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Thursday, April 14, 2011

Discover the Health Benefits of Himalayan Mountain Red Sea Salt!

A Himalayan Mountain Red Sea Salt Bath (use 3 - 6 oz) will have a detoxifying effect similar to a three-day fast. A crystal bowl of salt will neutralize harmful electromagnetic fields in your environment.  Relpacing your everyday table salt with Himalayan Mountain Red Sea Salt is an easy and effective way to help balance your health.

Himalayan Mountain Sea Salt is naturally ionized and possesses magnetic qualities that are highly beneficial. Today, the scientific community estimates that the magnetic field of the earth has declined by over 90% across time, and is in rapid decline now. Scientific research has demonstrated Himalayan Crystal Salt to re-mineralize the body with 80 minerals and trace elements essential to vibrant health. It replenishes electrolytes and helps to balance the body's pH. This is a wonderful sea salt for most cooking, put it right into your salt shaker! It is very salty tasting, so you'll use less, and gain more!

Himalayan Mountain Red Salt is mined from deep underground mines that are high up in the Himalayan mountain range. Since the ancient ocean dried to form a salt bed many hundreds of feet deep, the entire area was pushed up to make the highest mountain range in the world, with the two massive earth crust plates pushing one over the other across hundreds of millions of years - also then covering over the sea bed with rock. Originating from this ancient ocean possibly at the origins of life itself that even pre-dates dinosaurs, the endless movement of the earth's crust eventually pushed this extremely ancient sea salt bed upon into the Himalayan Mountain range.

The source is from deep within the Himalayan Mountain range where it has been trapped for hundreds of millions of years, it has never been exposed to any modern chemicals, toxins, and radiation sources - making it the purest of all salt - processed or sea salt. Because it is trapped within the mountains themselves, the minerals have not been leached out - making it possibly the highest ratio of minerals of any sea salt from which there are health benefits and provides for its highly flavorful and unique taste.

Himalayan Mountain Sea Salt has been considered to have mystical properties among Tibetans, and mining of Himalayan Mountain Sea Salt is highly restricted and controlled due to its mystical and spiritual importance of Tibetan religious practices. It is only mined by hand and transported by local salt miners and merchants by hand (carried on Yaks) whose practices date back through known recorded history.

The mining, transport and trade route of Himalayan Mountain red sea salt to the West has not changed for centuries. Pakistan is the primary point of distribution originating back to when the Muslim empire controlled India, which is on the border with Himalayan Mountain range and Tibet. Political and military conflicts in the region has cut off the supply, making it one of the most rare and coveted of spices.

Some anthropologists believe the importance given to the color red throughout Eastern history traces back to the mystical and magical qualities given to Himalayan Mountain Red Salt and the highly spiritual Tibetan people whose spirituality had defining and enduring effect upon all Eastern religions. The red color is due to a high iron content of the salt.

This amazing salt's specific vibrational frequency balances the body's energy because it contains the entire spectrum of frequency patterns of all elements found in the human body. Tachyon-energized Himalayan Mountain Red Sea Salt is available at Oshun Spirit Earth Friendly Goods by the pound and in bulk wholesale lots.

I invite you to try it for yourself and discover the benefits of the abundance of minerals and life sustaining properties in this very sacred gift from Mother Earth.

May you be blessed!