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Saturday, May 8, 2010

Wandering on the Reiki path, a Master's musings..

I became a traditional Usui Reiki Master in 1997, after several years apprenticeship and a $10,000  tuition paid in full.  Back then, it was a sacred calling which demanded dedication, sacrifice and service. In the past decades there have been many new systems taught by Reiki master/teachers, some are versions of Reiki, and others are not. I have worked with, and experienced many of these. I have also been attuned as "Master" in some of these systems for as little an hour's worth of dedication and a payment of $39.95. I even got a manual and the certificate to prove it should I want to hang it on my wall and make a living as a healer.... yikes!  Although the heart of Reiki is easy to understand, and it can be acquired using very simple methods, I'm not sure that you can actually master it or anything else in life in an hour, but I thought I'd experiment...

And so for many years I worked with and attuned students to the Traditional Usui Method, in the traditional manner of apprenticeship.

Over the years, I also have had dozens of clients ask me to evaluate their naturally called-on energy for which they prayed or spontaneously attuned to in a healing session, during their yoga practice, in meditation and through "dreaming" – all equally traditional methods!

I have found that usually these grace gifted-energies lack a grounding component and the healer needs to learn to incorporate 3-D practices to sustain the initial impulse which is spiritual. After a course of study in nutrition, exercise, self-love and gratitude,  I find these are very powerful gifts indeed. Sometimes the energy feels like Reiki,  but often it is a higher frequency. And its getting higher and higher!

These energies have always been around in small doses, usually without a name and usually employed only by those with a very high spiritual calling, the ancient shaman, the high priestess, or the reclusive poet in the garden surrounded by birds and butterflies, the chosen child mute and blind.

Which brings me to the reason for this blog post:

Each week I receive requests to attune online clients to Reiki. And although there are many Reiki Master teachers offering this service, I have chosen not to go this route. The reason is very simple. I would rather that my students/clients become their own Masters. Over time.  Of their own abilities. With spiritual practice and dedication to the path.

I am happy to offer services and products to help facilitate your practice, I am happy to teach metaphysics and consult, but I am no longer interested in being anyone's Master but my own.

Mikao Usui called in  "Reiki" energy after many years of spiritual training, while he was in the process of a 3 week spiritual fast on a well known mountain power spot.  During the years I ran a Holistic Youth Center I worked with young students (Indigo and Crystal children, many diagnosed with ADD/ADHD, Aspergers and mild Autism) who were able to duplicate the Reiki frequency once they experienced it (it's like people who can repeat music after hearing it once).  And in each case, these students have found their ability to do energy healing on themselves and others substantially increased after leaving behind the study of symbols and hand positions and dedicating themselves to the task of "climbing up to their own unique mountain power spot", that path that can only be discovered through dedication, sacrifice and service... and that in most cases that climb relieved the symptoms of their diagnoses. But that's another blog post all together (or is it?)!


I think in closing, it's enough to say that there are powerful healing and enlightening energies available now that can be acquired and accessed by you, just like Mikao Usui and others have accessed Reiki energy, and their unique personal gifts.  If you want them, you can have them.  Those very healing energies you need... they are available to you. And, if you want to Master them, you can do that too. And you won't even have to pay $39.95! You won't have a manual, but that's a good thing. Because everybody's instructions are different. Everybody's path is unique.

And you only get the directions one way: by listening for Spirit's whispers. It's time to get that straight.

I invite you to open yourself to access these higher forms of energy by inviting in your Higher Self, your Spirit Guides, or Angels and asking them bring in the energy that is right for you today, at your current level of understanding and evolution, for your dis-ease, for your well-being.  As these beings are pure love and light, they will act as gatekeepers for you, ensuring that only beneficial energy comes to you. Learn to work with this energy, play with it, create with it: cook, garden, paint, weave, touch! Grow, become, manifest something with it.

Then ask again. And again. Do it again, and again.
No, I won't be offering Reiki attunements online anytime soon.
Only love and support...
as you become your own Master.

May you be blessed!


  1. Thanks for sharing your experiences and thoughts on your journey!

  2. And an amazing teacher you are!