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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

It is Spring. The Earth is calling you.

I recently raked my beach and restored my Medicine Wheel after a long winter of storms, and waves and wind. As I raked around it, I noted that the pattern had been pushed to the East. Only those stones were scattered, calling my attention.

The Medicine Wheel teaches that beginnings begin in the East, where the Sun rises to each new dawn. Spring is the season of the East, and the time of change. It is the season of new ideas, and seeing the light. Spring is the season when all things begin to grow and awaken.

Yellow is the color associated with East (and the Goddess Oshun). In the Medicine Wheel, yellow is the color of the Path of Life, to begin the walk as a "warrior", to shine in all that you do. The energy to do and to begin the action of the mind and heart is located in the East. The sun rising in the East empowers each of us. The totems of the East include animals of wings and flight. Our words are given to the east that the smoke in the air or the voices in the air may be carried to Spirit.

I was mindful of this as I replaced the stones, noting I needed to bring down a few more quartz clusters  which had been lost to the sands of time, resting back in the Earth from where they were born. I thought briefly of my own grandchildren, yet unborn, digging the clusters up on some future sunny summer's day. I watched my own boys, now young men, raking leaves and carrying away debris and I intuited, "they are already here." I felt content, and at deep peace with the circle that formed in my consciousness.

Last night had a dream in which the Grandmothers came to my Medicine Wheel and replaced the East stones with glowing blue eggs. Bigger than robin's eggs and deeper blue, I thought about the flock of Robins that had been in the yard yesterday, they caught my attention because they were tweeting so loundly. In my dream I thought, "Oh I am just dreaming this because of all those Robins, I forgot to replace the quartz clusters..." when I got a sharp NO! and was promptly propelled into another dream segment.

I am not going to elaborate on the cast of characters who entered my consciousness, and who rose up from the depths of history to share their wisdom. I will not share what was contained within the blue eggs. But I will tell you that am I am still shaking. And I will also tell you that the Goddess in her many forms stayed with me, changing her face as was required by the incarnations of the messengers, to make sure I "got it."

Our environments have been degraded, climate affected, our life-sustaining resources are being depleted and ruined by human ignorance and human greed. I was shown how politics and even religion itself will be used as weapons of war, as a leverage to separate people and to pit them against one another in a great conflict, not over ideology, but over the resources of the world, and how the conflict will be masked. It will be clothed in the disguise of politics and religion, but in essence it will be a competition for and over access and distribution of resources.

We citizens of the world are entering a time of self-imposed difficulty and environmentally-forced change to balance it. The world’s resources are declining. Populations are growing. And as this is occurring, there will be continued competition, manipulation, and conflict and war. Ancient animosities will be aroused. Prejudices will be played upon and used by those who are ambitious within both governments and religious institutions. Human weakness will be preyed upon, and fear will be pervasive.

The Goddess of My Understanding intends for humanity to become united and self-sufficient within a Universe full of intelligent life. Human strengths will be celebrated, and love will be the way.

I do intuit that there are beings, and systems, both within and beyond this world who are awaiting humanity’s failure to do so. I believe that just as there are human beings awaiting the opportunity to intervene in order to take advantage of a weak and conflicted humanity, there are interdimensional beings also sitting in the front row seats watching the show.

And, I do believe that throughout time, The Goddess has been sent forward into the world for the protection and advancement of humanity. And I believe she has birthed again for the very same reason. To make sure my grandchildren come to dig those crystals out of the beach, that the lake remains pristine and its creatures abundant.

What is threatening our human family and threatening to send it into despair, threatening to undermine the well-being and survival of people everywhere is our own blindness. Our ability to be manipulated. And, our fear.

Humanity’s possibility to navigate these difficult times is very small unless we embrace the collective wisdom of the Divine Feminine. The possibility for humanity to avoid ongoing war, conflict and degradation is very small unless the principles of the Goddess are restored to mass consciousness. The promise for humanity to begin a greater future, a future that will be unlike the past, will be very small if  the masculine principals of control and consumption, coersion and conquer are left in place to guide us forward.

To those who will be tempted to take up arms in the name of religion or political advantage: You must recognize that your thoughts, your intent and your actions go against the Goddess’s will for humanity. They are in violation of what Mother Earth intends for humanity. Of what all Mothers intend for their children.

It is Spring. The Earth is calling you. The Goddess, Divine Mother, is calling you. You must only sit quietly, out in the sunshine, and open your heart to hear. Her voice has never been more clear. Each day is a good new day with a fresh beginning, a new start.

May you be blessed!

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