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Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Cashmere from plants? Discover Bamboo!

What's as soft as silk, and as hard as oak? It's Bamboo, and its turning up in shirts and pants, socks, sheets, and towels! Bamboo yarn is stronger than cashmere and stretches more than a silk-and-cashmere blend, and bamboo doesn’t pill as easily as synthetic yarns. Devotees of Bamboo textiles are calling it "cashmere from plants." Its soft, silky feel, its natural antimicrobial quality, and breathability appeal to Eco-chic fashionistas who want natural luxury and a healthy choice.

An eco-friendly fiber, Bamboo is extremely replenishable. It requires no fertilizers or pesticides. Those are big pluses for those of us concerned about the environment and sustainability. Bamboo grows as much as 18 inches in a day, maturing to a harvest in three to five years. Bamboo is not the only woody fiber used in clothing: Linen, hemp, and burlap are also plant-based fabrics, but they're all much coarser than bamboo.

In our search for tranquility, health, and well-being, and at a time when many are desperate to de-stress and find comfort, bamboo's all-natural qualities are a logical choice for Earth-friendly luxury and peace of mind. And best of all, our collection of Bamboo clothing is on sale at Oshun Spirit thru December 31!

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