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Monday, April 20, 2009

Sharing the Emerging Vision of Humanity's Collective Soul

What is the emerging vision of our time? I believe it's a vision that offers us a totally new concept of God as an energy field - a cosmic sea of being - as well as the creative consciousness or organizing intelligence of that sea or field, and a totally new concept of ourselves as belonging to and participating in that consciousness. It is a vision that recognizes the sacredness and indissoluble unity of the great web of life and imposes on us the responsibility to become far more sensitive to the effects of our decisions and our actions. It is the ancient, sacred vision.

This vision invites our recognition of the needs of the planet and the life it sustains as primary, with ourselves as the conscious servants of those needs. Above all, it is a vision that asks that we relinquish our addiction to violence and the pursuit of power; that we become more aware of the dark shadow cast by this addiction which threatens us with ever more barbarism, bloodshed and suffering, leading ultimately to the possible extinction of our species. An essential modern, holy vision.

It is the vision of love.

We have developed a formidable intellect, a formidable science, a formidable technology but what of the soul, the dimension of our deepest instincts and feelings? What of our visions, dreams and hopes as well as our deepest wounds and the suffering caused by our lack of compassion towards each other? What of our need for relationship with a dimension of reality invisible to our senses? The pressing need for the soul's recognition has brought us to this time of choice. Our self-created mortal danger is forcing us to take a great leap in our evolution that we might never have made were we not driven by the extremity of circumstance. As prophesized, as promised.

We are now poised for an immense opportunity for evolutionary advance, if only we can understand what is happening and why. We can choose whether to imitate the patterns of the past, continuing to live our lives in servitude to the power principle, however subtly expressed, or we can choose relationship with life, respect for life, love of life, and the immense effort of consciousness we need to make to understand and serve its mystery. After so many billion years of evolution, it is simply unacceptable that the beauty and marvel of the earth should be ravaged by us through commercial greed, the destructive power of our weapons or the misapplication of our science and technology.

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