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Thursday, May 27, 2010

Meditations on the teaching of Grandmother Spider, sacred geometry, ascension, the flower of life, and creation

"We re-connect with one another through the Flower of Life, seeing rings of light, streams of light, which are loving impulses. These move from one consciousness to the other.  Use these silver cords as a means of communicating and sharing your expansion with others..."

Although I  channeled this message a few years ago, I am just coming into resonance with the understanding of it now. At the time I was teaching Goddess Workshops and we were exploring the Flower of Life and the Web of Creation thru the teachings of Grandmother Spider...

One day I created a massive full spectrum grid with little pyramids and quartz points in the very intricate FOL pattern. I wove a web of consciousness. I sat in, it laid on it, meditated on it, dreamed in it, journeyed there in an amazing light. Then I took it apart. I intuited this full-spectrum light as an essence, which comes down and surrounds me like a tube, and I can also see it as surrounding entire groups when I am doing group work. As I connect with this beam of light, it is as if a vacuum is allowing my expansion to move into a higher dimension. I call forth a beam of light and connect myself to this etheric consciousness grid thru the silvery threads, my consciousness stream.

As I am moving through this experience, I begin by imagining myself in this etheric crystalline web. Although I am not in that dimension of existence, it is somewhere in the past for me, I created a light cord to connect to the energies. I remain unattached in the sense that I am not immersed physically or emotionally in the energies, only aware.  I am not pulled back into memory, but can I observe it ethericaly as energies, in my case color frequency.

For those of you who are working with the flower of life,  you also move into this space during your creation meditations, and allow yourself to connect with one or more of these "crystals" filled with light. Blend with whichever color or pattern you feel called to. For some it may be as you blend with this crystal, that it is activating something within you that you need to free yourself from in order to ascend dimensionally. It may be as if this is a part of yourself, which is now becoming more attuned, and in line with this higher energy.

From this space within the energy of the "crystals" in time you will be able to allow your consciousness to blend until you become the geometry and then finally the full-spectrum consciousness of that beam of light.

Move through the light until you have a sense of emerging from the light in a place in which you are pure consciousness. You will feel an upward pull, perhaps you will feel as you are being sucked upward, vaccuumed. Don't forget to breathe! From this perspective, you are able to re-connect the full aspect of your I AM presence.  Your consciousness is reaching out to even greater limits, and you reach the place in which there are no limits. You move into that space. Feel the greater radiance that is reflected through your expanded consciousness. You will feel this is the space between your heart and solar plexus at first and then it will move up. Take this time to truly feel and play and become aware of what this means to you. This may be a time for you to feel a sense of soaring; a sense of flying and dipping. Allow the joy and exaltation to be reflected in all that is you. There is no frustration because you have transcended the e-motion of the lower competing energies. 

This is an infinite space which is within your center, your zero-point. It is that part of us from which our essence came that very first time. It is that reflection of the All That Is. From this point of stillness, you move out, you move into that space in which the expansion goes even further out and beyond. You have a sense of knowing the completeness of the All That Is.

As you blend with the Goddess energy of Grandmother Spider become aware of that which is the soft, nurturing feminine. Somewhat of a smoothing off of the edges, circular and connective. You become aware of how this is blending more fully within all aspects of your life or lives. Your consciousness feels this expansion. It is able to take in and assimilate the ways in which it is shifting the energy throughout all aspects of your I AM presence as it radiates out from you.

Really observe the shift in this vibration. You will have a sense of moving at an even higher vibration as a result of this experience. From this space, be open to receive. Expand all of your senses, and from your inner eye, what do you see around you? Is there anything that you hear? Is there a scent or taste that you associate with this space. As you take all of this in and open your sense of knowingness, it all comes together. You feel a sense of completeness, a sense of completion of a cycle. Observe the many swirling energies as you remain in this space of joy or playfulness. You are the pure energy of the All That Is. Your essence is a reflection of the completeness of the blending with the sacred masculine and the sacred feminine. There is no distinction between the two, there is only one! Duality– poof!

Take this sacred oneness within all aspects of yourself, the energy of your consciousness.  Now put forth the intent  to create. You may choose to create that which you wish to have within your life, or you may choose to create an essence or an energy you wish to see upon the Earth plane as a whole. You begin within this space and completeness. You set forth your intent of that which you wish to manifest upon the physical plane. As you become very clear, you begin to realize that there are new perspectives or ideals which are born of the higher planes, and which are coming to light at this time. So now this too is infused within that which you are manifesting. You are creating Heaven on Earth.

Bring this clearly to mind that which you wish to bring back from this space in which you are creating. Have a sense of moving back along that thread between the dimensions that was created. You may have a sense of looking between the dimensions. You may have a sense of looking out towards the omniverse over the  grid. You become more aware of just how this light that is reflected by you is moving and expanding. It causes shifts to evolve. As you begin to move back along the thread to the center, you continue to remain in a place of expanded consciousness, but you can feel the subtle shifts in the dimensions.

Remember also that you are part of a group. You may see all the energies that are working together in this energy and space at this time. You are each on your own personal path, yet there are many others who share in this (experience) with you. You are each crystals in the grid, connections in the web. This sacred geometry takes on many different aspects and dimensions that are used to assist you as you move from one space to anther or to enhance all that is your experience. The circle of life, which is represented, by each one of you is moving in another direction, then again there is an energy flow  that you become aware of, how one energy works off the other energy, or enhances the other energy. This is the web of life. This is the teaching of Grandmother Spider, sacred geometry and creation.

Many of you are asking the question about personal ascension vs. the ascension of the mass consciousness via the ascenscion grid or Christ consciousness. So I do want to address this. Many different types of healing are coming thru the Divine Feminine now, and many people will attune to what is often called the Christed energy, which as you know is about wholeness, oneness,  loving, and expansion of the love within. Although there are many different portals that are opening at this time, that which is commonly called "the Christ portal", is focused towards those who are not Lightworkers. It is focused towards those who have not yet awakened. What will happen as a result of this is that all the many millions will not necessarily understand what is happening to them, but they will simply feel the outcome of having this greater amount of love and energy upon the earth plane. This will facilitate the awakening en masse, thru what is known as the Ascension Grid.

You are not responsible for anyone's awakening. Say it out loud!

Each Lightworker, like you, who goes through a personal ascension is creating around them and within them the energies of this process. What ascension means is consciously moving into that energy of the expanded awareness in this moment in time. You are opening to that place where you have the awareness of that completeness which is within you, you move through your days and live in this experience of awareness.

But each individual will move through their ascension process in their own way, it is completely individualized this a part of the joy and the uniqueness that is a part of the human experience. Some will NOT be conscious of it, but many will. What truly moves us forward and allows for this expansion to occur is each person's individual experience, because that is what ties in and expands with the whole, the strands in the web. Each time that these connections occur in different experiences, another thread is tied that is pulling along the rest of humanity.. .

Know that you are the essence of light and love.
Know that you are always loved and supported in all that you do.

May you be blessed!

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