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Thursday, October 28, 2010

Got Coupons? I do! Addoway.com offers sellers flexible options for promotions

Everyone loves a great deal, I know I do. I love sales, special insider discounts and secret codes for free shipping, a percentage off, or a free gift.
I especially love coupons!

I tuck "preferred customer coupons" into outgoing packages from Journey Beads and Oshun Spirit, and "welcome coupons" to entice new Listia auction winners to visit my website, and of course ebay customers get both Journey Beads and Oshun Spirit "come visit my other venues coupons" in their packages in hopes they will convert. Ebay remains my most productive marketplace venue outside of my website, even though my products cost more there because it costs me to sell there. A quality product, timely delivery, and a coupon plus the lower price usually does the job.

But until yesterday, my new storefront on Addoway was left out out the fun. No longer! Now my customers will be able to apply their coupon codes across all venues. So my customer friends, whatever coupon you're holding today is now good at my storefront on Addoway.com  (www.oshunspirit.com) in addition to the venue listed on the card! Yipppeee!

Seller friends: Addoway introduced a smart, simple coupon generator which allows buyers to redeem coupons towards purchases made from the storefronts. Check it out: I can create individual coupons with specific end dates and choose either a dollar amount or percentage discount, and create the coupon for items priced over $x or under $x... and even better... by specific item #! This is great if you want to run a special on certain items, create gift certificates, or offer "deal of the day" type promos. It's well thought out and really easy to implement.

Watch this: I'll create a special offer for my blog readers only:

 SAVE $5
On ad# 141176 thru 10/31/10 
This one is only good on Addoway, and you'll have to click on the link to find out what the offer is...

Have fun! I know I am!

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