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Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Meditations on the Dark Goddess, Divine Mother, in Troubled Times

I am sure many of you are feeling the effects of the recent earth and man-made event traumas deeply in your hearts and I wish you all peace as you pray and joyfully contribute to the healing that must occur on all levels here on our precious planet Earth and within humanity. For those of you who are working to open your etheric heart with the intention of creating and BEING a pathway to Source for others, I call upon the Divine Mother to take your hand and lead you in that cosmic and eternal dance of ONE LOVE.

Over the last decade or so, I have come to understand the Divine Mother as the divine Creatrix who has manifested loving forms of consciousness as an adoration for Her beloved, the eternal formless Supreme Being - God the Father, timeless lovers who are not two, but inseparably bound to model the cosmic and eternal dance of ONE LOVE. She is that aspect of the Divine which is accessible by Her direct presence. She calls me to call to you, now.

Although forms of the Goddess are countless, there is only one Divine Mother or Sacred Feminine behind them all. Ultimately the Mother is pure formless Love. I believe that by pursuing and practicing love for the Mother in any and all of Her forms, we will arrive at the non-dual perspective which will ultimately lift humanity out of the veils of illusion and suffering. Years ago I prayed for the key, and it was given quite readily. It is through the Divine Mother that we may access the Mind of God, command Zero-point energy, and create Heaven on Earth.

All cultures have seen the Supreme Being in female form. Hindu and Buddhist cultures petition many forms of the Divine Mother. In the Islamic tradition Allah has two principle names - Rahman and Rahim which mean Compassionate and Merciful. Both of these names are derived from the root Arabic word meaning "womb". Mahayana Buddhism recognizes the Mother as Prajnaparamita, the boundless Mother of all Buddhas. The early Gnostic Christians the Virgin Sophia who is the feminine embodiment of Wisdom. The Chinese, Kwan Yin the Goddess of Mercy. In orthodox Judaism there is the Sabbath Queen and the feminine Shekinah. The mystical Jewish Kabbalah maintains that out of the Absolute emanated the three Mothers or primal elements, out of which emanated three Fathers which were primordial or spiritual air, water and fire from which came the planets and their angels. Some hold that in the Christian Holy Trinity, the Father, Son and Holy Spirit, that the Holy Spirit is the feminine principle. Mother Mary, the virgin mother of Jesus, continues the presence of the Divine Mother in modern Christianity.

Although She is only One, She appears in many forms as many goddesses. Each goddess emphasizes an attribute of the one Divine Mother. As our own earthly birth mother feeds us we might call Her "Food Mother",  when consoling us She is "Compassion Mother", when She runs from the house with fire in Her eyes to save us from the neighborhood bully She is "Warrior Mother." She has something for all of Her children when they need it most.

The Goddess resides in the depths of sea, in virgin forests, upon mountain tops, and in the cycles of life, days, and seasons. But I believe we we also must find the Goddess in the urban sprawl, through mindful living, and in the hearts of our children bringing us hope for the future, and returning us to our most ancient human roots as co-creators on Earth. She is a wellspring of love, compassion, and mercy when you need it most. When humanity needs YOU most.

In May 1998, the Black Madonna came to me in several dreams just prior to the Cyclone Nargis disaster. Again this May, in the midst of volcano eruption, earthquake and oilspill, I had a similar sense of forboding and felt an urgency to work again with our Dark Mother. She is the one of the triple aspects of the Goddess who begs understanding from many perspectives as we spiral through our lives and gain experience.

Our insatiable need for the beauty of youth, with our collective fear of aging, and death, in fact endings of all sorts has kept us from her wisdom in the recent past.

But endings always lead to new beginnings.

In every transition from any dependency – be it on  a toxic relationship, a toxic substance, our military might,  foreign oil, or expensive beauty treatments – whatever our addiction  – she does represent death, but we must remember that with death always comes rebirth.  With her help, we are able to fight  any addictions to fear that hold us back, keep us afraid, keep us apart, us... and them. Once we are ready to be reborn into oneness and compassion, she will guide us once again into the light. The most all-inclusive aspect of the Dark Mother is the power to transform things with creativity.

With creativity...

I have had this poem tucked away for many years. I do not know the author, but I would like to share it with you today.

Who is the Dark Goddess?

Who is this Terrible Death?

She is the dark one... the one who brings death and disease. The one we put out of our minds with a disquieted shrug. The one we frighten our children with... the one we cannot name.

And yet the Dark Goddess is not to be feared; she is to be faced. She is the strength you feel when you take control of your life, She is the anger you taste when you know you deserve better than this. She brings rest to the tired, she draws the hot bath water at the end of the long, dusty journey. No, she is not evil.

When pain beyond all tolerance comes, she is the bringer of peace. When the unthinkable happens, she is there with open arms, comforting and soothing the wounds. When life has gone on too long, and friends are all gone, she is there to take us home. She is not unfeeling.

But she is not a coddling mother, either. She expects us to be strong. She expects us to take ownership for our lives... she expects us to be able to stand; alone if necessary. And when the test comes, she expects us to be able to look in Her eyes.

Without Darkness, there can be no Light.

The Dark Mother can be feared only as long as we fear ourselves. We cannot fear something we are truly prepared for. We cannot fear that which is laid bare and plain before us. We may fear our instincts, but we cannot fear our true selves.

She is not be twisted to satisfy inner fears. She is not the reason you lash out because you hurt. She is not the one who wrenches you with guilt. She is not the one who gives up just before the unseen moment of victory.

She is the cold wind that hows through the cracks in your door. She is the darkness that seeps into your bones before dawn. She is the lonely scream on the battelfield where the dead lay silently. She is the gossamer caress of death when the time has come at last. She is the one who dares you to Stand, with hair flying in the wind and the flames burning around you.

And She is beautiful.

And so are you!
May you be blessed!