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Monday, April 4, 2011

Tachyon Magnetic Pascalite Bentonite Clay: Beyond Beauty Treatments!

Pascalite Bentonite Clay helps remove radiation, mercury, lead, and heavy metals and chemicals out of the body. This is the same clay that is used to detox people who have suffered radiation poisoning. We are now offering it in powder form by the pound at Oshun Spirit Earth Friendly Goods in addition to bulk/wholesale quantities. Only our Magnetic Pascalite Bentonite Clay Powder is Tachyon-energized to optimize detoxification.

A freely flowing energetic continuum is the key to achieve and maintain health and balance in our lives. We need to become superconductors for Tachyon Energy by allowing it to flow through all the layers of our subtle bodies. As this energy flows into our material cells, it supports the entire metabolism in a perfectly balanced manner, the way we are meant to function. What Tachyon does is give our body, and our subtle bodies, the chance to produce whatever effects they need from the Pascalite Clay.

Pascalite is used in expensive commercial skin cleansers, beauty treatments, some soaps and even toothpaste. To make an effective beauty mask at home, first wash your face using warm water to open the pores. Next, apply a thin paste of Pascalite and leave on for about 10 minutes or until completely dry. Rinse off with warm water, then close pores with a cold water rinse. After your face is dry apply thin film of olive oil to lock in moisture. Voila! You look years younger!

Known to the American Indians as EE-WAY-KEE, " The Earth That Heals," Pascalite Clay is found only in Wyoming's Big Horn Mountains, in the USA. From the Shamanic perspective, it is the Spirit of Mother Earth, the Goddess, which heals. Pascalite Clay is a form of calcium bentonite formed millions of years ago, probably through volcanic action. Our Pascalite is hand mined underground to avoid contamination, and then solar dried in the high mountains to preserve its antibiotic qualities. 

I have often made and used it as a poultice to treat insect bites, sunburns, infections, cold sores and my children's acne when they were in their teens. It is used to treat eczema, burns, corns, and callouses. It can also be applied as a suppository for hemorrhoids. Wholistic veterinarians recommend its application to wounds and infections in domestic animals and livestock.

The absorbent qualities of clay make it highly beneficial in the treatment of inflammation caused by injury or illness. Ground into powder, the clay readily dissolves in water. A clay poultice can be made by mixing the powder with warm olive oil and warm water in equal parts to make an elastic paste that can adhere to the inflamed body part.

The powder can also be used as a natural deoderant, used dry, applied to feet and underarm. It also clears up diaper rash, often overnite!

For dental and oral hygiene, apply the powder to wet toothbrush, or mix 1/2 tsp. in small glass of water. Brush teeth well, and rinse. Many users  agree that a small amount of  powder mixed with tap water gives it the taste of pure, mountain spring water.

Pascalite is a valuable food supplement and has extra-ordinary qualities as relates to nutrition and health. A natural mineral and dietary supplement, it can safely be taken internally by adults and children over six years of age, about 1/4 tsp. twice a day, mixed in water, milk or juice. You can easily make your own capsules, which are available at natural food stores and online. It is used as a digestive aid, colon cleanser, to soothe stomach upset, and to treat ulcers. Some customers sprinkle directly onto their food and their pet's food. I mix a little into potting and garden soil to grow super healthy and potent culinary and medicinal herbs.

As part of your Spring Detox it can be used as an intestinal and bowel cleanser before a fast or modified fast by stirring 1 tsp. of powder in water and drinking a half hour before breakfast. You may wish to repeat before the evening meal as well. For more information about how to use Pascalite Bentonite Clay for detoxification please visit the discussion at  Magnetic Clay Baths Forum Support Forum.

Tachyon Magnetic Pascalite Bentonite Clay Powder has many practical uses that go far beyond beauty! If you are concerned about increased radiation exposure, you might want to make it part of your family's wellness plan. I hope you will discover all of the wonderful health and beauty benefits and take advantage of the new, personal 1 lb packages of  Tachyon Pascalite Bentonite Clay.

May you be blessed! 

image credit: voguefemme.xanga.com

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