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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Birthing World Change

Today, our brothers and sisters are in Cairo protesting the regime of President Hosni Mubarak who has ruled for nearly 30 years. Egypt has been in a state of emergency since 1967, which means its government has the power to censor its public, detain without reason, and violate constitutional rights. Massive unemployment, high food prices, and regime corruption have resulted in a revolution. And the size of the movement, its range throughout the country, and general, cross-religious and class support, seem to suggest that a dramatic change in the way Egypt is governed will be birthed as a result.

Massive unemployment, high food prices, and corruption are not unique to Egypt. Revolution is in the air we all breathe.

World change is on the minds and in the hearts of most of humanity. And never before have human beings been more interconnected. Communications technology has created a global community, where every person may become aware of the whole of humanity. We are all One, like never before in human history. Our interdependence and interconnectedness reveals itself even as world events appear to be spiraling into ever greater manifestations of negativity.

Many of us have who worked to bring change to the world with awakened consciousness, positive actions and intentions, compassion and service are more than frustrated by the apparent lack of effect of our good works. Manifestations of intolerance, judgement and oppression, exactly the opposite of the more peaceful, spiritual world that many of us are seeking to create, create extreme imbalances in humanity.

But, it is no longer possible for anyone to shut out the reality of the large human family of which we are all a part. You have anchored that truth. Philosophies and religions that attempt to make another group of people the enemy are now being exposed for the fear and suffering they perpetuate. You have brought the possibility of personal communion with the Divine into manifestation. And in our world where far too many lack basic resources for survival, and a relatively small number of people have an overabundance of resources, you have begun to play with the universal laws of abundance, love, and light to bring about balance.

Yes, our collective spiritual healing unfolds, and more and more are awakening to the knowledge that where one part of our human family suffers at the expense of another, everyone suffers. This is your truth. This awakening of consciousness, though not yet fully manifested, is birthing. Your child is coming. The lightworkers and wayshowers who have anchored the intention to bring in the change which has been prophesied across time in diverse cultures and religions must not tire yet. It's almost time to push.

Your expanded consciousness, awareness, and ability to hold the higher frequencies on the Earth plane have never been more important. Each one of us is essential part of the evolution of humanity's consciousness. Breathe.

There is far more happening in Cairo today than meets the eye. Our multi-dimensional universal family gathers close to support mankind. The veils between worlds are very thin. With just a tiny shift in our frequencies we will all tune into their broadcasts, gather the knowledge of those who see us from the higher planes, and use that knowledge as power to affect world change. As lightworkers we must open to that wisdom and set our daily intentions and actions to impact on the world around us for the highest good. Breathe.

Reform. Re-form. The potential for real change is here, now.  Over the past decades we have worked for it, prayed for it. Massive meltdowns are underway, and it is important to stay in your center, grounded in compassion and joyfully in service as the process unfolds. Please do not be frustrated by the manifestations of intolerance, judgement and oppression. Breathe.

The peaceful, spiritual world that you seek to create is birthing. These are the labor pains. Breathe through them.

May you be blessed!

 image credit: americanneopaganism.com