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Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Tweeting with the Ancient Ones

I dreamed of Twitter. I am not kidding.

I have this recurring dream in which I am sitting with Lightbeings, the Grandmothers, usually on my beach around the firepit, but sometimes we meet in other places. But there is always a central fire, and the Ancient Ones are always there. These are multi-layered, multi-dimensional dreams, perhaps more real than this ordinary reality I call "awake in the daytime."

These are serious dreams. Sometimes they are life-changing. They are sacred, holy dreams. Ancient social networking opportunities, I suppose, although I never thought of it that way until today.

Because in these dreams, often, I am holding space for a very ill client, perhaps in transition. Sometimes I am with a new client who has just made contact with me but we have not yet begun our work together... these meetings with spiritual, non-physical teachers and guides serve a preparation or support purpose. Much of the ancient wisdom I steward has been transmitted around these fires. Many secrets shared. I am often shaken by these encounters, surprised. The unexpected is the norm.

But I had no idea that the Grandmothers tweet. Really, no idea.

They were talking about connections, global sharing, a restoration of oneness, the necessity of joy. A favorite topic. Guest lecturers on this topic have included Dolphin Goddesses, Pulsing Geometric Fractals, Children. They all teach about being present, attentive, and the art of listening. Loving and encouraging one another. Spirals, circles.

And then Twitter came up.

"I tweet! I tweet! I'm a tweeter, a retweeter, I'm in a group, no two, three, four... and I'm a friend on Fridays, I have 28 cheap tweets!," I jumped up and down, one of us.

They kept on talking, teaching.
Always the student, I listened, and shut up.
And then I woke up.

And then I thought about it for a few days.

If we are aware, we can appreciate that Twitter provides us with opportunities to connect with others around the world so we can sense how self and world are linked in ever-expanding circles. Twitter enables us to share our deepest dreams and to encourage others. Twitter promotes the art of listening in which we lean toward others in love, realizing that everyone wants to be heard, valued, understood.

Twitter facilitates our exploration of a wider world, of other cultures, and points of view while it reminds us to share the stories of our lives with our companions on this journey toward oneness.

Twitter taps into the enthusiasm that lights up our lives and spreads it around. It is the domain of Healers, Lightworkers, Angels, and Mothers.

And, Twitter is the realm of the Grandmothers. Unbelievable!

In meditating on this, I've realized that Twitter best challenges us to be mindful of every word we write and to honor others as best we can in that brevity, a spiritual practice of the highest to be certain. It can serve as a holy space where we can be deeply moved by reverence, and like koans, mantras, and the Native American wisdom-keepers, teaches us that brevity can be a path of rich communication.

Twitter is a temple. A campfire. A prayer. An opportunity...

...an opportunity to listen, love, and to be a catalyst for joy.

May you be blessed!


  1. Love the post...Twitter...social networking at it's best. Liken it to mini blogs - people sharing varied interests. Works when we are asleep as when we are awake. Perhaps it was not a dream.