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Monday, August 3, 2009

Hope is alive and well and living in you!

I intuit Hope as a Spirit, a loving, driving force in my life, giving me a reason to believe there's nothing I cannot do, and nothing I cannot achieve. Hope is not a mere mental attitude, positive prose, or a vortex of potential created by a crystalline grid. Hope is not in my imagination, as wild and free as it might be! I believe Hope lives in my Soul and plays in my Heart. She flows joy to me. No, Hope is not just wishful thinking. Hope is alive!

In fact, without Hope, I think there is very little we can accomplish. The moment we stop believing that we have what it takes to make something happen, we stop "happening" ourselves. And when that occurs, our hopes and dreams begin to fade away.

When we stop believing, we stop creating.

The dictionary defines hope as 'a feeling that what is wanted will happen.' But Hope is so much more than just a feeling. Like I said, I think hope is an entity, a Goddess. She is a body of inspirational energy, a Muse!

Hope is the stirring sensation that fills our souls with excitement, expectation and anticipation. Hope is an inspiring, uplifting emotion that keeps us going in the face of life's most demanding challenges. Hope is a glorious glimmer, the breath of fresh air that helps us keep the faith when everyone around us is ready to give up.

Today, many of us are beaten, broken and defeated. Instead of making sure our Hope is vibrant and alive, we are ending up a mere shadow of what we could have and should have been, in our relationships, in our communities, and in our humanity. Entangled in an inextricable maze of doom and gloom, our lives seem empty, lonely and hopeless. Our once promising hopes and dreams lost. Our collective souls emptied of excitement, expectation and anticipation. Without Hope, we are lost.

Maybe only a memory of Hope still remains, but She is still there. Maybe not shining as brightly as She once did, but She's still in you. And that small glimmer of Hope is all you really need to turn your life around. Feed Her. Sing to Her. Take Her out dancing, whisper your secrets in Her ear. She will hear you, respond to you, sing to you!

So today, take Hope along with you. As you approach this day, see it from Hope's higher vantage point in your heart, in your soul, and expect the very best from life! Give life all that you've got to give in return. When you do, something truly amazing, something beyond your wildest imagination happens.

All of your Hopes and Dreams start coming true.

May you be blessed!

Image credit: Golden Goddess image04.webshots.com

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