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Sunday, August 30, 2009

A one word answer


I said it without thinking. And, I was amazed that it was my answer. I had never thought of it that way...

After experiencing an amazing crystal healing session using the little tachyon pyramids, my client wanted to purchase a larger pyramid to take home and use in her meditations. Instead, she was drawn to a collection of jewelry that I also offer for sale in my office and on Bonanzle and my website.

"What does the spiral symbol mean?" she asked, trying on a chain of tiny spirals.

My scientific mind sees the spiral as the universe. In constant motion, it expands out infinitely. The spiral symbol represents the consciousness of nature beginning from the center and expanding outwardly. This, of course, is the way of all things...

That would have answered her question, in a rather profound way...

She held a mandala to hear heart. "I can feel this one!"

I also know the spiral as a key in sacred geometry. It is the pattern of growth found in abundance in the natural world. On Earth we see it as seashells, fern fronds, snails, and whirlpools. Like tornadoes, they all make use of the power contained in the spiral to grow and change. A spiral is the form of perfect balance, progress, and forward development. It speaks of evolutions of time, stars, planets and the way of natural progress for the highest good. It is a representation of the dance of the universe.

I could have said something like that...

"Wow, this one looks really old, can I try this one on?"

In the ancient world, spirals were a symbol of the journey through life. They remain a universal symbol found in almoat all cultures representing the cycle of the sun, the seasons, and the cycles of life and death. Spirals also represent life force and regeneration. They reveal the feminine serpent force. They are the ancient symbol of the Goddess, the womb, and fertility. Yes, spirals are the domain of the Goddess.

That would have been really good.

But spiritually, I intuit the spiral representing the path leading from our outer consciousness to the inner awareness of the soul. It is the movement between the inner, intuitive, and intangible worlds and the outer world of matter. Actually, I see the spiral as a road map to the evolution of humankind, both personally and collectively. Spirals represent our learning to let go, surrender, and release. They represent an awareness of the one within the context of the whole. They lead us to our connectivity to each other and to the mystery of cosmic energies, to our union with the Divine.

And although each loop of the spiral brings us back to the same place, it takes us to a higher and more evolved level at each turn.

And so I answered, "hope."

May you be blessed!

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