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Saturday, February 5, 2011

Finding Your Balance, Riding the Wave

Everything is going my way!

Wait, this is too good to be true...


(And just when you were wondering how everything got to be so good...)

When you're riding along on the crest just say "no" to the tendency to get scared and wonder if something is going to come along and throw you off that wave and dump you head first onto the shore. Because as you focus on that fear, well, you create that very opportunity to spit out a bit of sand. Why? To teach you to stop it!

Because just as that little voice of negative self-talk chimes in with "I know it can't last," or "when everything starts to go well, something always comes along to spoil it," or even better, "Who do I think I am, I don't deserve all this!" we lose our balance. We come out of our center (our heart, our passion, our spirit) and lean toward fear.

Whatever the belief you're working through, it overrides everything good that comes your way, and even though we do deserve the success, happiness, joy, and abundance, this is where we crash. This is where you allow self-sabotage in your life just to prove to yourself that you are right about the core beliefs you identify with. (And learn that these barriers have been placed by your own hands.)

So, why is it that we think that we should hold only a certain amount of happiness or success…or love?

Why do we convince ourselves that riding the wave, and having a good, long ride is not possible (or maybe not even allowed?)

We constantly attract the people and situations that reflect our own interior state of being in order to release those limiting thoughts and move toward pure joy.

So the next time you're spitting out the sand, ask yourself:

1. What am I doing to draw this to my life?
2. What is the lesson I need to learn from this situation so that I do not have to repeat it?

Your life is purely a mirror of yourself-talk. Every single moment of peace, chaos, happiness, sadness, miracles and explosions are of your own divine creation. And, they are all reflections of your beliefs, your conscious and unconscious thoughts, the things you are aware of and the things you choose not to see or believe about yourself. And this negative voice – the one that tells you your are about to come crashing off the joy ride and holds all of the lies that you have been told about yourself or chosen to believe – drowns the light filled truth that you really are.

It is time to get out of your head and to stop rationalizing and to move into your heart and open it up and embrace all your widest passion-filled aspirations. It is time to move past the untruths, insecurities, and misdirected loyalties. It is time to paddle out to that big wave and stand in trust, in love, balanced with forgiveness and compassion, and ride with reckless abandon! Fearless and free!

May you be blessed!

image credit: canstockphoto.com

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