magnetic waves.

From my own viewpoint, it is not necessary for the energy to “travel” anywhere as I am able to “see” the universe as being like a holograph, where the whole is contained in every part. Time and distance are only concepts which help define our “ordinary” third dimensional reality. The laws of nature which describe subtle energies in the higher dimensions are different than those which describe the denser frequencies including the physical body. As physics explores the layers of the structure of creation, phenomena become less and less localized.

Physicists describe a unified field. This is the field in which I work, actually an altered state of awareness in which the limitations of separation, of time and distance, me and you, and thoughts and forms have been transcended. It is oneness consciousness. Awareness itself, the one field of intelligence and “beingness” in which this whole phenomenal world is contained, is here and there, you and me. One love.

Please feel free to email me at suberry@myfairpoint.net if you have any questions about the services I offer. I look forward to opening my heart as a channel for healing, growth and awareness in your life.


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